Liste der verwendeten Abkürzungen für Bahnverwaltungen

Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

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Kürzel Bahnverwaltung
AA Ann Arbor Railroad
AAAX AAA Warehouse Corporation
AAF All Aboard Florida [FEC]
AALX Advanced Aromatics LP
AAPV American Association of Private RR Car Owners, Inc.
AARX Association of American Railroads
AATX Ampacet Corporation
AAX American Agriculture & Chemical Co (Agrico)
AB Akron & Barberton Cluster Railway Company
ABB Akron & Barberton Belt Railroad Company (1994 --> AB)
ABBX Abbott Labs
ABCR Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast Railroad (1945 --> ACL)
ABCX Alabama Byproducts Corp.
ABEX Advanced Bio-Energy
ABFS ABF Freight System, Inc.
ABIX Anheuser-Busch Incorporated
ABL Alameda Belt Line
ABOX Railbox Company (siehe RBOX)
ABPR Aberdeen & Briar Patch Railway Co. (87 --> ACWR)
ABRX AB Rail Investments Incorporated
ABWX Asea Brown Boveri Incorporated
ACBL American Commercial Barge Lines
ACCX Consolidated Coal Company
ACE Altamont Commuter Express [SJRRC]
ACEF A C E Freight Inc.
ACEX Ace Cogeneration Co. (Calif.)
ACFX American Car & Foundry Co.
ACGX Suburban Propane LP
ACHX American Cyanamid Co.
ACIP American Cast Iron Pipe, Birmingham AL
ACIX Arkansas Chemicals, Inc. (--> Great Lakes Chemical)
ACJR Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Railroad
ACJU American Coastal Lines Joint Venture Incorporated
ACL Atlantic Coast Line (1967 --> SCL)
ACLU Atlantic Container Line Limited
ACLX American Car Line Company
ACMC Atlas Car & Manufactoring Company
ACMX Voith Hydro Incorporated
ACPZ American Concrete Products Company
ACRC Andalusia & Conecuh Railroad
ACRX American Chrome and Chemicals Incorporated
ACRY Arkansas Central Railway Co.
ACSX First Union Properties Incorporated
ACSZ American Carrier Equipment
ACTU Associated Container Transport (Australia)
ACTX Allied Chemical Company (Allied Corporation)
ACUU Acugreen Limited
ACWR Aberdeen, Carolina & Western Railway Company
ACY Akron, Canton & Youngstown (--> NS)
AD Atlantic & Danville Railway (--> NFD)
ADBF Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road Company
ADCU Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
ADIX Adirondack Scenic Railroad, Thendra NY
ADMX Archer Daniels Midland Company
ADMX.1 ADM elevator, Valdosta GA
ADMX.2 Archer Daniels Midland - Decatur IL
ADMX.3 Archer Daniels Midland - N. Kansas City MO
ADMX.4 Archer Daniels Midland - Lloydminster AB
ADMX.5 Archer Daniels Midland - Growmark-Wolcott Elevator, Wolcott KS
ADMX.6 Archer Daniels Midland - Clinton IA
ADMX.7 Archer Daniels Midland - Cedar Rapids IA
ADMX.8 ADM Milling (ex Dixie Portland Flour Mills) - Chicago IL
ADN Ashley Drew & Northern Railway Co. [Georgia Pacific]
ADR Adirondack Railway
ADRX Addeleston Recycling Corporation
AEC Atlantic & East Carolina Railway (1957 --> SOU)
AECX Associated Electric Cooperative Inc.
AEE American European Express
AEFR Aurora Elgin & Fox River Electric
AEIX Alan Eslisk
AEIZ Farrell Lines Incorporated
AEPU American Lines Incorporated
AEPX American Electric Power Service Corp.
AERC Albany and Eastern Railroad Company
AESX General Electric Railcar Services Corporation
AEVX AKZO Coatings Incorporated
AEX The Andersons
AF Alabama and Florida Railway Company
AFCU Afram Lines Incorporated
AFCX ATEL Leasing Corporation
AFCZ Afram Lines Limited
AFIU ABS Industrial Verification Incorporated
AFIX FIXCOR Industries Incorporated
AFIZ Agmark Foods
AFIZ.1 Ag Mark, Concordia KS
AFLR Alabama & Florida Railroad Inc. [PRC], umgezeichnet
AFPX Allied Signal Chemical Corp.
AFRR Amador Foothills Railroad
AG Abbeville Grimes Railway Co., Inc.
AGCR Alamo Gulf Coast Railroad Company [Martin Marietta]
AGCX Procor Limited
AGEX A. G. Pipe Lines Incorporated
AGHX Agrium U.S. Incorporated
AGIX AGRI Industries
AGLF Atlantic & Gulf Railroad Co. [Gulf & Ohio]
AGLX Andrews Petroleum Incorporated
AGMX Terra Nitrogen Limited Partnership
AGPX Ag Processing Incorporated
AGPX.1 Ag Processing Incorporated, Lincoln NE
AGPX.2 Ag Processing Incorporated, Hanover KS
AGPX.3 Ag Processing Incorporated, Ashville OH
AGPX.4 Ag Processing Incorporated, Lariat TX
AGR Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway LLC
AGRD A & G Railroad, L.L.C.
AGRX Agrifos LLC
AGS Alabama Great Southern (1969 --> SOU)
AGTX AmeriGas Propane L.P.
AGVX Ag Valley Co-Operative
AGYX Centrex Construction Products Inc (American Gypsum Company)
AHCX Arcadian Corporation
AHW Ahnapee & Western (--> FWV)
AIDU Albermarle Corporation
AIEU Aviation Import Export Incorporated
AIKR Aiken Railway Co.
AINX TTX Company - Acorn Division
AIPX Atlas Iron Processors Incorporated
AIRX American International Rail Services LLC
AITU Western Intermodal
AJCU Australia Japan Container Line
AJPX North American Chemical
AKDN Acadiana Railway Company
AKFX AKF Corporation
AKMD Arkansas Midland Railroad [Pinsly Railroad Co.]
AKMX Helm Financial Corporation
AKZX AKZO Nobel Chemicals Incorporated
AL Almanor Railroad Co.
ALAB Alabama Railroad Co.
ALAX Equistar Chemicals LP
ALBR Albany Bridge Railroad
ALCO American Locomotive Co.
ALCX Alcan Smelters and Chemicals Limited
ALE Allegheny & Eastern
ALEX AGRI Industries
ALGX Amsterdam Leasing
ALIR Alabama Railroad [PRC], umgezeichnet == ALAB
ALLN Allentown and Auburn Railroad
ALLX Alliance Machine Company
ALM Arkansas & Louisiana Mississippi Railroad Co. [Georgia Pac.] [2004 --> GNWR]
ALMO Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri Railroad (1993 --> ALM)
ALMX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
ALQS Aliquippa & Southern Railroad
ALR Alton Railroad (1947 --> GMO)
ALS Alton & Southern Railway (1947 --> GMO)
ALS2 Alton & Southern [SSW, UP]
ALTX Alter Trading Co [Southern Illinois Railcar Co]
ALUX Alumax of South Carolina Incorporated
ALY Allegheny Railroad Company (93 --> ALE)
AM Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Co.
AMAX AMAX Coal Company
AMBU Amber Line Incorporated
AMBX American Boiler Works Incorporated
AMC Amador Central Railroad Co. [Georgia Pacific]
AMCX Amoco Chemical Company
AMCZ Interbulk Incorporated
AMFU Amphibious Container Leasing Limited
AMGX AMG Resources Corporation
AMHR Landisville Railroad Inc.
AMIU American Marine Industry
AMIX Railcar Leasing Specialists Incorporated
AMLX American Railcar Company
AMMU Hyundai
AMMX Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Company
AMNX American Railcar Leasing Partners
AMOX Amoco Oil Company
AMOX.1 Amoco Oil Company - Wood River IL
AMOZ American Oil Company
AMPX General Electric Railcar Services Corporation
AMR Arcata & Mad River Railroad
AMRX Consolidated Oil and Transportation Company Incorporated
AMSX AllTrans Management Services Corp
AMTK AMTRAK, National Railroad Passenger Corporation
AMXU Americas Marine Express Incorporated
AN Apalachicola Northern Railroad [6.2005 --> GW]
ANAU Alliance Navigation Line Incorporated
ANAX General Electric Railcar Services Corporation
ANCX Norit Americas Incorporated
ANDX Andesite Rock Company
ANKX A&K Railroad Materials, Inc.
ANR Angelina & Neches River Railroad Co.
ANSX Ansco Investment Company
AO Appalachian & Ohio
AOCU Associated Octel Company Limited
AOCX Aluminium Company of America (ALCOA)
AOIX Ashland Petroleum Company
AOK Arkansas - Oklahoma Railway
AOSX Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum
AO~ Arkansas & Ozarks
APA Apache Railway Company
APAX West Penn Power Co.
APCU American President Lines Limited
APCX Allied Lime Company
APD Albany Port District
APEX Apex Tank Car Line
APIX Commonwealth Plan Incorporated
APLU American President Lines Limited
APLX APL Land Transport Services Incorporated
APLZ American President Lines Limited
APMU Maersk Lines
APMX Air Products Manufacturing Company
APNC Appanoose County Community Railroad, Inc.
APOX Alabama Power Company
APPX Appalachian Railcar
APRR Albany Port Railroad
APRX Air Products and Chemicals Incorporated
APTX Air Products and Chemicals Incorporated
APWX Appalachian Power Company
AQCX Aqua-Chem Incorporated Cleaver Brooks Division
AR Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad Co.
ARA Arcade & Attica Railroad Corp.
ARC Alexander Railroad Company
ARCB American Railroad Corp. of Barrington, IL
ARCX Arizona Rail Car Incorporated
ARE A. and R. Line Incorporated
AREX Aeropres Corporation
ARGX Associated Railcar Incorporated
ARHU CATU Containers S.A.
ARHX Arch Mineral Corporation
ARMX American Rail and Marine Corporation
ARMZ Armasal Line
ARPX Arco Products Company - Div of Atlantic Richfield Company
ARR Alaska Railroad Corporation
ARRG Altra Railroad
ARSX Aristech Chemical Corporation
ART American Refrigerator Transit Company
ARTU CATU Containers S.A.
ARUX Argos USA Ltd.
ARVY Arkansas Valley
ARW Arkansas Western Railway Co.
ARWX Alabama River Woodlands Incorporated
ARZC Arizona and California Railroad Company
ASAB Atlanta & St.Andrews Bay Railway Co. [BAYL]
ASCX Armco Steel Corporation
ASFX American Steel Foundry
ASGX Ash Grove Cement Company
ASHU Maritainer France SA
ASML Atlanta, Stone Mountain & Lithonia Railway Co.
ASR Allegheny Southern Railway
ASRX Domino Sugar Company
ASRY Ashland Railway, Inc.
ASRZ Agri/Share Cooperative
ASS Allegheny & South Side
ASTX American Smelting & Refining (ASARCO)
ASWX American Steel & Wire
ATCX Austin & Texas Central
ATEX Asplundh Tree Expert Company Railroad Division
ATGU --> BNx
ATGX ATEL Leasing Corporation
ATL Austin, Todd & Ladd Railroad
ATLT AT and L Railroad Company
ATLU American Marine Industries
ATLX Atlas Machine and Iron Works Incorporated
ATLZ American Marine Industries
ATMX U.S. Department of Energy Albuquerque Office
ATN Alabama and Tennessee River Railway [OmniTrax]
ATN1 Alabama, Tennessee & Northern Railroad (1971 --> SLSF)
ATOU Atochem
ATR Alliance Terminal Railway
ATRR Alcoa Terminal Railroad
ATRW Anthracite Railway
ATRX Atlanta Chapter NRHS
ATSF Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (--> BNSF)
ATTX TTX Company
ATW Atlantic & Western Railway Co. [6.2005 --> GW]
AUAR Austin Area Terminal Railroad
AUCX Auto-Train Corp.
AUG Augusta Railroad Co.
AUNW Austin & Northwestern Railroad [RailTex]
AVL Aroostook Valley Railroad Co.
AVLU Allied Van Lines
AVR Allegheny Valley Railway [Carload Express]
AWCX Airco Welding Products
AWDX Atlantic of New York Incorporated
AWIX Albright and Wilson Americas Incorporated
AWP Atlanta & Westpoint Railroad (--> CSXT)
AWVR fiktive Eisenbahn im Film Unstoppable
AWW Algers, Winslow & Western Railway Co.
AWZZ McCloud Railway Company
AXCU Ace Transportation Company Incorporated
AY Atlantic & Yadkin Railway (1950 --> SOU)
AYPX xxxxA
AZCR Arizona Central Railroad, Inc.
AZCX Azcon Corporation
AZER Arizona Eastern Railway Co. [KYLE]
AZEX Arizona Electric Power Coop., Inc.
AZMX Arizona State Railway Museum
AZPSX Arizona Public Service
B Bamberger Electric Railroad
B&S Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad (1932 --> BO)
B&W siehe Roster S. 175 u. 185
BA Boston & Albany (--> NYC)
BACH Barre & Chelsea Railroad
BADX Baden Investment Company
BANU Bank Winter and Co Aktiengesellschaft
BAP Butte, Anaconda & Pacific (--> RARUS)
BAPX Bay Area Piggyback Incorporated
BAR Bangor & Aroostook Railroad Co.
BARU Barons Leasing Corporation
BARX Bartlett Grain
BAWX Babcock and Wilcox Company
BAYL Bay Line Railroad, L.L.C. [Watco] [6.2005 --> GW]
BAYU Mobay Chemical Corporation
BAYX Bayer Corporation
BB Buckingham Branch Railroad Co.
BBCX ABB Power Generation, Inc.
BBOH temporarily for Cargill at Bloomingburg OH
BBR Balfour Batty Rail
BBRR Bogalusa Bayou Railroad LLC
BBRR1 Beebe River Railroad (1942 )
BBSZ Barbar Steamship Lines Incorporated
BBTU Bress Bulk International Bulk Transport and Consulting
BC Bellefonte Central Railroad
BCAX Blue Circle Incorporated
BCCX Border Chemical Company Limited
BCDX Borden Packaging and Industrial Products
BCG Buffalo Creek & Gauley Railroad Co.
BCGX Bay Cities Gas Corporation
BCIU Bay Cities Leasing Company
BCIX Blue Circle Incorporated
BCJU Bay Cities Leasing Company
BCK Buffalo Creek (--> CR)
BCLR Bay Colony Railroad Corp.
BCLU Bibby Bros Company
BCMX Bullet Concrete Materials Company
BCPA Broward County Port Authority
BCQ Bolton's Crown Quality Wheat Express
BCR Bay Coast Railroad
BCRR Boyne City Railroad
BCRX General Electric Railcar Services Corporation
BCTR Big Creek & Telocaset Railroad
BCTX Boise Cascade Corporation
BCTZ Boise Cascade Corporation
BCWX Union Tank Car Company
BCYU Bay Cities Leasing Company
BDCM Blue Diamond Coal Mining Co., Leatherwood KY
BDCX Anchor Glass Container
BDLX BDL Company
BDMX Blue Diamond Mining Incorporated
BDNX Baroid Drilling Fluids Incorporated
BDRV Belvidere & Delaware River Railway
BDTL Ballard Terminal Railroad Company
BDW Bad Water Line
BEBX Biofuel Energy of Fairmont MN
BECX FMC Corporation
BEDT Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal (1983 --> NYCH)
BEEM Beech Mountain Railroad Co.
BENX Investors Property Service
BEPX BioFuel Energy Corp, Pioneer Trail Energy LLC.
BERR Big Eagle Railroad
BFCX Berwick Freight Car Company
BFEX Berthold Farmer's Elevator, Berthold ND
BFHU Bailee Freight Services Limited
BFRR Buffalo Ridge Railroad, Inc.
BFSU Bailee Freight Services Limited
BGCM Bountiful Grain & Craig Mountain Railroad
BGEX GATX Capital Corporation
BGKU Schering AG
BGSX Strata Corporation
BH Bath & Hammondsport Railroad Co.
BHCR Black Hills Central Railroad
BHCU Bridgehead Container Service
BHP BHP Nevada Railroad Company
BHS Bonhomie & Hattiesburg Southern Railroad
BHW Boot Hill & Western
BI Blairsville & Indiana
BIAX Ocala Recycling Recycling
BIDU Universal Bulk-Handling Limited
BIG Big Bend
BIGA Bingham & Garfield
BIGX Air Liquide America Corporation
BIRR Bellingham International Railroad
BISX Brandenburg Industrial Service Co
BITY Bristol Industrial Terminal Railway
BJGX B. J. Gas Supply Incorporated
BJHX BJ Titan Services Company
BJOX Citicorp Railmark Incorporated
BJRY Burlington Junction Railway
BKLU Bank Line Limited
BKRR Batten Kill Railroad Co., Inc.
BKRU Baker Tanks
BKSR Bering, Kiam & Southern Railroad
BKTY Missouri, Kansas, Texas (--> UP)
BLA Baltimore & Annapolis Railroad Co.
BLCX Commonwealth Plan Incorporated
BLE Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad Co.
BLH Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton
BLHR Belvidere & Lehigh River Railway
BLKU Bulkhaul Company Limited
BLKZ Mid-American Intermodal Equipment Corporation
BLMR Blue Mountain Railroad, Inc. [WATCO]
BLOL Bloomers Shippers Connecting Railroad Co.
BLOR Bloomer Line
BLR Blacklands Railroad
BLW Baldwin Locomotive Works
BM Boston & Maine Railroad [Pan Am Railways]
BMAZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated (Better Asset Management)
BMEC Brookville Mining Equipment
BMEX Brookville Mining Equipment Corporation
BMH Beaufort and Morehead Railroad
BMIZ Burlington Motor Carriers
BML Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad Co.
BMLP Black Mesa & Lake Powell, AZ
BMRG Blue Mountain & Reading Railroad (7.95 --> RBMN)
BMS Berlin Mills Railway
BMSX Bemis Company Incorporated
BN Burlington Northern Railroad
BNG Blackwell Northern Gateway Railroad
BNGX Bunge North America
BNIU British and Irish Steam Packet Company
BNPZ Pacific Rail Services, Tacoma WA
BNR Blackwell Northern
BNSF Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co.
BO Boston & Ohio Railroad (1986 --> CSXT)
BOCT Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal
BOGU BSL Transport
BOMX B & O Railroad Museum, Inc.
BONU Bond International Limited
BOP Border Pacific Railroad
BORX U.S. Borax Incorporated
BORZ Ecorail Incorporated
BOSU W. BOS Vloeistof Transport B.V.
BOTX Botex International Metals
BPAX Bonneville Power Administration
BPCX Basin Electric Power
BPIX Nova Chemicals Incorporated
BPRR Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad Inc. [GNWR]
BRAN Brandon Corporation
BRC Belt Railway of Chicago
BREX Big Rivers Electric Corp.
BRFD Branford Steam Railroad
BRG Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railroad
BRI Burlington - Rock Island Railroad (1950+)
BRL Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., AL
BRLX BRS Leasing Co., Inc.
BRMX Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum
BRP Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway (1932 --> BO)
BRR Belton Railroad Co.
BRRC Borinstein Railroad Co.
BRRR Beale River Railroad
BRSC Blue Ridge (SC) Railroad
BRT Blue Rock Transportation Co.
BRW Black River & Western Railroad Corporation
BS Birmingham Southern Railroad Co.
BSCX Bethlehem Steel Corp.
BSCX.1 Bethlehem Steel Corp., Lackawanna NY
BSCX.2 Bethlehem - Pacific Coast Steel, Seattle WA
BSCX.3 Bethlehem Steel Corp. - Johnstown PA
BSDA The Bi-State Development Agency
BSE Birmingham & Southeastern
BSGX Becker Sand & Gravel
BSMX Bay State Milling Company
BSOR Buffalo Southern Railroad
BSPX Otter Tail Power Co.
BSRC Boston Surface Railroad Co.
BSRX Branson Scenic Railroad
BT Bay Shore Terminal Railroad
BTC Birmingham Terminal Co.
BTCO Boston Terminal Co.
BTR Boston Terminal Railroad
BTRR Bush Terminal Railroad, Brooklyn
BUGX Bruggere and Monson
BUKX Louisville Gas & Electric Co.
BVRR Boise Valley Railroad
BVRY Brandywine Valley Railroad Co.
BWC --> CR
BXN Bauxit & Northern Railway Co. [2005 --> RA]
BYCX Battle Ground Yacolt and Chelatchie Prairie RR Assoc.
C&H Cheswick & Harmar (1976++)
CA Chesapeake & Albemarle Railroad Co. [RailTex]
CACV Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railway Corp.
CAD Cadiz Railroad Co. (1988+)
CAE Chicago, Aurora & Elgin
CAGX ConAgra Inc. (3.2013 --> Cargill)
CAGY Columbus and Greenville Railway Co.
CAHE == CH (Stan Lytle)
CALA Carolina Southern
CALM Caddo, Antoine & Little Missouri Railroad
CARR Carrollton Railroad
CBGR Council Bluffs Railway, Inc.
CBGX Consolidated Grain & Barge
CBL Conemaugh & Black Lick Railroad Co.
CBOA Council Bluffs & Ottumwa Railway, Inc.
CBQ Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (1970 mit GN,NP und SPS --> BN)
CBRA Chillicothe Brunswick Rail Authority
CBRL Coos Bay Rail Line
CBRLx free 15.8.22
CBRW Columbia Basin Railroad
CBRY Copper Basin Railway, Inc. [6.2005 --> GW]
CBT Citizens Better Transit, Portland OR
CBYN Crosbyton Railway
CC Chicago Central & Pacific Railroad Co.
CCC Cape Cod Central
CCCL Connecticut Central Railroad Co. (1999 --> PW)
CCCR Cowlitz, Chehalis & Cascade Railroad
CCDX Dayton Power & Light Co.
CCET Cinncinnati East Terminal Railroad
CCH Columbus and Chattahoochee Railroad
CCHR Cape Cod & Hyannis Railroad
CCKY Chattanooga & Chickamauga Railway Co. [CAGY]
CCLX Crystal Car Line
CCO Chesaning Central & Owosso (Tourist Railroad)
CCPA Central Columbiana & Pennsylvania (--> YSRR)
CCPN Corpus Christi Terminal Railroad (G&W]
CCPR Chelatchie Praire Railroad
CCR Corinth & Counce Railroad (92 --> TNR [MSRC])
CCRA Camp Chase Industrial Railroad, Columbus OH [Carload Express]
Ccreek Campbell Creek
CCRL Cleveland Commercial Railroad
CCRX Coastal Refining & Marketing
CCRY Charles City Rail Lines
CCSR Cape Cod Scenic Railroad [Museum]
CCT Central California Traction Co.
CCTR Port of Corpus Christi
CCTX Central Power & Light, TX
CCUO Chicago - Chemung Railroad Corp.
CCW Charles City Western
CCX Columbian Chemicals Co. [Phelps Dodge]
CCY Carbon County Railroad
CDEX Coastal Distribution
CDGX Service Oil Company
CDOT Connecticut Department of Transportation
CDTX CalTrans, California Dept. of Transportation
CECX Cummins Engine
CEDR Cedar River Railroad Company
CEECO Coast Engine & Equipment, Tacoma WA
CEFX CIT (Commercial Investment Trust) Equipment Finance
CEI Chicago & Eastern Illinois (1968 --> MP)
CEIW Central Indiana & Western Railroad Co.
CEIX Cleveland Electric Illuminating
CELX Celtran Inc. [Hoechst Celanese]
CEPX Cajun Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.
CERA Central Railroad Company of Indianapolis
CF Cape Fear Railways, Inc.
CFBW Chadds Ford & Brandywine
CFE Chicago, Fort Wayne and Eastern
CFIX Colorado Fuel & Iron Corp
CFIXx Colorado Fuel & Iron Corp
CFNR California Northern Railroad
CFR Central Florida Railroad (Sunrail)
CFWR Caney Fork & Western Railroad, Inc.
CG Central of Georgia (1963 --> SOU)
CGAX Cargill Inc.
CGBX Consolidated Grain & Barge
CGCX Continental Grain Co.
CGCX.1 Continental Grain Co. - Gilman IL
CGCX.2 Continental Grain Co. - Longview WA
CGCX.3 Continental Grain Co. - Tacoma WA
CGIX Collingwood Grain
CGIX.1 Collingwood Grain - Optikam OK
CGIX.2 Collingwood Grain - Plains KS
CGIX.3 Collingwood Grain - Hutchinson KS
CGNE Champagne Railroad, Inc.
CGRX Consolidated Grain & Barge
CGRX.1 Consolidated Grain & Barge - North Bend OH
CGW Chicago Great Western (68 --> CNW)
CGWX Crete Grain, Oakes ND
CH Calumet & Hecla
CHAL Chicago & Alton Railroad (1929 --> ALR)
CHAT Chattahoochee Bay Railroad [GW]
CHAT1 Chattahoochee and Gulf Railroad [G&O](2006 --> CHAT)
CHNY Cheney Railroad Co.,Inc.
CHPX Chaparral Steel
CHPXx Chaparral Steel
CHR Chestnut Ridge Railway Co.
CHRC Chaparral Railroad Co., Inc.
CHRR Chesapeake Railroad, Ridgeley MD
CHRY xxxxC
CHS Charlotte Southern
CHSR Chillicothe Southern Railroad Co.
CHSX Cenex Harvest States Co-Op
CHTT Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer (--> UP)
CHV Chattahoochee Valley Railway Co. (12.92++)
CHVX Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
CHW Chesapeake Western Railway [NW, seit 1954]
CHWE Chehalis Western Railroad [Weyerhaeuser] (1975 --> CMER)
CI Cambria & Indiana Railroad Co. (1994+)
CIC Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway Co.
CIL Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Railway == MON (--> LN)
CIM Chicago & Illinois Midland Railway Co. (1996 --> IMRR)
CIND Central Railroad Company of Indiana [RailTex]
CINR Central Indiana Railroad
CIPX Central Illinois Public Service
CIRR Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad [2004 --> GNWR]
CIRY Central Illinois Railroad Company
CISD Colonel's Island Railroad Co.
CITX CIT (Commercial Investment Trust) Equipment Finance
CIUT Cincinnati Union Terminal
CIW Chicago & Illinois Western (--> IC)
CJRZ C&J Railroad Co.
CKFX Keystone Foods, LLC
CKIN Chesapeake and Indiana Railroad Company
CKRY Central Kansas Railway (6.2001 --> Watco)
CKSI Carthage, Knightstown & Shirley Railroad
CKSO Condon, Kinzua & Southern Railroad (1977+)
CLC Columbia & Cowlitz Railway Co.
CLCO Claremont and Concord Railway Co., Inc.
CLCX Chattahoochie Locomotive Company [Chip Johnson]
CLGR Central Louisiana & Gulf Railroad Co.
CLIF Cliffside Railroad Co.
CLIX Corporate Leasing Inc.
CLK Cadillac & Lake City Railway Co.
CLNA Carolina Coastal Railway, Inc.
CLNR Columbia & Northern Railroad [PRC]
CLP Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad Co.
CLSL Columbia & Silver Creek Railroad (1982-1986)
CLSX Cargill Inc., Salt Division
CLXX Carload Express
CM Central Montana Rail, Inc.
CMC Coastal Marine Co. Railroad Inc.
CMER Curtis, Milburn & Eastern Railroad Co.
CMGN Central Michigan Railway Co.
CMIX Consolidated Minerals, Inc.
CMKX Country Mark CO-OP
CMN Chicago, Madison & Northern
CMNW Chicago, Missouri & Western (1988+, 1990--> GWWR)
CMO Chicago, St.Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railway (--> CNW)
CMPA City of Madison Port Authority Railroad
CMPS Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound (1912 --> CMStP)
CMR Craig Mountain Railway
CMRR Catskill Mountain Railroad
CMS Cahokia Marine Service, Sauget IL
CMSL Cape May Seashore Lines
CMStP Chicago, Milwaukee & St.Paul Railroad (--> MILW)
CMWX xxxxC
CMYX Cumberland Mine
CNJ Central Railroad of New Jersey ( 1976 --> CR)
CNL Columbia, Newberry & Laurens Railroad
CNNA CN North America (--> CDN-CN)
CNOR Cincinnati Northern
CNSM Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee
CNTP Cinncinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific (--> SOU)
CNUR Connersville & New Castle
CNW Chicago & North Western Transportation Company (1995 --> UP)
CNWS Carolina & Northwestern Railroad, Inc.
CNY Central New York Chapter NRHS
CNYK Central New York Railroad Corp.
CNYX Conrad Yelvington Distributors
CNZR Central New England Railroad
CO Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (1986 --> CSXT)
COE Colorado & Eastern Railroad Co.
COEH Conecuh Valley Railroad [G&O]
COER Crab Orchard & Egyptian Railroad
COG Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf
COLT City of Columbia Terminal Railway
CONX ConAgra Inc. (3.2013 --> Cargill)
COPR City of Prineville Railway
COPR1 Copper Range Railroad
CORN Cornwall Street Railway Lights & Power Co. Ltd.
CORP Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad [RailTex]
CORX Coors Brewing Co., Golden CO
CP Central Pacific
CPA Coudersport & Port Allegany Railroad
CPDR Carolina Piedmont Division, South Carolina Central Rail.
CPGX Chambers Cogeneration LP
CPLJ Camp Lejeune Railroad Co.
CPLT Camino, Placerville & Lake Tahoe Railroad Co. (1986++)
CPMA Madison Railway
CPOX Consumers Power Co.
CPPX Consolidated Papers, Inc.
CPR CaterParrot Railnet
CPRX Carolina Power & Light, NC
CPRY Castro Point Railway (USA ???)
CPSC Cham-Pagne Switching Corp., Independence MO
CQPA Central Columbiana and Pennsylvania
CR Conrail, Consolidated Rail Corporation
CRDX Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co.
CREX Citicorp Railmark Incorporated
CRGX Cargill Inc.
CRGX.1 Cargill Inc. - Algona IA
CRGX.10 Cargill Grain - Lima OH
CRGX.11 Cargill Grain - Gibson City IL
CRGX.12 Cargill Grain - Savage MN
CRGX.13 Cargill Grain - Tuscola IL
CRGX.14 Cargill Grain - Sikeston MO
CRGX.15 Cargill Grain - Dana IN
CRGX.16 Cargill Grain - O'Neill NE
CRGX.17 Cargill Grain - Gibbon NE
CRGX.18 Cargill Grain - Dayton OH
CRGX.2 Cargill Grain - Toledo OH
CRGX.3 Cargill Grain - Carleton NE
CRGX.4 Cargill Grain - Bloomingburg OH
CRGX.5 Cargill Inc. - Ithaca NY
CRGX.6 Cargill Grain - Alta IA
CRGX.7 Cargill Grain - Dalhart TX
CRGX.8 Cargill Grain - Wood River NE
CRGX.9 Cargill Grain - Minot ND
CRI Chicago River & Indiana (--> PC)
CRIP Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad
CRIX Citicorp Railmark Incorporated
CRL Chicago Rail Link [OmniTrax]
CRLE Coe Rail, Inc.
CRMX Colorado Railcar
CRN Carolina & Northwestern Railway (--> SOU)
CRPA Central Railroad of Pennsylvania
CRR Clinchfield Railroad (--> CSXT)
CRRX Canon City & Royal Gorge
CRS Carolina Rail Services, Co.
CRSX Coast Rail Services
CRVC Cimarron River Valley Railway
CRW Colorado River Western
CS Colorado & Southern [CBQ] (--> BN)
CSCD Cascade & Columbia River Railroad
CSCX Coal Supply Corp.
CSKR C&S Railroad Corporation
CSL Chicago Short Line Railway Co. (2002 --> SCIH)
CSLI CSX Intermodal, Inc. [CSXT]
CSO Connecticut Southern [RailTex]
CSP Camas Prairie Railroad Co. (3.2004 --> Great Northwest RR)
CSR Camden & Southern Railroad
CSRR Carbon and Schuykill Railroad Corp.
CSRX Conway Scenic Railroad
CSS Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad
CSUX City of Colorado Springs
CSXT CSX Transportation
CT Columbia Terminal Railroad
CTA Chicago Transit Authority
CTCR Central Texas & Colorado River Railway
CTER Cincinnati Terminal Railway
CTEX CEN-TEX Rail Link, Ltd.
CTML Cairo Terminal Railroad Co. (--> STR)
CTN Canton Railroad
CTR Clinton Terminal Railroad
CTRN Central Tennessee Railway & Navigation Co.
CTRR Cloquet Terminal Railroad
CTRW Carlton Trail Railway
CTS Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
CUOH Columbus & Ohio River. (1994 --> OCS)
CUT Cleveland Union Terminal
CUTC Cincinnati Union Terminal
CUVA Cuyahoga Valley Railway Co. (2002 --> CWRO)
CV Central Vermont Railway Inc. [CNNA]
CVAR Cedar Valley Railroad Company
CVR Cimarron Valley Railroad
CVRR Chester Valley Railroad
CVSR Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad
CVTX Cleveland Valley & Terminal Railway, Inc.
CW Colorado & Wyoming Railway Co.
CWC Charleston & Western Carolina (--> ACL)
CWCX Cargill Ag Horizons, Cheyenne Wells CO
CWEX Commonwealth Edison Co.
CWEX.1 Commonwealth Edison Co. - Nuclear Plant Byron IL
CWI Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad Co.
CWP Chicago, West Pullmann & Southern Railroad Co. (1997 -->CRL)
CWR California Western Railroad
CWRC Central Wisconsin
CWRO ISG Cleveland Works Railway
CWRR Carolina Western Railroad
CWRY Commonwealth Railway, Inc.
CWW Columbia & Walla Walla Railroad
CWWR Chehalis Western Railroad
CYCY Crystal City Railroad [Ironhorse Resources]
CYDZ Conrad Yelvington Distributors
CYXX Conrad Yelvington Distributors
CZCX Crown-Zellerbach Corp.
CZRY Carrizo Gorge Railway, Campo CA
DAFX Department of Defense (siehe DODX)
DAIR Dakota & Iowa Railroad
DAKR Dakota Rail, Inc.
DANW Danville & Western
DAPX Dairyland Power Coop, WI
DART Dallas Area Rapid Transit
DAVX W. R. Grace and Company - Conn. Davison Chemical Division
DAX Diamond Shamrock Chemicals Co.
DBGX DeBruce Grain Inc.
DC Delray Connecting Railroad Co.
DCCX McDonnell Douglas Corporation
DCFB Dodge City, Ford & Bucklin Railroad Co. (9.2000 --> BHW )
DCLR Delaware Coast Line Railroad Co.
DCON Detroit Connecting Railroad
DCR Delmarva Central Railroad [Carload Express]
DCRR Dubois County Railroad
DCTA Dade County Transportation Administration
DEEX Detroit Edison Co.
DEGX Mississippi Power Co.
DER Dunn - Erwin Railway
DESX Diesel Electric Service Corp.
DGHX North American Chemical
DGNO Dallas, Garland & Northeastern Railroad [RailTex]
DGVR Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad, Inc.
DH Delaware & Hudson Railroad [CP Rail]
DHMX MCM Management Corp.
DIR Duluth & Iron Range Railway Co.
DIRR Dixie River Railroad
DJJX David J.Joseph Co. (siehe JTPX)
DJPX David J.Joseph Co.
DJRX David J.Joseph Co.
DJTX David J.Joseph Co.
DKPX Duke Power Company
DKS Doniphan, Kensett & Searcy Railway
DL Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad Co., Inc. [GVT]
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DLCT Dayton, Lebanon & Cincinnati Traction Co.
DLCX Diesel Locomotive Co.
DLMX Daylight Locomotive and Machine Works, Portland OR
DLS Delaware, Lackawaxen and Stourbridge Railroad
DLSX Diesel Supply Company Incorporated
DLW Delaware, Lackawanna & Western (10.1960 mit ERIE --> EL)
DLWR Depew, Lancaster & Western Railroad Co., Inc. [GVT]
DM Detroit & Mackinac Railway Co. (93 --> LSRC)
DMCI Des Moines & Central Iowa (1984 --> CNW)
DME Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad Corp.
DMIR Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway Co.
DMM Dansville & Mount Morris RR Co.
DMT Detroit Marine Terminal
DMU Des Moines Union Railway Co.
DMVW Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western Railroad, Inc.
DN Dakota Northern
DNE Duluth & Northeastern Railroad Co.
DODX Department of Defense
DOIX Department of Interior
DORY Dowdon Railway
DoS Donora Southern
DOTX U.S. Department of Transport - Federal Rd. Administration
DOWX Dow Chemical Co.
DPC DPC (Basic Magnesium Company), Henderson NV
DPCX Defense Plant Corp., Columbus MT
DPE Dan Patch Electric Railroad
DPGX Tractech Systems
DQE DeQueen & Eastern Railroad Co.
DR Dardanelle & Russellville Railroad Co.
DRG Denver & Rio Grande (--> DRGW)
DRGW Denver & Rio Grande Western [SP]
DRI Davenport, Rock Island & North Western Railway Co.
DRIR Denver Rock Island
DRR Delaware Railroad
DRRV Dover & Rockaway River Railroad
DRSX D.O.T. Rail Services Incorporated
DRSXx DOT Rail Service of LaSalle IL
DRWY Denver Railway, Inc. (--> DRIR)
DS Durham & Southern Railway (1976--> SCL)
DSA Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic (1.1961 --> SOO)
DSCX Diesel Supply Leasing
DSL Dakota Short Line Railroad
DSNGRR Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
DSRC Dakota Southern Railway Co.
DSRR Delta Southern Railroad Co.
DSRX Downeast Scenic Railroad
DSSX Detroit Salt Company, L.C.
DT Decatur Junction [Pioneer Railcorp]
DTEX DTE Railcar Services
DTFR U.S. Department of Transport - Federal Rd. Administration
DTFX DTE Railcar Services
DTI Detroit, Toldedo & Ironton (--> GTW)
DTLX Delta Tank Lines
DTR Denver Terminal (--> DRWY)
DTRR Danbury Terminal Railroad Company
DTRY Detroit Terminal Railway (1981 --> CR)
DTS Detroit & Toldedo Shore Line (--> GTW)
DU Delaware & Ulster Railroad
DUPX E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co.
DUT Denver Union Terminal
DV Delaware Valley Railway Company, Inc.
DVR Death Valley Railroad
DVRR Dry Valley Railroad
DVRR1 Delaware Valley Railroad (1938 stillgelegt)
DVS Delta Valley & Southern Railway Co.
DWP Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railway Co. [CNNA]
EACH East Camden & Highland Railroad Co.
EARY Eastern Alabama Railway
EBL East Branch and Lincoln
EBSR East Brookfield and Spencer
EBT East Broad Top Railroad (++ 4.1956) [Museum]
ECBR East Cooper & Berkeley Railroad Co. [SCPR]
ECCX East Carbon Development Co., East Carbon UT
ECFX Evergreen Freight Car Co.
ECGX Alabama Power Company
ECRX Econo Rail
ECUX Exxon Chemical Americas
EDEX Empire District Electric Co., Riverton KS
EDW El Dorado & Wesson Railway Co.
EE Ellis & Eastern Co.
EEC East Erie Commercial Railroad Co.
EFRX Eastside Freight Railroad
EIRC Eastern Illinois Railroad Co.
EIRR Eastern Idaho Railroad [WATCO]
EJE Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway
EJR East Jersey Railroad & Terminal Co.
EL Erie Lackawanna Railroad ( 1976 --> CR)
ELFX Electric Fuels Corp., FL
ELKR Elk River Railroad, Inc.
ELS Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad Co.
EMDX Electro Motive Division of General Motors
EMHR East Mahanoy & Hazelton Railroad Company
EMLX EMD Leasing
EPRY East Penn Railways (2007 --> ESPN)
EPTC East Portland Traction Co. [Dick Samuels]
ER Effingham Railroad
ERDX Merchants Despatch Transportation Company
ERIE Erie Railroad (10.1960 mit DLW --> EL)
ERSX Eagle Railcar Corp.
ESHR Eastern Shore Railroad Inc.
ESLJ East St.Louis Junction Railroad
ESPN East Penn Railroad
ESWR Escalante Western Railway
ETC East Texas Central
ETCX Eastman Chemical Co. Inc.
ETLX Solvay Polymers Inc.
ETRY East Tennessee Railway Corp. [6.2005 --> GW]
ETWNC East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad (Tweetsie)
EUKA Eureka Southern Railroad Co. (93 --> NCRR)
EV Everett Railroad Co.
EVNG Evangeline Railway Company
EVWR Evansville Western Railway, Inc.
EWG Eastern Washington Gateway Railroad
EWLX Everywhere West Locomotive Leasing
EWR Erie Western
EWRR Eastern Washington Railroad
EWSX Indianapolis Power & Light Co.
EWSX.1 Indianapolis Power & Light Co. - Perry K. Plant
FA Fadale & Associates
FAIX Fadale & Associates Group
FAPR Floydada & Plainview Railroad Co.
FBRX Francois Bernard [FURX] siehe RFRR 8/2015 (13)
FC Fayette Central Railroad
FC1 Frankfort & Cincinnati (1985 )
FCC Florence & Cripple Creek
FCCX Finova Capital Corp.
FCEN Florida Central Railroad [Pinsly Railroad Co.]
FCG Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf (1972 --> ICG)
FCOE Farmers Co-Op Elevator
FCR Franklin & Carolina Railroad
FCRD First Coast Railroad [GNWR]
FCRK Falls Creek Railroad Co.
FCRR Fulton County Railroad
FCYR Franklin County Railroad Corp.
FDDM Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern (68 --> CNW)
FE Feliciana Eastern Railroad
FEC Florida East Coast Railroad
FEIX Farmers Elevator Inc.
FEIX.1 Farmers Elevator Inc. - Beresford SD
FEV Fremont & Elkhorn Valley Railroad
FFT Florida Fun Train
FGEX Fruit Growers Express
FGGX Farmers Grain Coop
FGGX.1 Farmers Grain Coop - Cruger IL
FGLK Finger Lakes Railway
FHPX Fort Howard Paper Company
FHRR Ferdinand & Huntingburg Railroad Co.
FIMX Franklin Industrial Minerals [2006-> Lhoist]
FIRR Flats Industrial Railroad
FIWE Filmore Western Railroad
FJG Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville
FLIX Farmland Industries Inc.
FLIX.1 Farmland Industries Inc. - Hutchinson KS
FLIX.2 Farmland Industries Inc. - Topeka KS
FLIX.3 Farmland Industries Inc. - Ogallah KS
FLIX.4 Farmland Industries Inc. - Hereford TX
FLIX.5 Farmland Industries Inc. - Kansas KS
FLNX R.P. Flynn Inc. (Ohio Railway Supply), Kent OH
FLNXx löschen 22.1.21
FLSX Great Miami, Inc.
FLWBS French Lick West Braden & Southern
FM Fairbanks-Morse
FMID Florida Midland Railroad Co. [Pinsly Railroad Co.]
FMRC Farmrail Corp.
FMWX Fillmore & Western Railway
FNOR Florida Northern Railroad Co. [Pinsly Railroad Co.]
FP Fordyce & Princeton Railroad Co. [2004 --> GNWR]
FPAX Formosa Plastics Corp. USA
FPE Fairport, Painesville & Eastern (84 --> NW)
FPPX Fayette Power Project, TX
FRDN Ferdinand Railroad (--> HS)
FRDX Ford Motor Co.
Frisco == SLSF
FRR Feather River Railway
FRRR Falls Road Railroad
FRRX Feather River Rail Society, Portola CA
FRT Fore River Transportation
FRVR Fox River Valley Railroad Corp. (1993 --> FVW)
FRW Feather River & Western Railroad
FRY Fore River Railway Corp.
FSR Fort Smith Railroad [PRC], umgezeichnet
FSVB Ft.Smith & Van Buren Railway Co. (93 --> KCS)
FTRL Foster Townsend Rail Logistics
FTRX Foster Townsend Rail Logistics
FURX First Union Railcar
FVW Fox Valley & Western [Wisconsin Central]
FWB Fort Worth Belt Railway
FWCR Florida West Coast Railroad Co.
FWD Fort Worth & Denver (83 --> BN)
FWDB Fort Worth & Dallas Belt Railroad
FWDR Fort Worth & Dallas Railroad Co.
FWPP Fremont, West Point & Pacific Railway, Inc.
FWR Fort Worth Railway
FWRD Fairmont & Western Railroad Co.[LRS]
FWRY Fillmore & Western
FWWR Fort Worth & Western Railroad Co.
GA Georgia Railroad (--> CSXT)
GAAB Georgia & Alabama Division - South Carolina Central Railroad
GAHT xxxxG
GALX Georgia Power Co.
GAMD Gainesville & Midland Railroad
GANO Georgia Northern Railroad (1966 --> SOU)
GASC Georgia, Ashburn, Sylvester & Camilla Railroad
GATX General American Transportation Corp.
GAVX Gavilon LLC.
GAXX Gerdau Ameristeel US Inc.
GBL Georgetown - Breckenridge & Leadville Railroad
GBPX Green Bay Packaging
GBRY Gettysburg Scenic Railway
GBW Green Bay & Western Railroad Co. (1993 --> FVW)
GC Georgia Central Railway
GCER Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad Co. (1961 ++)
GCFX Connell Leasing
GCK George's Creek Railway
GCN Garden City Northern Railway Inc.
GCRC The Golden Cat Railroad Corp.
GCRTA Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
GCRX Grand Canyon Railway
GCSR Gulf Colorado & San Saba Railway [ARCB]
GCSX Granite City Steel
GCTM Gulf Coast Chapter NRHS
GCTX General Chemical Corporation
GCW Garden City Western Railway Co.
GEAX Transcisco Leasing Co.
GECX General Electric Corporation
GECX.1 General Electric Corporation, Pittsfield MA
GENR Gettysburg & Northern [Pioneer]
GENX GE Rail Services
GERR Greenbrier & Elk River Railroad Co. (1917 --> GCER)
GETY Gettysburg Railroad Co. (2001 --> GENR)
GF Georgia & Florida Railway (--> NS)
GFR Grand Forks Railway Company
GFRR Georgia & Florida Railroad
GGE Galesburg & Great Eastern Railroad
GGMX Golden Gate Railroad Museum, San Francisco
GGS Georgia & Great Southern - South Carolina Central Rd.
GHH Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railroad
GHRD Green Hills Rural Development Authority
GIIX Generation II Locomotives
GITM Golden Isles Terminal
GJ Greenwich & Johnsonville
GKLX Gold Kist
GLC Great Lakes Central Railroad
GLCD Great Lakes Coal & Dock
GLCX Great Lakes Carbon Corporation
GLCX.1 Great Lakes Carbon Corporation, St. Louis MO
GLCX.2 Great Lakes Carbon Co., Morgantown NC
GLLX Great Lakes Locomotive
GLR Georgetown Loop Railroad
GLSR Gloster Southern Railroad Co.
GLSX Great Lakes Steel Corp. (--> USX)
GMAC General Motors
GMCT G & MCT ???
GMN Gulf, Mobile & Northern
GMO Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad Company (1972 mit IC' --> ICG)
GMR Georgia Midland (ex Ogeechee Railway)
GMRC Green Mountain Railroad Corp.
GMRY Great Miami & Scotio Railway Co.
GMSR Gulf & Mississippi Railroad
GMTX GATX Rail Locomotive Group
GN Great Northern Railway (1970 mit CBQ,NP und SPS --> BN)
GNA Graysonia, Nashville & Ashdown Railroad Co. (93 --> KCS)
GNAX Holcim (US), Inc.
GNBC Grainbelt Corp. [Farmrail Corp.]
GNRR Georgia Northeastern Railroad Co., Inc.
GNWR Genesee & Wyoming Railroad Co.
GO Gulf & Ohio
GOCR Gold Coast Railroad
GOCX Gulf Oil Corporation
GOMX Avoca Loco Service LLC
GPRY Great Plains Railway
GRCX Granite Rock Co.
GRCX.1 Granite Rock Co. - Aromas CA
GRCX.2 Granite Rock Co. - Logan CA
GRD Gardendale Railroad, Inc.
GRDX Grand River Dam Authority, OK
GRE Grand Rapids Eastern Railroad, Inc. [RailTex]
GREX Georgetown Rail Equipment
GRIV Gauley River Railroad
GRLW Greenville and Western Railway
GRN Greenville & Northern Railway Co. [Pinsly Railroad Co.]
GRNW Great Northwest Railroad [Watco]
GRR Georgetown Railroad Co.
GRRR Grasse River Railroad
GRS Guilford Rail System (BM, MEC, ST)
GRW Gary Railway
GRWR Great Walton Railroad Company
GRYR Grenada Railway
GSCX == GATX (General American Transportation Corp.)
GSF Georgia, Southern & Florida Railway (--> SOU)
GSLX George R. Silcott (D), Amridge PA
GSM Great Smoky Mountains Railway, Inc.
GSNX Gulf States Utility Co., TX
GSRX Golden Spike Rail
GSSX Gulf States Steel (ex Republic Steel Corp)
GSW Great Southwest Railway (1985 --> MP)
GSWR Georgia & Southwestern Div. - South Carolina Central Rd.
GTI Guilford Transportation Industries (BM, MEC, ST) (2006 --> PAR)
GTLX Great Lakes Railcar
GTR Great River Railroad
GTRA Golden Triangle Railroad
GTSC Glassport Transportation Center, Glassport PA (????)
GTW Grand Trunk Western Railroad [CNNA]
GU Grafton & Upton Railroad Co.
GUAX Georgia Power Co.
GUCR Gulf Coast Railroad
GURZ siehe GU
GVL Genesee Valley Leasing
GVRX Grapevine Vintage Railroad
GVSR Galveston Railway, Inc. [6.2005 --> GW]
GVT Genesee Valley Transportation [GVT]
GWF Galveston Wharves
GWI Genesee & Wyoming Industries
GWR Great Western Railway Co.
GWRC Georgia Woodlands Railroad Co.
GWRR Goodwin Railroad
GWRX Great Western Railway Co.
GWWE Gateway Eastern [GWWR]
GWWR Gateway Western Railway [2002 --> KCS]
HABX Habco International Inc.
HAL Hilton & Albany Railroad
HALX Holland America Lines
HATX Helm Atlantic Leasing
HB Hampton & Branchville Railroad Co.
HBL Harbor Belt Line Railraod, L.A.
HBT Houston Belt & Terminal Railway
HCRC Hillsdale County Railway Co., Inc. (93 --> IN)
HCRR Honey Creek Railroad
HCYR Horry County Railway Co.
HE Hollis & Eastern Railroad Co.
HECX Hoosier Energy REC Inc.
HELX Helm Equipment Leasing Corporation
HERR Herrin Transportation Company
HESR Huron & Eastern Railway Co.
HHLX H and H Locomotive Leasing, Inc.
HILX Hilman Company
HKGX Haines & Kibblehouse Inc.
HKP H.K. Porter
HLCX Helm Leasing
HLGX Helm/General Electric
HLLX Helm Locomotive Leasing
HLMX HELM Financial Corp.
HLSC Hampton Railway
HMCR Huntsville & Madison County Railroad Authority
HMFX Florida Rock Industries
HN Hutchinson & Northern Railway
HNE Hillsboro & North Eastern (+)
HOB Hoboken Terminal
HOG Heart of Georgia
HOKX Occidental Chemical Corp.
HORR Horwith Railroad
HOSR Hoboken Shore Railroad (1978+)
HPDT High Point, Thomasville & Denton Railroad Co.
HPJX HELM-Pacific Leasing
HRC Historical Railroad Cars
HRR Hondo Railway LLC
HRRC Housatonic Railroad Co., Inc.
HRRx Haysi Railroad (--> CSXT)
HRSX Harbor Rail Services of California
HRT Hartwell Railroad Co.
HS Hartford & Slocomb Railroad Co. (2006 --> CHAT)
HSR Hoosier Southern
HSRR Hardin Southern Railroad
HSRZ siehe HS
HSW Helena Southwestern Railroad Co.
HTR Hudson Terminal Railway, Hudson CO
HTW Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington (10.71+)
HTZX Herzog Transit Services, Irving TX
HUNX CP Huntington Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
HUTX Hutchison Salt Company, Hutchison KS
HVRR Heber Valley Railroad
HZGX Herzog Railroad Contractor
HZRX Horizon Rail
IAIS Iowa Interstate Railroad, Ltd.
IANR Iowa Northern Railroad Co.
IANW Iowa Northwestern Railroad
IARR Iowa River Railroad
IATR Iowa Traction Railroad Co.
IB Industriebahnen in USA
IB0001 Pickering Lumber Company
IB0002 Steptoe Valley Mining Company
IB0003 Clover Valley Lumber Co.
IB0004 Coal Processing Co.
IB0005 West Side & Cherry Valley Railway
IB0006 Elk River Coal & Lumber
IB0007 Alberene Stone Co.
IB0008 Hutchinson Lumber
IB0009 Coos Bay Lumber Co.
IB0010 Tidewater Grain
IB0012 W.T. Carter & Brother Lumber
IB0013 Ismithian Canal Commission
IB0014 Lufkin Land & Lumber Co.
IB0015 Laurel River Lumber Co.
IB0016 Rock Creek Lumber Co, Trinity
IB0017 Rentz Lumber Co.
IB0018 Johnston Terminal, Muskogee OK
IB0019 Sharon Steel
IB0020 Rayonier Lumber Company
IB0021 Allegheny Petroleum, Ambridge PA
IB0022 Carbon Limestone Co., Carbon OH
IB0023 Oahu Sugar Co.
IB0024 New York Air Brake Co.
IB0025 McLouth Steel
IB0026 Olin Mathiesen Chemical
IB0026.1 Olin Mathiesen Chemical - Saltville VA
IB0026.2 Olin Mathiesen Chemical - Pasadena TX
IB0026.3 Olin Mathiesen Chemical - Lake Charles LA
IB0027 Fort Street Union Depot
IB0028 Naples Terminal Co. , Naples IL
IB0029 Traux-Traer Coal
IB0030 Cedar Bay Generating Company, Jacksonville FL
IB0032 Maule Industries, Medley FL
IB0033 Union Equity Grain
IB0033.1 Union Equity Grain, Pasadena TX
IB0033.2 Union Equity Grain, Kansas KS
IB0034 Pacific Lumber
IB0035 Sloite Corporation, Sealston VA
IB0036 Indianapolis Coke
IB0037 Argos Cement, Roberta AL
IB0037.1 loeschen
IB0037.2 loeschen
IB0037.3 loeschen
IB0037.4 loeschen
IB0037.5 loeschen
IB0038 United DSI Transports
IB0039 H.O. Forgy
IB0040 State Line Energy
IB0041 Chattanooga Industrial
IB0042 Hess Cartage, Melvindale MI
IB0043 Houston Chemical
IB0044 Arco Polymers Inc., Williams TX
IB0045 Mosaic Phosphates, Ft. Meade FL
IB0046 Georgia Pacific Corp.
IB0046.1 Georgia Pacific Corp., Muskogee OK
IB0047 Amax Chemical Corp., Brewster FL
IB0048 Supreme Warehouse Corp., Melvindale MI
IB0049 Manufacturers Service Corp., Melvindale MI
IB0050 Calumet Hecla Copper
IB0051 Linden Chlorine Products, Linden NJ
IB0052 St.Regis Paper Co.
IB0053 VIC Industries, Hornell NY
IB0054 Champion Paper Co.
IB0055 Morton Salt
IB0056 Transco Railcar, Oelwein IA
IB0057 C&K Coal Co., Rimersburg PA
IB0058 Sloss-Sheffield Steel & Iron Co.
IB0059 Eveready Machinery, Portsmouth VA
IB0060 Clichfield Coal, Nora VI
IB0061 Warner Sand & Gravel
IB0062 Stupp Corp.
IB0063 Godchaux Co.
IB0064 Raritan River Sand Co.
IB0065 Hobart Mills
IB0066 Brownlee-Olds Lumber Co.
IB0067 Consolidated Rock Products
IB0068 Los Angeles Harbor
IB0069 Sharp & Fellows Contracting Co.
IB0070 Argent Lumber Co.
IB0071 Fruit Growers Supply Co.
IB0072 Outer Harbor Terminal
IB0073 U.S. Potash Co.
IB0074 Choctow River Lumber Co.
IB0075 U.S. Gypsum
IB0076 Campbell Limestone
IB0077 Louisana Lumber
IB0078 Western Ind. Aggr.
IB0079 West India Fruit & Steamship
IB0080 Indiana & Ohio Power Co.
IB0081 United Illuminating
IB0082 Hayes-Albion Corp.
IB0083 Federal Crushed Stone Corp.
IB0084 Flambeau Paper
IB0085 Columbia Industrial Center, Vancouver WA
IB0086 Fairmont & Baltimore Coal & Coke
IB0087 Ely-Thomas Lumber Co.
IB0088 Haws Refractories
IB0089 Midvale Steel Corporation
IB0090 Coal Terminal
IB0091 W.H. Eccles Lumber Co.
IB0092 Quality Aggregate, Gads Hill MO
IB0093 Safe Harbor Power & Light
IB0094 Mack Trucks
IB0095 Frontier Rail
IB0096 Huntington & Broad Top Mountain
IB0097 Union Switch & Signal
IB0098 Standard Slag
IB0099 North Michigan Iron Mine
IB0100 Transmodal, Camden NJ
IB0101 Union Terminal Co.
IB0102 Giddeon Grain
IB0103 Temple Industries
IB0104 Carlton & Coast
IB0105 Hillcrest Lumber
IB0106 Kinzua Pine Mills
IB0107 Western Coal & Coke
IB0108 Saginaw Timber
IB0109 Monon Crushed Stone
IB0110 Broken Arrow Inc., Tooele UT
IB0111 Meridian Aggregates, Mill Creek OK
IB0112 Woodward Iron Co.
IB0113 Medford Corporation, OR
IB0114 Cherry River Boom & Lumber
IB0115 Hopkinsville Elevator Company, Hopkinsville KY
IB0116 Union Starch & Refining Co.
IB0117 Miles Laboratory
IB0118 Hammond Lumber
IB0119 Kirby Lumber
IB0120 Rockwell Hanford, Hanford WA
IB0121 Inland Container
IB0122 Cinclaire Plantation, Brushy LA
IB0123 Spreckels Sugar Co.
IB0124 Lake Erie Railcar
IB0125 Pacific States Steel
IB0126 Corn Products Co.
IB0127 Bethlehem Mines (--> BSCX)
IB0128 Steel Processing Services, Albertville AL
IB0129 Monsanto Chemical
IB0129.1 Monsanto Chemical, Anniston AL
IB0130 Safe Harbor Water Power Company
IB0131 Arkansas Nuclear
IB0132 Empire Coke, Birmingham AL
IB0133 Owens Illinois, Birmingham AL
IB0134 Stockham Valves & Fitting Co., Birmingham AL
IB0135 Georgia Marble
IB0135.1 Georgia Marble - Tate GA
IB0136 Freight Car Service
IB0137 Farmers United Co-op Elevator
IB0138 Hass Gravel
IB0139 Century Coal
IB0140 Stay Sales, Ease Coulee AL
IB0141 Alabama River Pulp, Fountain AL
IB0142 Alabama Marble, Gantts Quarry AL
IB0143 Budd Co.
IB0144 Tuskeegee
IB0145 France Stone Co.
IB0146 Intern. Intermodal Center of Alabama, Huntsville
IB0147 Aesco Steel, Montgomery AL
IB0148 Scott Paper Co., Mount Vernon AL
IB0149 TVA-Fertilizer Development Center, Muscle Shoals AL
IB0150 LPC. Inc., Tarrant City AL (Lehigh Portland ????)
IB0151 Poinsett Lumber & Manufactoring Co., Tarrant AL
IB0152 Simpson Timber
IB0153 Alaska Lumber & Pulp, Sitka AK
IB0154 Duval Sulphur, Sahuarita AZ
IB0155 Nekoosa Paper
IB0156 Arkansas Lime Co, Batesville AR
IB0157 Gifford Hill Inc.
IB0157.1 Gifford Hill Inc., Harleyville SC
IB0158 Arkansas Eastman, Batesville AR
IB0159 Gardiner Big River, Helena AR
IB0160 Chrome Crankshaft
IB0161 Sims/LMC Metals, Richmond CA
IB0162 Meadow River Lumber Co., Rainelle W. VA.
IB0163 Continental Can Co., Port Wentworth GA
IB0164 Airco Alloy & Carbide
IB0165 Sidbec-Dosco Steel
IB0166 Midwest Steel & Alloy
IB0167 Ronald M. Delevan Industries (RMDI) (D)
IB0168 Detroit Steel, Portsmouth OH
IB0169 Streigel Supply & Equipment
IB0170 McCloud River Lumber
IB0171 Plasser American
IB0172 Timken Roller Bearing, Canton OH
IB0173 Winifrede
IB0174 West Pitt Exet
IB0175 Winchester Ag Service, Winchester OH
IB0176 Joseph Behr & Sons
IB0177 Koppers Coke
IB0178 Bolander-Conlan Terminal Co., Minneapolis MN
IB0179 JJ Coan
IB0180 A.E. Staley Co.
IB0181 Anaconda Aluminium
IB0182 Miller Compressing
IB0183 Doyle McCormack
IB0185 Port of Longview, WA
IB0186 New Jersey Zinc Co.
IB0187 Alan Wood Iron & Steel Co.
IB0188 Foley Brothers Construction
IB0189 American Rolling Mills
IB0190 Construction Services, Inc.
IB0191 Texas Construction Materials
IB0192 Atlantic Coal Company
IB0193 Chattanooga Traction
IB0194 Duluth Union Depot & Transfer
IB0195 Anaconda Copper Mining
IB0196 Acme-Newport Steel
IB0197 Milwaukee Coke & Gas (1942 --> IB0874)
IB0198 Continental Steel
IB0199 Mound City Terminal St. Louis, MO
IB0200 Alberene Stone Corp. of Virginia
IB0202 Marble Cliff Quarry
IB0203 Polarized Steel
IB0204 Goodpasture Grain & Milling Co.
IB0205 Copperweld Steel Co.
IB0206 Iriquois Terminal
IB0207 Isaac Corp., Defiance OH
IB0208 Keystone Steel & Wire Co.
IB0209 Electric Energy Inc., Joppa IL
IB0210 Harlem Transfer
IB0211 Tangent Rail Services
IB0212 National Academy of Railroad Sciences
IB0213 Donner Steel Co.
IB0214 Ingersoll Rand
IB0215 Red River Lumber Co.
IB0216 Hoboken Manufacturers' (Seatrains)
IB0217 Michigan Limestone & Chemical
IB0218 Universal Atlas Cement
IB0219 Railcar Maintenance
IB0220 Inland Waterways (--> IB0221)
IB0221 Federal Barge Lines
IB0222 Loveland Elevator
IB0223 B. Perini
IB0224 Hickory Grove Coal Mining Corp., Jasonville IN
IB0225 Sheffield Steel
IB0226 Semet-Solvay
IB0227 Tennessee Copper
IB0228 U.S. Pipe & Foundry
IB0229 Chicago District Electric Generating Corp.
IB0230 Inland Empire Paper Company
IB0231 Medusa Portland Cement
IB0232 Twin Mountain Rock
IB0233 Wickwire-Spencer Steel Division of CF&I
IB0234 Patapsco Scrap Co.
IB0235 Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp
IB0236 Michigan Elevator Co.
IB0237 Corn Industries, Winston-Salem NC
IB0238 Citizens Gas & Coke of Indianapolis
IB0239 G.H.R. Foundry
IB0240 Mead Corporation
IB0241 Lone Star Cement
IB0242 Mores & Ory Sand & Gravel
IB0243 Ingalls Shipbuilding
IB0244 Reichold Chemical, Pensacola FL
IB0245 New Haven Terminal
IB0246 Co-Op Grain
IB0247 Illinois Steel Company
IB0248 Howard Terminal
IB0249 Detroit Harbor Terminal, Inc.
IB0250 Big Rock Stone & Gravel, Little Rock AR
IB0251 Allis-Chalmer
IB0252 World Wide Auctioneers, Greenville SC --> IB0302
IB0253 Big Six Coop
IB0254 Eli Lilly Corp., Lafayette IN
IB0255 BK Engineering
IB0256 Bradshaw Gravel
IB0257 Bode Grain Co-Op Association [2005 --> NEW Coop]
IB0258 Monarch Cement
IB0259 Canterra Energy
IB0260 ABC Rail Corporation, Calera AL
IB0261 Speno Rail Services
IB0262 Lonestar Locomotive Repair LLC
IB0263 Winters Railroad Service
IB0264 CitiSteel USA Inc.
IB0265 Standard Steel Works
IB0266 Muskingum Electric Railroad
IB0267 AGP Elevator, Atchison KS
IB0268 Navajo Mine Railroad
IB0269 Deseret-Western Railway, Rangeley CO
IB0270 Railroad Builders
IB0271 CoGentrix
IB0272 Watonwan Farm Service, St. James MN
IB0273 Squaw Creek Coal
IB0274 Orr Tank Car Lines
IB0275 Platte Generating Station, Grand Island NE
IB0276 Lukens Steel
IB0276.1 Lukens Steel, Coatesville PA
IB0277 Intercoastal Tubular, Harvey LA
IB0278 Arco Petroleum
IB0280 Protexa Burlington International [BN]
IB0281 Minndak Farmers Coop., Wahpeton ND
IB0282 Kasten Railcar, Edwardsville IL
IB0283 Mol-Dok Inc.
IB0284 Champion Building Products
IB0285 Indiantown Generating Plant, Lake Okechobee FL
IB0286 Kohler Co, Kohler WI
IB0287 unbekannt
IB0288 Southern Wood Piedmont
IB0289 Farmers Commission, Ada OH
IB0290 United Road Machinery
IB0291 Black Beauty Coal, Washington IN
IB0292 California Steel Industries
IB0293 Toledo Edison
IB0294 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
IB0295 Sunrise Co-Op Elevator
IB0296 Kerr-McGee Chemical
IB0297 Smith & Chambers
IB0298 Bayou Railcar
IB0299 Krautkramer Ultrasonics
IB0300 Standard Oil
IB0301 Jahncke Gravel (Feliciana Eastern RR)
IB0302 World Wide Railroad Supply
IB0303 Marquette Cement
IB0304 American Grain Co. Inc.
IB0305 Proctor & Gamble
IB0306 Avon Grain (auch Wiederverkäufer) (1993 --> ITEC)
IB0307 B-Four Coal, St.Charles KY
IB0308 North Star Steel Co., Kingman AZ
IB0309 Three Rivers (??)
IB0310 Dravo Corp., Neville PA
IB0311 Berman Iron & Metal
IB0312 Hanna Furnaces
IB0314 Tarmac, Medley FL
IB0315 Jefferson Smurfit Corp., Jacksonville FL
IB0316 ConAgra Flour Milling, Superior WI (3.2013 --> Cargill)
IB0317 Bunker Hill & Sullivan Mining, Kellogg ID
IB0318 Renville Elevator Co.
IB0319 Greenville Manufacturing, OH
IB0320 Neosho Quarry
IB0321 Nevada Power
IB0322 American Aggregates, IN
IB0323 Roanoke Cement, VA
IB0324 Western Indiana Gravel
IB0325 Bottineau Farmers Elevator, Bottineau ND
IB0326 USI Chemical
IB0327 St.Hilaire Co-Op Elevator, St.Hilaire MN
IB0328 Mittal Steel
IB0329 River Services, MN
IB0330 Hoosier Construction
IB0331 Glacier Sand & Gravel, Steilacoom WA
IB0332 Nekoosa Edwards-Paper
IB0333 American Milling
IB0334 Hallet Dock Co., West Duluth MN
IB0335 Border Steel Mills, TX (--> 1997 Villacero)
IB0336 Fort Campbell Rail
IB0337 Southeastern Specialists, Jacksonville FL (--> IB0615)
IB0338 Atlas Powder Company
IB0339 Paxton & Vierling Steel, Carter Lake IA
IB0340 UPL Corp.
IB0341 Central Foundry
IB0342 Tery Redinger Coal, Bethlehem PA
IB0343 Long Construction, Billings MT
IB0344 Albert City Elevator
IB0345 Roanoke Valley Energy
IB0346 Michigan-California Lumber
IB0347 American Financial Group
IB0348 Hardemann Grain & Seed
IB0349 Locomotive Marketing Inc. (D)
IB0350 Penn Dixie Steel
IB0351 Huntsville Arsenal-Chemical Warfare Service
IB0352 Lucas County Port Authority, Toledo OH
IB0353 Hammermill Paper
IB0354 W.J. Smith Wood Preserving [MKT]
IB0355 Indiana Wood Preserving, Terre Haute
IB0356 Glenbrook Nickel, Riddle OR
IB0357 Laughlin Steel, Dallas TX
IB0358 Robert Dollar Co.
IB0359 Metro East Industries (D), East St.Louis
IB0360 ELF AtoChem
IB0361 Palo Grain, Tulia TX
IB0362 Chicago International Port
IB0363 Peaker Services
IB0364 Buick Motor Division, Detroit MI
IB0365 Premium Standard Farms of Princeton, MT
IB0366 Virginia Pocahontas Coal
IB0367 Wisconsin Steel [International Harvester]
IB0368 Hantz Locomotive Service
IB0369 General Motors Chevrolet Motor
IB0370 Foote Minerals Co.
IB0371 National Zinc Division, St.Joseph Resources
IB0372 Benson-Quinn Terminals Inc., Corson SD
IB0373 Hilliard Enterprises
IB0374 Ozark Mountain Railcar (D)
IB0375 GenOn
IB0376 McCoy Elkhorn Coal
IB0377 Mid-South Terminal
IB0378 Hercules Powder
IB0379 Rome Locomotive Works
IB0380 Ennis Paikin Steel (D), St. Louis MO
IB0381 Flying J Oil, North Salt Lake City UT
IB0382 Lakeside Transportation, Moberly MO
IB0383 Exxon-Coker, Baton Rouge LA
IB0384 Standard Gravel
IB0384.1 Standard Gravel - Clifton IA
IB0385 Phoenix Cement
IB0386 Peerless Cement, Smith Creek MI
IB0387 Savannah River Plant
IB0388 Birmingham Bolt
IB0389 Erie Mining Company
IB0390 Marietta Air Base, GA
IB0391 Balkan Mining
IB0392 Keene Carriers
IB0393 Wilson Railway Corp. (1991++)
IB0394 Michigan Maple Block Co.
IB0395 Rail World Locomotive Leasing
IB0396 Intercity Metals, Portland OR
IB0397 Joseph Simon, WA
IB0398 Joe Moody Equipment
IB0399 Costain Coal Inc.
IB0400 Toledo Ore Docks
IB0401 Cycle Systems
IB0402 Koppers Company
IB0403 Mike's Inc. (D), Wood River IL
IB0404 Ray County Co-Op
IB0405 River City Construction, Baltimore OH
IB0406 Nicholson Terminal & Dock
IB0407 Tulsa Port of Catoosa
IB0408 Peoria Locomotive Works
IB0409 Tamper Track Renewal Systems
IB0410 United Grain
IB0411 Copper Range Railroad
IB0412 Island Creek Fuel & Transportation Co.
IB0413 Transfer Terminal Corp.
IB0414 Ferruzi Grain Terminal
IB0415 Department of Energy (DOE)
IB0416 Continental Leasing
IB0417 Gaylord Container
IB0418 Bayou Steel Corp., Laplace LA
IB0419 Oglebay Norton Co.
IB0420 Bulkmatic Transfer, Parkersburg WV
IB0421 Iron Horse Resources
IB0422 Black River Ltd. Partnership, Ft.Drum NY
IB0423 Southern Clay, Gordon GA
IB0424 Penn Dixie Cement
IB0425 Seminole Phosphates
IB0426 Raritan River Steel, Perth Amboy NJ (--> 2004 Gerdau Ameristeel)
IB0427 Cisco Grain Co-Op, Cisco IL
IB0428 Howe Coal
IB0429 Foster Farms, Delhi CA
IB0430 Alton Barge, Alton IL
IB0431 Mountain Diesel Transportation
IB0432 Pacific Rail Industries
IB0433 Century Locomotives
IB0434 North American Cyanamide Co.
IB0435 Itel Railcar
IB0436 Rail Managers Association, Devon PA
IB0437 North American Car
IB0438 G & S Motors
IB0439 Cincinnati Exposition
IB0440 Agrex Inc.
IB0441 Allied Tube & Conduit Co.
IB0442 Reading Coal Co.
IB0443 First Mississippi Corp.
IB0444 New Jersey Steel Structure Co.
IB0445 Mississippi River Grain Co.
IB0446 Old Ben Coal Co.
IB0447 JR Milling
IB0448 Kokomo Grain Co.
IB0449 Central Soya
IB0450 Draper Corporation
IB0451 Raymond International
IB0452 Armstrong Cork, Willville NJ
IB0453 Orange & Rockland Utility Company
IB0454 Public Service Company of New Hampshire
IB0455 Holyoke Water & Power Co.
IB0456 Groveton Paper Co.
IB0457 Forest Product Treating
IB0458 General Dynamics Electric Boat, Groton CT
IB0459 Tri States Concrete Co.
IB0460 Granite Mountain Quarries, Little Rock AR
IB0461 Superior Stone Co, Rion SC
IB0462 Oak Ordinance Depot
IB0463 Dominion Mines Co, Centerpoint IN
IB0464 National Fireworks Co.
IB0465 Victor Oolitic Stone Co., Bloomington IN
IB0466 Todd-Bath Shipyards, S.Portland ME
IB0467 L. Alpern, Portland ME
IB0468 Sidney Steel, Sidney NS
IB0469 Sobin-Chlor Alkali
IB0470 Greater Portland Public Development Corp
IB0471 East Kentucky Power
IB0472 W.R. Grace Chemicals
IB0473 United Electrics
IB0474 Bulk Terminal
IB0475 Coffield Warehouse
IB0476 Arkansas Railway Supply
IB0477 Highland Corporation
IB0478 Foreman Portland Cement
IB0479 Arkansas Cement (--> Ash Grove Cement)
IB0480 Planters Peanut Co., Ft.Smith AR
IB0481 Riceland Foods
IB0482 Quincy Soybean Co.
IB0483 Potlatch Forest Products, McGehee AR
IB0483.1 Potlatch Corp. - Cypress Bend AR
IB0484 American Bridge
IB0485 Razorback Steel, Newport AR
IB0486 Maryland Slag
IB0487 Braswell Sand & Gravel, Wilton AR
IB0488 Tyson Feed Mill
IB0489 Jones Brothers Inc., Anita CA
IB0490 Hingham Shipyard
IB0491 Fiberboard Products, Antioch CA
IB0492 Texas Export Railroad
IB0493 Tidewater Oil
IB0494 Solano Rail Car Co., Benicia CA
IB0495 Erny's Grain Elevator
IB0496 Diamand International
IB0497 CertainTeed Corp. [Saint-Gobain]
IB0498 Citrus Industry Supply, Corona CA
IB0499 Pacific Coast Cement, Eloit CA
IB0500 Kaiser International
IB0501 E.B. Willis Co., Fresno CA
IB0502 A.L. Gilbert Co., Keyes CA
IB0503 Koppel Bulk Terminal, Long Beach CA
IB0504 Metropolitan Stevedore, Long Beach CA
IB0505 Pabco Gypsum Inc., Mojave CA
IB0506 Newhall Land & Farming Co., Newhall CA
IB0507 Port of Oakland, Oakland CA
IB0508 Levin Richmond Terminal Co., Richmond CA == PRT !
IB0509 American Bulk Loading Exports, San Pedro CA
IB0510 Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro CA
IB0511 Alameda County, Santa Rita CA
IB0512 Delta Bulk Terminals, Stockton CA
IB0513 National Metals, Terminal Island CA
IB0514 CSR, Port Reading NJ
IB0515 TPL, Inc.
IB0516 Ideal Cement
IB0517 Industrial Processing Co, Devonia TX
IB0518 U.S. General Services Administration, Denver CO
IB0519 Great Western Sugar Co.
IB0520 City of La Junta, CO
IB0521 American Tube & Stamping
IB0522 Firma in Pueblo, CO
IB0523 American Crystal Sugar, Rocky Ford CO
IB0524 Intermountain Transportation Service, Rocky Ford CO (siehe IMW)
IB0525 Mechtron Corp., Wilmington DE
IB0526 Dallas Union Terminal
IB0527 Mobile Minerals & Mining Co [Mobile Chemical]
IB0528 Midwest Dock
IB0529 International Harvester
IB0530 North Dakota Wheat Growers
IB0531 Cyprus Mines
IB0532 Pillsbury Inc.
IB0533 Hardin Grain
IB0534 Superior Tie & Timber
IB0535 Chiriqui Land Co.
IB0536 Texas Generating
IB0537 Pennsylvania Forge Co., Philadelphia PA
IB0538 Sahara Coal Co., Marion IL
IB0539 P.H. Glatfelter Co., Spring Grove PA
IB0540 AK Steel
IB0541 Midwest Metallics, Chicago IL
IB0542 Olympic Mill Service
IB0543 Midwest Railroad Construction
IB0544 Louisiana Pacific
IB0545 Diamond Match, Chico CA
IB0546 Progress Loadout, Democrat KY
IB0547 Enterprise Coal (ESCO), Robinson Creek KY
IB0548 Huntsville & Madison County Airport Authority
IB0549 Studebaker Corporation
IB0550 Gulf Coast Rail Service Corporation
IB0550.1 Gulf Coast Rail Service - Sweetwater TX
IB0550.2 Gulf Coast Rail Service - Orange TX
IB0551 Hawbaker Construction, Pleasant Gap PA
IB0552 Levine & Sons, Scrap Brokers, Ft. Wayne
IB0553 Lakes Farm Service Inc.
IB0554 KCT Elevator, Kansas City MO
IB0555 Kelley Construction
IB0556 Holston Ordinance Depot, Kingsport TN
IB0557 Kimerling & Sons, Birmingham AL
IB0558 Marta Track Constructions
IB0559 Mulberry Phosphates Inc., Royster FL
IB0560 Frankonia Paper
IB0561 Rail Associates
IB0562 Gateway Rail Services
IB0563 Bethlehem Cornwall Corp.
IB0564 Steel Dynamics
IB0564.1 Steel Dynamics, Butler IN
IB0564.2 Steel Dynamics, Pittsboro IN
IB0564.3 Steel Dynamics, Columbia IN
IB0565 Rohm & Haas, Phliladelphia
IB0566 Locomotive Troubleshooters
IB0567 Sony's Body & Paint
IB0568 Omni Source, Ft. Wayne
IB0569 Pete Replinger (REPCO)
IB0570 Samuels Pacific Industries, OR [Dick Samuels]
IB0571 Tank Car Co of America
IB0572 Cove Contractors, Panama City FL
IB0573 Learner Scrap, Stockton FL
IB0574 Peninsula Machinery & Equipment (D)
IB0575 Levin Metals Co., Richmond CA == PRT
IB0576 Southland Paper Co.
IB0577 Alexander Chemical, Kingsbury IN
IB0578 Commodity Resource Corp., Caledonia NY
IB0579 Badger Sand & Gravel, Taylor WI
IB0580 Great Lake Forest
IB0581 Ponderay Newsprint
IB0582 Port of Panama City, FL
IB0583 Golden State Feed and Grain Co.
IB0584 Caulfield Ltd., Riga MI
IB0585 Neosha Rail Service
IB0586 B&LS Contracting
IB0587 Alco Springs Industries
IB0588 C&W Coal, Overfield WV
IB0589 Louisiana Dock Co.
IB0590 Bonneville Transloaders, WY
IB0591 Erickson Light & Power, Lansing MI
IB0592 Amber Milling
IB0593 Chrysler Corporation
IB0593.1 Chrysler Corporation - Indianapolis Foundry
IB0594 Michigan Elevator Exchange, Carrollton MI (--> CMGX)
IB0595 Locomotive Repair Service, Beggs OK
IB0596 Stiner-Liff, Nashville TN
IB0597 Harley Davidson
IB0598 Port of Muskogee, OK
IB0599 BTR Terminal
IB0600 Rainy River Forest Products, Steilacoom WA
IB0601 Stelco
IB0602 Oil-Dri Production
IB0603 Deron Manufacturing Ltd., Spokane WA
IB0604 Cold Storage
IB0605 Romeoville Quarry
IB0606 Illinois Railway Supply, Albany IL
IB0607 Western Aggregates, CO
IB0608 Ryder Rail Services
IB0609 Rick and Larry, siehe X22109 (38)
IB0610 Motive Power Inc. (D)
IB0611 PSC Metals
IB0612 PCS Phosphates
IB0613 TSP Phosphates, Aurora NC
IB0614 Berwick Railcar
IB0615 Quantum Rails Inc., Jacksonville FL
IB0616 Farmers Commission Co., Upper Sandusky OH
IB0617 Universal Cyclops Steel
IB0618 Walton Agri Services, Upper Sandusky OH
IB0619 Washburn Wire Co.
IB0620 Wyandot Dolomite, Carey OH
IB0621 Mobil Locomotive Service
IB0622 John Morrel
IB0623 Intermet
IB0623.1 Intermet - Archer Creek Plant, Lynchburg VA
IB0624 Consolidated Builders
IB0625 Mason Walsh Atkinson Kier
IB0626 Bettendorf Inc.
IB0627 Texana Tank Car, Nash TX
IB0628 Florida Portland Cement, Brookville FL
IB0629 General Power Systems
IB0630 Florida Power & Light
IB0631 Nasa Ames Research Center
IB0632 Grace Agricultural Chemical
IB0633 Central Farmers Co-Op
IB0634 Hardaway Construction Co., Port Tampa FL
IB0635 Tampa Electric Co., Tampa FL
IB0636 Swift & Co, Agricola FL (--> Estech Agricultural Chemicals)
IB0637 Tampa Port Authority, FL
IB0638 Occidental Petroleum Co.
IB0639 Seaboard Grains, Athens GA
IB0640 Atlantic Steel Company
IB0640.1 Atlantic Steel Company - Atlanta GA
IB0641 Columbia Nitrogen, Augusta GA
IB0642 Dawes Silica Mining, Eden GA
IB0643 Fitzgerald Rail Service, Fitzgerald GA
IB0644 Birmingham Slag Co.
IB0645 National Gypsum
IB0645.1 National Gypsum - Gibsonburg OH
IB0645.2 National Gypsum - Dartmouth NS
IB0645.3 National Gypsum - Milford Station NS
IB0646 Continental Foundry
IB0647 Catham Iron & Metal, Savannah GA
IB0648 Kaiser Agricultural Chemical Co.
IB0649 Savannah Machine & Shipyard
IB0650 Amalgamated Sugar Co.
IB0651 Beker Industries, Soda Springs ID
IB0652 Alton Box Board, Alton IL
IB0653 Luntz Corp., Barberton IL
IB0654 West Virginia Pulp & Paper
IB0655 Morton Thiokol, Chicago IL
IB0656 Calumet Steel, Chicago Heights, IL
IB0657 Dubuque Sand & Gravel, East Dubuque IL
IB0658 United Electric Coal, Dunfermline IL
IB0659 Shippers Car Line, East St.Louis IL
IB0660 Construction & Mining Inc.
IB0661 Louisville Cement, Speed IN
IB0662 American Brake Shoe
IB0663 Thomas Steel
IB0664 Jacobs Brothers Scrap Iron
IB0665 Ziegler Coal
IB0666 Allied Mills
IB0667 Burns Bailing
IB0668 Con-Agra
IB0669 Blaw Knox Foundry Mill
IB0670 Virginia Limestone, Ripplemead VA
IB0671 Singer Mfg. Co., Elizabethport NJ
IB0672 Gary Slag Co.
IB0673 American Sheet & Tube
IB0674 West Palm Beach Terminal
IB0675 Amaizo Rail Switching Service
IB0676 La Salle Steel
IB0677 Standard Railway Equipment
IB0678 Kaiser Aluminium
IB0679 Merchants Grain Co.
IB0680 Transcar Service Co.
IB0681 J.I. Chase Co.
IB0682 Bondurant Grain
IB0683 Lasco
IB0684 Chemplex
IB0685 Corn Processing Co.
IB0686 Central States Warehouse Co.
IB0687 Matoon Service Inc
IB0688 Indiana Port Commission
IB0689 George Hedge Construction
IB0690 Charolais Coal, St.Charles KY
IB0691 Indiana Pickling & Processing
IB0692 Buckeye Cellulose
IB0693 Trumbull Electric Service, Girard OH
IB0694 Atlantic Richfield
IB0695 Nacme Steel Processing
IB0696 Wilson Fertilizer and Grain
IB0697 Wortington Steel
IB0698 AFG Industries, Kingsport TN
IB0699 Whitaker Coal, KY
IB0700 Foster Dixiana Sand
IB0701 Tarmac Carolina
IB0702 Columbia Silicate Sand
IB0703 Spartan Iron & Metal, Spartanburg SC
IB0704 Berwind Railway Service
IB0705 General Motors Central Foundry, Defiance OH
IB0706 New Haven Trap Rock
IB0707 Henckels & McCoy (D)
IB0708 Dominion Foundries & Steel (Dofasco)
IB0709 Metamore Elevator Co., Metamore OH
IB0710 Green Valley Coal, WV
IB0711 Emmons Industries
IB0712 Farm Bureau Co-Op
IB0713 Edon Farmers Co-Op
IB0714 Lyon Industries , Ebensburg PA
IB0715 Inco Alloy
IB0716 Naval Ammunition Depot, Portsmouth VA
IB0717 Heckett Engineering
IB0718 Behimer & Kisner
IB0719 Southern Scrap Material, Shreveport LA
IB0720 Passenger & Freight Locomotive
IB0721 Collingwood Grain, Guymon OK
IB0722 Osborn McMillan Grain Elevator, Superior WI
IB0723 Railway Supply of Indiana
IB0724 Rapides Gravel
IB0725 Witte Gravel
IB0726 Louisiana Industries
IB0727 Whistler Equipment Corp.
IB0728 S & L Metals
IB0729 University of Minnesota
IB0730 Lipsett Steel
IB0731 General Standard
IB0732 Bran Back Equipment
IB0733 Pullman-Standard Car Mfg Co
IB0734 Tube City Iron & Metal
IB0735 Material Services Corp.
IB0736 Estech Agricultural Chemicals
IB0737 Northern Indiana Docks
IB0738 Whitten Machinery
IB0739 L. Gardinier
IB0740 LGN
IB0741 Kuhlman Bulk Terminals
IB0742 LTA Industries, Dallas TX
IB0743 Argee , Salt Lake City UT
IB0744 Gibbs Railway Equipment
IB0745 Logistics Management System, Presque Isle ME
IB0746 Bill Lamb (D)
IB0747 IEI Container Corp.
IB0748 Joliet Railway Equipment (JRE)
IB0749 Striegel Railway Equipment
IB0750 Allegheny Power System
IB0751 Sharpsville Quality Products
IB0752 Pacific Rail Dismantling
IB0753 Farmers Export Co.
IB0754 Pacific Dismantlers
IB0755 Brazos Engineering
IB0756 Interpol Ltd.
IB0757 Shamrock Coal
IB0758 San Antonio Ordnance (Army)
IB0759 La Farge Corp.
IB0760 Cherokee Brick & Tile Co, Macon GA
IB0761 Edgar Thomson Works, Pittsburgh
IB0762 Chicago Bridge & Iron
IB0763 High Plains Coop
IB0764 National Malleable & Steel Casting
IB0765 Conserve
IB0766 Tomasso Inc.
IB0767 Mettiki Coal
IB0768 Oregon Steel Mills
IB0769 Mount Airy Cold Storage Co.
IB0770 Churches Ferry Farmer's Co-op
IB0771 Reserver Iron & Metal
IB0772 Penna Ordnance Works
IB0773 Philadelphia Electric Company
IB0774 Empak Power Industries
IB0775 PAC Tank, Deer Park TX
IB0776 Columbia Grain Inc., Portland OR
IB0777 Tidewater Contruction Co., Dozier Corner VA
IB0778 Virginia Railcar and Loco, Little Creek VA
IB0779 Golden Age Railroad Equipment
IB0780 Cox Metal Processing
IB0781 Stanray Products
IB0782 Southern Electric International
IB0783 Atlantic City Electric Co. (--> Atlanta Electric Co.)
IB0784 Texaco Oil Co.
IB0785 C&S Ohio Electric
IB0786 Clinchfield Coal Co.
IB0787 Marathon Southern Co.
IB0788 Inland Lime & Stone Co.
IB0789 Clark Refining
IB0790 Peco Energy
IB0791 American Can
IB0792 Buckeye Steel & Casting Co.
IB0793 North West Cement, Mason city IO
IB0794 Newport Steel Corp.
IB0795 Cleveland Quarries
IB0796 Chicago Grain
IB0797 Royster Inc.
IB0798 Sahara Coal, Harrisburg IL
IB0799 Shore Line Locomotive
IB0800 Proler International
IB0801 Mississippi Steel
IB0802 Birmingham Southeast Steel
IB0803 Heart of Iowa Coop
IB0804 Holland Co.
IB0805 Colorado Springs Public Utilities
IB0806 Kaiser Cement
IB0807 Mid Atlantic Material
IB0808 A.O. Smith Corp.
IB0809 Port of Ambridge
IB0810 C&F Locomotive Service (D)
IB0811 Millenium Rail
IB0812 Sprouce Creek Processing
IB0813 Marathon Oil
IB0814 Eastern Associated Coal, Wharton WV
IB0815 Paikin (D)
IB0816 Central Appalachian Coal
IB0817 Hall Buck Marine Termial
IB0818 Harmac Pacific
IB0819 American Compressed Steel
IB0820 Southern Rails Inc.
IB0821 Hobet Mining
IB0822 Ketchikan Pulp
IB0823 Meadowland Farmers Co-Op
IB0824 Erie City Iron Works
IB0825 American Calcium Products
IB0826 Calufield Inc, Riga MI
IB0827 Tacoma Export Marketing
IB0828 Electric Transport of America
IB0829 South Carolina Electric & Gas
IB0830 Snowmass Coal Co.
IB0831 Sierra Pacific
IB0832 Comet Midwest Locomotive (D) (4.1999 --> MWLX)
IB0833 Marion (OH) Industrial Center
IB0834 Southern Freight Logistics
IB0835 Yale Farmers Elevator Co-Op, Yale SD
IB0836 Western Consolidated Co-Op,Holloway MN
IB0837 Interprovincial Pipe & Steel
IB0838 DOME Railway Services
IB0839 Olowalu Sugar, Maui
IB0840 Pioneer Mill Co.
IB0841 Faulkner Farms, Santa Paula CA
IB0842 Oro Dam Constructors
IB0843 Merritt Chapman Scott, Lewiston NY
IB0844 Perini Corp., Del Rio TX
IB0845 S.J. Groves & Sons
IB0846 Steiner-Liff Iron & Metal
IB0847 Rouge Steel, Detroit
IB0848 GWI Switching Service
IB0849 Keystone Generating
IB0850 Taylor Machine Works
IB0851 Great Northern Paper
IB0852 Ferrous Processing & Trading
IB0853 MO Portland Cement
IB0854 Poplar Ridge Coal
IB0855 Seatrains Inc. (s. auch IB0216)
IB0856 Pittsburgh Steel
IB0857 Turner Lumber Co, Perry FL
IB0859 Columbia Iron & Metal Co., Girard OH
IB0860 Joliet Arsenal, Joliet IL
IB0861 ShafBrosLog ????
IB0862 Brewster Phosphate, Brewster FL
IB0863 Tennessee Chemical Corp., Copperhill TN
IB0864 DavChem ????
IB0865 Sanitary District of Chicago
IB0866 CJ Langenfelder & Sons
IB0867 Basic Magnesia, Port St Joe FL
IB0868 Pacific Railcar, Finley WA
IB0869 Westroc Ind.
IB0870 Mid America Scrap
IB0871 Perini & Sons
IB0872 U.S. Plywood
IB0873 U.S. Railway Equipment Co, Washington IL
IB0874 Milwaukee Solvay Coke Co
IB0875 Erman Howell
IB0876 Intercontinental Steel, Houston
IB0877 Board of Public Utilities, Kansas City MO
IB0878 Etiwanda Steel Products Inc, Etiwanda CA
IB0879 Cooperative Farm Chemicals Association, Lawrence KS
IB0880 Donner-Hanna Coke Corp., Buffalo NY
IB0881 Brook Scanlon Lumber
IB0882 Humble Oil
IB0883 Tate & Lyle (formerly A.E. Staley Co.)
IB0884 Zacky Farms
IB0885 Mid Texas International
IB0886 Juliana Coal
IB0887 Harvesters Grain
IB0888 Kentucky-Ohio-Transfer
IB0889 Texas Industries Cement
IB0890 Newton Asphalt
IB0891 Rail System Inc.
IB0892 Emons Transportation
IB0893 Pine Flat Dam Constructors
IB0894 Pacific Terminal, Long Beach CA
IB0895 Stauffer Chemicals
IB0896 John Bradley (D)
IB0897 Southwest Railway Const. Co
IB0898 Willis Bros.
IB0899 Parker Bros.
IB0900 Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
IB0901 Northern Illinois Coal Company, Wilmington IL
IB0902 St. Joe Mineral
IB0903 Dundee Cement Co.
IB0904 RJ Reynolds
IB0905 Intra-Plant Switching Corp.
IB0906 Martindale Feed Mill
IB0907 Anbel Corp.
IB0908 Simpson Pasadena Paper
IB0909 Peck Iron & Metal
IB0910 Crosset Lumber
IB0911 Jewel Smokeless Coal Co
IB0912 Structural Metals
IB0913 Collins Pine Company
IB0914 Forestex, Forest Grove OR
IB0915 Valsetz Lumber
IB0916 DLX Inc
IB0917 Stimson Lumber
IB0918 Jeffboat Shipyards
IB0919 Delta Oil Mills
IB0919.1 Delta Oil Mills, Jonestown MS
IB0920 Monroe Sand & Gravel
IB0921 Scotia Coal
IB0922 Minnesota Power & Light
IB0923 Locomotive Specialty
IB0924 Robertson Terminals, Deer Park TX
IB0925 Guyon Pipe & Valve Co
IB0926 Duval Corp
IB0927 Todd-California Shipbuilding
IB0928 Oregon Shipbuilding
IB0929 U.S. Maritime Administration
IB0930 American Ship Dismantling
IB0931 NW Steel Rolling Mills
IB0932 Salmon Bay Steel
IB0933 Prescott Equip
IB0934 Safety Steel, Victoria TX
IB0935 Goodyear
IB0936 Boston Metals
IB0937 Sinclair Refining, Houston TX
IB0938 Proctor Steel
IB0939 International Terminal
IB0940 Kraft Foods
IB0941 New England Coal & Coke
IB0942 LaClede Steel
IB0943 Corbin Railway Service
IB0944 Quick Car Service
IB0945 Cornhusker Rail Car Service
IB0946 S.A. Healy Construction
IB0947 U.S. Asphalt
IB0948 Pittsburgh & Conneaut Dock
IB0949 Continental Forest Products, Ashland WI
IB0950 Electric Service
IB0951 New York Shipbuilding & Dry Dock
IB0952 Transisco Rail Service
IB0953 Central Iowa Railway
IB0954 Billings Grain Terminal
IB0955 Missouri Chemical Works
IB0956 Ladish Malting Co., Ladish ND
IB0957 Western Sugar
IB0958 Titan Railroad Services
IB0959 Champion International
IB0960 Oklahoma Grain
IB0961 Esso Agricultural Chemicals
IB0962 City of Minneapolis
IB0963 J-Star Consolidated Inc., Moline OH
IB0964 Tilcon Connecticut
IB0965 DeBardeleben Coal
IB0966 Newport Industries, Pensacola FL
IB0967 Centre Lime
IB0968 Black Hills Warehouse
IB0969 Southeast Grain
IB0970 T&K Evans Grain
IB0971 Mansbach Metal
IB0972 Kahuku Plantation, Keana HI
IB0973 Joliette Farmers Grain, Joliette ND
IB0974 United Foods
IB0975 Pikeville Coal
IB0976 Camp Ford Industrial Park
IB0977 Pierre Farmers Elevator Assn
IB0978 Caparo Steel
IB0979 Cedrite Technologies
IB0980 F&M Coal
IB0981 Quickway Crane & Shovel, St. Louis MO
IB0982 Layne & Meyers Grain
IB0983 Empire Reeves Steel
IB0984 Green River Steel
IB0985 Jewell Ridge Coal
IB0986 Montpelier Stone
IB0987 Alabama Asphaltic Limestone
IB0988 Southern Stone
IB0989 Hooker Chemical Co.
IB0990 Deitch Corporation
IB0991 Rauer Coal
IB0992 Tanoma Mines
IB0993 Conemaugh Generating Station
IB0994 Rust Engineering
IB0995 Suncook Valley
IB0996 Donahue/Clarement Paper
IB0997 Guy F. Atkinson
IB0998 St Joseph Lead Co., Herculaneum MS
IB0999 Zinc Corp of America
IB1000 Dequesne Light
IB1001 Dixie Agri Supply
IB1002 Johnson County Industrial Airport Administration
IB1003 M4 Holdings
IB1004 United Aggregates
IB1005 BM Weiss
IB1006 Houdaille Construction Materials
IB1007 Hydro Power, Bridgeton NJ
IB1008 Heartland Co-Op, Avon IA
IB1009 Texas Crushed Stone
IB1010 Reynolds Metals
IB1011 Atlantic Mining
IB1012 Lynchburg Foundry
IB1013 PLM Railcar Maintenance Corp.
IB1014 Longview Fibre, Longview WA
IB1015 Jesse Branch Coal
IB1016 Bebe Coal
IB1017 Benningham & Balor
IB1018 Branham & Baker
IB1019 State of WV
IB1020 Simplot Chemicals
IB1022 Rinker Materials Corp., Pennsuco FL
IB1023 Golden Oak Mining
IB1024 Massey Coal Terminal
IB1025 Atlas-Lederer
IB1026 Atlanta Electric Co.
IB1027 American Extruded Prod
IB1028 American Viscose Corp.
IB1029 Avtex Fibers
IB1030 Tarelton Construction
IB1031 Chicago Gravel Co.
IB1032 River King Mine No.6, Baldwin IL
IB1033 Grain Producers
IB1034 Mississippi Chemical Corp.
IB1035 Kraft Paper
IB1036 Southwest Lumber Mills
IB1037 Northern Rail Services
IB1038 Fuel & Iron Corp., Harriet NY
IB1039 K&L Feed Mill
IB1040 Mid States Grain Terminal
IB1041 Alpha Portland Cement Co., Alden NY
IB1042 Pennsylvania Electric
IB1043 Altoona Freight Car & Parts
IB1044 Dierks Forest Industries (--> WEYU)
IB1045 Trinity River Authority
IB1046 Manufactures Equipment
IB1047 Utah Power & Light, Martin UT
IB1048 Farmers Union Elevator
IB1049 Loram
IB1050 Basic Materials
IB1051 Tippins Machine Co
IB1052 EK Pletcher
IB1053 Industrial Service Co
IB1054 DeKalb Country Co-Op
IB1055 Board of Water & Light, Lansing MI
IB1056 Springfield Hospital
IB1057 Railroad Scrap, Hubbard OH
IB1058 Escambia Chemical Co.
IB1059 Scullin Steel Co.
IB1060 Boone Valley Co-Op (--> AGPX)
IB1061 Pielet Brothers (--> Midwest Metallics)
IB1062 St. Louis Grain
IB1063 Pittsburgh Metallurgical Co.
IB1064 Nipak Industries
IB1065 Almont Shipping, Wilmington NC
IB1066 Pacific Railroad Constructors
IB1067 Southern Illinois Electric
IB1068 Texas Gravel
IB1069 City of Baltimore
IB1070 Hanna Nickle Smelting
IB1071 Iron & Steel Products
IB1072 Pinto Island Metals
IB1073 Nassua Metals
IB1074 Donovan Lovering & Doyle Construction
IB1075 Hallock & Howard Lumber
IB1076 Portland Public Docks-Terminal
IB1077 White Trucking
IB1078 Truax-Traer Coal (4.1962 --> Consolidated Coal Co)
IB1079 Aberdeen Proving Grounds
IB1080 Miller Milling
IB1081 West End Iron Works
IB1082 Bunge Grain (--> CRGX)
IB1083 Holnam Inc.
IB1084 P.W. Duffy
IB1085 Proler Steel, Houston TX
IB1086 Equity Export, Houston TX
IB1087 Heckett Switching Services
IB1088 Syro Steel
IB1089 St Louis Public Service
IB1090 Burnside Bulk Terminal
IB1091 Inland Terminal
IB1092 Kentucky Lake Dock
IB1093 Reed Crushed Stone
IB1094 Badgett River Terminal
IB1095 Cedar Chemical Co.
IB1096 Farmer Rancher
IB1097 Oneida Coal
IB1098 River & Rail Inc.
IB1099 Pennzoil Sulphur
IB1100 Southern Aggregate Co.
IB1101 International Paper
IB1102 Long Bell Lumber
IB1103 Rochester Gas & Electric
IB1105 Pacolet Manufacturing Co.
IB1106 North Central Grain Co-op
IB1107 Missouri Farmers Association
IB1108 Atlas Railroad Contractors
IB1109 Indian Hills & Iron Range
IB1110 Graham Grain
IB1111 Monterey Coal Co., Carlinville IL
IB1112 Grande Ronde Lumber
IB1113 Stoddard Lumber
IB1114 General Crushed Stone
IB1115 Buzzi Unicem
IB1116 Clean Coal Terminals
IB1117 Westmoreland Coal
IB1118 Transportation Services, Marion AR
IB1119 Anchor Grain co., Colfax IL
IB1120 Eastern Gas & Fuel
IB1121 Prolerized New England
IB1122 Lyondell Corp.
IB1123 Kanawha Coal
IB1124 Jarrett Ranches
IB1125 Colorado Sweet Gold Llc, Johnstown CO
IB1126 U.S. Government
IB1127 Purdue University
IB1128 Northern Waterways
IB1129 Cargo Carriers
IB1130 Canton & Carthage
IB1131 John J Craig
IB1132 Waldo Bugbee
IB1133 SeaLand
IB1134 Glassport Terminal
IB1135 Crowell Long Leaf Lumber
IB1136 Garrison Spillway Constructors
IB1137 International Multifoods
IB1138 Canestale Contracting
IB1139 Callahan Construction
IB1140 Montana Resources, Butte MT
IB1141 Briggs & Turivas
IB1142 Bound Brook Curshed Stone
IB1143 New Jersey Quarry
IB1144 MariTrad
IB1145 National Lead Co., Phoenix NJ (--> NL Industries)
IB1146 Cambria Slope Prep Plant
IB1147 General Coal
IB1148 Kentucky May Coal Corp.
IB1149 Youghiogheny & Ohio Coal Co
IB1150 R C Stanhope
IB1151 Western Indiana Gravel, West Lafayette IN
IB1152 Cruman Equip Co
IB1153 Connecticut Co
IB1154 East Hartford Freight Co
IB1155 Kennebec Wharf & Coal
IB1156 Western Energy Co.
IB1157 Sharpsville Steel Fabricators
IB1158 Weston & Brooker Crushed Stone
IB1159 Celeanese
IB1160 Sprouse Creek Coal
IB1161 Spruce Creek Mining
IB1162 Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power
IB1163 Kansas & Missouri Elevator
IB1164 Jones Coal
IB1165 New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board
IB1166 International Warehouse Service
IB1167 Fair River Gravel, Belle Chasse LA
IB1168 Overseas Railways, Belle Chasse LA
IB1169 Equitable Equipment
IB1170 Chattanooga Coke & Chemical
IB1171 Southern Coke
IB1172 Erie Coke
IB1173 New Orleans Public Bulk Terminal
IB1174 Avondale Shipyards
IB1175 American Minerals
IB1176 Pacific Car & Foundry
IB1177 Unarco Transportation Equipment, Omaha NE
IB1178 Rosedale Coal Co, Maidsville WV
IB1179 Kentucky Criterion Coal
IB1180 Maben Energy
IB1181 South Point Ethanol
IB1182 Anderson Windows
IB1183 Despatch Shops
IB1184 Koppel Steel
IB1185 Huston Shipbuilding Corp
IB1186 Noranda Mines
IB1187 Allen Wood Steel Corp.
IB1188 Magor Car Co
IB1189 Fruehauf Rail Car
IB1190 Berwind-White Coal Mining
IB1191 Drummond Co (ex Alabama Byproducts)
IB1192 Berwick Forge & Fabrication
IB1193 Gulf Pulp & Paper
IB1194 Dominion Terminal Associates, Newport News VA
IB1195 Kermit Coal
IB1196 Wolf Creek Collieries
IB1197 Masonite Corp
IB1198 Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical
IB1199 Peter Kiewit & Sons
IB1200 MA Patout & Sons
IB1201 Friend Sand & Gravel, Petersburg VA
IB1202 Niagra Mohawk Power
IB1203 Sheyenne Valley Grain Co-op
IB1204 Koppel Grain
IB1205 New York Dock Railway
IB1206 Siskin Steel & Supply
IB1207 Cytec Industries
IB1208 Agmark Intermodal Systems
IB1209 Sidney Warehousing & Terminal
IB1210 Bandas Industries
IB1211 American Coal Terminals
IB1212 Texas International Terminals
IB1213 Spencer Industries
IB1214 Eveready Battery
IB1215 MacMillan Bloedel
IB1217 Hennisingen Cold Storage, North Richland WA
IB1219 Atlantic Gulf Stevedores
IB1220 Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry
IB1220.1 Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry - Provo UT
IB1221 Montgomery Maintenance & Heavy Equipment
IB1222 Metal & Thermite Co
IB1223 Ohio Lime
IB1224 Standard Grain
IB1225 Columbia Steel & Shafting
IB1226 Dexter Sulphite Pulp
IB1227 Saint John Drydock
IB1228 Southern Cement
IB1229 Woodhouse Terminal
IB1230 Railroad Maintenance & Construction
IB1231 FMC Naval Systems
IB1232 Hackett Engineering
IB1233 Georgetown Steel
IB1234 McGraw Construction
IB1235 United Auto Disposal
IB1236 United Metal Recyclers
IB1237 Defense Supply Agency
IB1238 Bailessey Construction
IB1239 CCF
IB1240 Great Lakes Pulp & Paper
IB1241 Zalev Brothers
IB1242 Fort Worth Sand & Gravel
IB1243 WA Smith
IB1244 U.S. Nuclear Rocket Development Center, Jaskass Flats NV
IB1245 Nelson Aggregates
IB1246 Elders Grain
IB1247 Monolith Portland Cement
IB1248 BF Shaw
IB1249 Sanderson & Porter Construction
IB1250 Virginia-Carolina Chemical
IB1251 Duquesne Slag
IB1252 Greenville Steel Car Co., Greenville PA
IB1253 Etna & Montrose
IB1254 Mississippi River Sand & Material
IB1255 Amherst Industries
IB1256 South Coast Corp
IB1257 Marrow Steel
IB1258 Wyoming Rail Car Co., Evanston WY
IB1259 United Cement
IB1260 Vigoro Industries
IB1261 Morrell & Co
IB1262 Iowa Public Service Co
IB1263 Philadelphia Coke
IB1264 McGraw-Edison
IB1265 Holt Hauling & Warehousing
IB1266 Bell Asbestos
IB1267 U.S. Railway Manufacturing
IB1268 MCP Corp
IB1269 Dura-Bond Protective Coatings, Export PA
IB1270 Saginaw Dock & Terminal
IB1271 Bird International
IB1272 Schnitzer Steel Products
IB1273 Cook Industries
IB1274 Memphis Terminal
IB1275 Hemlock Farmers Co-op
IB1276 Jeddo Highland Coal Co
IB1277 Steel Corp. of West Virginia
IB1278 Pennsylvania Glass Sand
IB1279 Bellefield Boiler Plant
IB1280 Portland Dock Yard
IB1281 Fought & Co Inc
IB1282 Atlas Steel
IB1283 Steel Style Shipyard
IB1284 Equip Corp of America
IB1285 Long Island Lighting
IB1286 Terra Chemical
IB1287 Port of Seattle
IB1288 Houston Truck & Equipment
IB1289 Milton Mfg Co., Milton PA
IB1290 EW Bliss
IB1291 Midwest Grain Co
IB1292 Port of Grays Harbor
IB1293 Rail Car Nebraska
IB1294 Metal Processing Corp.
IB1295 Kaiser Southern Nitrogen
IB1296 Howat Concrete
IB1297 Kingsport Iron & Metal
IB1298 Barracksville Mine, Barracksville WV
IB1299 Ag Products, St. Joseph MO
IB1300 Kentucky Carbon
IB1301 Port of Montana, Silver Bow MT
IB1302 Texas Railway Car Corp.
IB1303 Westmac
IB1304 San Miguel Electric Co-Op, Cambello TX
IB1305 Christopher Coal Co
IB1306 Pittsburg Coal Co.
IB1307 CannCoal
IB1308 Elkhorn Coal Co., Wayland KY
IB1309 HC Frick Coke Co.
IB1309.1 HC Frick Coke Co., New Salem PA
IB1309.2 HC Frick Coke Co., Bute PA
IB1309.3 HC Frick Coke Co., Philadelphia PA
IB1309.4 HC Frick Coke Co., Muse PA
IB1309.5 HC Frick Coke Co., Sygan PA
IB1309.6 HC Frick Coke Co., Leckrone PA
IB1310 National Tube
IB1311 Wilputte Coke Oven
IB1312 TataIron
IB1313 Allegheny Ludlum Steel
IB1314 Buffalo Slag Co., Buffalo NY
IB1315 Cambria Slag Co.
IB1316 Central Iron & Steel
IB1317 Cincinnati Milling Machine Co., Cincinnati OH
IB1318 Columbia Southern Chemical
IB1319 Eagle Coal Co., Butler PA
IB1320 Harmar Coal
IB1321 Mathias Coal Co., Library PA
IB1322 Mountaineer Coal Co.
IB1323 PBG Limestone
IB1324 GenPortCmnt
IB1325 Stolt Creek Coal, Chicago IL
IB1326 Ethyl Oil Corporation, Baton Rouge LA
IB1327 Lehigh Structural Steel
IB1328 Glen Alden Coal Co.
IB1329 V-Day Coal Co, Danville IL
IB1330 Walter Bledsoe & Co, West Terre Haute IN
IB1331 est Fork Colleries Co., Shinnston WV
IB1332 Western Grain and Feed, Fresno CA
IB1333 Crucible Steel Co of America
IB1334 North American Coal
IB1335 Interlake Iron
IB1336 Kentucky Power
IB1337 PorNewOrl
IB1338 UniCarCan
IB1339 Fordyce Lumber, Fordyce AR
IB1340 Wisconsin Sand & Gravel
IB1341 Remington Arms Co.
IB1342 National Supply Company
IB1342.1 National Supply Co., Ambridge PA
IB1342.2 National Supply Co., Torrance CA
IB1343 Southern Electric Generating Co, Wilsonville AL
IB1344 Carbon Fuel
IB1345 Crozer Coal & Land Co., Lynco WV
IB1346 Guyan Eagle Coal Co., Ambersdale WV
IB1347 Jamison Coal & Coke Co
IB1348 Nassau Coal Co., Black Wolf WV
IB1349 West Virginia Coal and Coke
IB1350 Hanna Coal Co
IB1351 Baker Wood Preserving Co., Marion OH
IB1352 Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Roseton NY
IB1353 Pineland Timber
IB1354 Harrisburg Steel Co., Harrisburg PA
IB1355 Hartford Electric Light Co.
IB1356 Merry Brothers Brick & Tile, Augusta GA
IB1357 Raymond City Coal
IB1358 Crestland Co-Op, Creston IA
IB1359 Mossgrove Mining Co., Kittanning PA
IB1360 Cascade Timber Company
IB1361 American Creosote Works
IB1362 American Radiator & Standard Corp., Buffalo NY
IB1363 Koenig Coal Co.
IB1364 Edgewater Steel, Verona PA
IB1365 Mathieson Chemical Corp
IB1366 Southwest Steel
IB1367 Baltimore Gas and Electric
IB1368 Ohio Edison Co.
IB1369 Phoenix Iron & Steel, Harrisburg PA
IB1370 Western Electric Co
IB1371 Genesee Leroy Stone Corp., Leroy NY
IB1372 General Electric - Nucleonics Project
IB1373 Leslie Salt Co., Newark CA
IB1374 Interstate Terminal Warehouse, Chicago IL
IB1375 Pennsylvania Ordinance Works, Allenwood PA
IB1376 Savanna Ordnance Depot, Savanna IL
IB1377 Southwestern Stone
IB1378 Tennessee Products & Chemical, Rockwood TN
IB1379 Gilliam Coal & Coke Co, Crumpler WV
IB1380 Pickands Mather Co.
IB1381 United Pocahontas Coal Co, Crumpler WV
IB1382 Lordstown Ordnance, Lordstown OH
IB1383 Municipal Dock & Terminal, Jacksonville MD
IB1384 Pfizer Chemical Co, Grotin CT
IB1385 Naval Ammunition Depot, Charleston SC
IB1386 Diamond Shamrock Coal
IB1386.1 Diamond Shamrock Coal, Deer Park TX
IB1387 Purdy Co.
IB1388 Cornhusker Ordnance Plant, Ovina NE
IB1389 Kankakee Ordnance Works, Kankakee IL
IB1390 Hannibal Connecting
IB1391 BrunnerMondCorp
IB1392 Bird Coal
IB1393 Blue Valley Coal
IB1394 Climax Molybdenum Co, Climax CO
IB1395 Crucible Fuel
IB1396 Duquesne Light Co.
IB1397 Emerald Coal & Coke Co, Clarksville PA
IB1398 Farland Fuel Co.
IB1399 Gay Mining Co, Timbar WV
IB1400 Kovalchick Salvage Co., Burham PA
IB1401 Grand Rapids Plaster, Grand Rapids MI
IB1402 Hanna Iron Ore Co., Iron River MI
IB1403 Keystone Coke
IB1404 Independence Coal & Coke Co., Kenilworth UT
IB1405 Sikeston Power, Sikeston MO
IB1406 KentElkCoal
IB1407 Mountain Fuel, Flemington WV
IB1408 National Mining
IB1408.1 National Mining, Sygan PA
IB1409 New River & Pocahontas Consolidated Coal Co, Dunlap NY
IB1410 Pittsburgh Limestone Corp.
IB1411 Pocahontas Fuel Co
IB1412 Preston County Coke Co, Cascade WV
IB1413 Scotia Coal & Coke Co, Oak Hill WV
IB1414 Slab Fork Coal, Slab Fork WV
IB1415 Southern Harlan Coal Co., Rue KY
IB1416 Springfield Coal Co.
IB1417 StithCoal, Leespeer AL
IB1418 Stonega Coal & Coke Co., Glenbrook KY
IB1419 Rock & Rail
IB1420 U.S. Coal & Coke Co
IB1421 Walsh Construction Co., Toledo OH
IB1422 National Locomotive, Waterloo IA
IB1423 Suriname
IB1424 AR Davis Sand & Gravel
IB1425 Anniston Army Depot, Anniston AL
IB1426 Berman Bros, Birmingham AL
IB1427 TR Miller Mill Co, Brewton AL
IB1428 LaRoche Industries (ex US Steel - Agri-Chemical)
IB1429 Mississippi Lime Co.
IB1430 Gulf States Paper Corp, Holt AL
IB1431 Koppers Chemical, Montgomery AL
IB1432 Meade Containerboard Co, Stevenson AL
IB1433 General Electric Apparatus Repair Shop, Chamblee GA
IB1434 Degussa Inc, Theodore AL
IB1435 Tyson Foods
IB1436 Batesville White Lime, Batesville AR
IB1437 Jersey Shore Steel, Avis PA
IB1438 Ralston Purina, Flagstaff AZ
IB1439 Bethlehem Shipyard Inc
IB1440 Judson Steel, Emeryville CA
IB1441 Stone & Webster Engineering
IB1442 McNary Dam Construction
IB1443 Ameron Pipe, Hayward CA
IB1444 Oliver Brothers Salt, Hayward CA
IB1445 Garfield Co
IB1446 California Clay Co
IB1447 Northern Redwood Lumber Co, Kobbell CA
IB1448 U.S. Vanadium Corp, Laws CA
IB1449 Richmond Shipbuilding Corp.
IB1450 Cates Equipment
IB1451 J L Immel Co, Richmond CA
IB1452 M Lummis Co, Richmond CA
IB1453 Rockfield
IB1454 Grant Rock
IB1455 Alabama Drydock
IB1456 Calveras Cement, San Andreas CA
IB1457 Bay Area Rapid Transit, San Pable CA
IB1458 Action Tank Co, Stockton CA
IB1459 McCormick & Baxter Creosoting Co
IB1460 Harvey Aluminum, Torrance CA
IB1461 Ozark Mahoning Mining, Cuadrey CO
IB1462 Theo. Hamm Brewing Co.
IB1463 General Iron Works, Denver CO
IB1464 Resurrection Mining Co, Leadville CO
IB1465 Tunnel Construction Co, Loveland CO
IB1466 Dragon Cement
IB1467 Rocky Mountain Cement
IB1468 Dewey Cement
IB1469 Stanley Tool Works, Bridgeport CT
IB1470 Stanley Inc., New Britain CT
IB1471 Connecticut Light & Power
IB1472 Phoenix Steel Corp, Claymont DE
IB1473 Naval Mine Depot, Yorktown VA
IB1474 Delmarva Power & Light, Delmarva, DE
IB1475 Eppinger & Russell
IB1476 Borden Chemical
IB1477 Smith-Douglas Phosphates, Coronet FL
IB1478 Gardiner Chemical, East Tampa FL
IB1479 C G Willis Co, Jacksonville FL
IB1480 Jackson County Grain Terminal
IB1481 Edwards
IB1482 Hillyer Deutsch Edwards
IB1483 Fielddale Farms Feed Mill, Baldwin GA
IB1484 Jerita
IB1485 Worthington Pump Machinery Corp.
IB1486 Atlantic Creosoting
IB1487 DE Ordnance Plant
IB1488 Farmers Grain Dealers Association, Avon IA
IB1489 Kingsbury Ordinance Plant
IB1490 Worcester County
IB1491 Massachusetts Electric
IB1492 Alter Inc.
IB1493 Farmers Co-Op Association
IB1494 Bayside Elavator
IB1495 Northwestern States Portland Cement
IB1496 Langren Grain Co, Onawa IA
IB1497 Koehring Co, Waverly IA
IB1498 U.S. Rubber Co.
IB1499 Raritan Arsenal
IB1500 Washington Construction Co, Soda Springs ID
IB1501 Morrell Meats
IB1502 A. M. Byers Co.
IB1503 Federal Enamel Stamping Co, Chicago IL
IB1504 Thrall Car Manufacturing Co, Chicago IL
IB1505 Verson All-Steel Press Co, Chicago IL
IB1506 Umatilla Ordnance Depot
IB1507 McGrath Sand & Gravel, Chillicothe IL
IB1508 Concrete Materials
IB1509 Cora Dock & Terminal, Cora IL
IB1510 Consumers Co.
IB1511 Crystal Lake IL
IB1512 U.S. Department of Interior
IB1513 American Cement
IB1514 Linde Air
IB1515 Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co.
IB1516 Kankakee Electric Steel Works
IB1517 Illinois Grain Co, Paxton IL
IB1518 ACS, Riverdale IL
IB1519 Early & Daniels, Sheldon IL
IB1520 Central Illinois Light Co.
IB1521 Burns Harbor
IB1522 Iroquois Terminal
IB1523 Columbia Cellulose
IB1524 Kingan
IB1525 Indiana & Michigan Electric Co, Mishawaka IN
IB1526 Kickapoo Sand & Gravel C, Peru IN
IB1527 Atlas Cement
IB1528 Conners Steel
IB1529 Glover Corp., Corbin KY
IB1530 Blackhawk Mining
IB1531 Primary Energy
IB1532 Bull Creek Mining, Lancer KY
IB1533 Riverway Inc., Louisville KY
IB1534 Elwood Ordnance Plant
IB1535 Volunteer Ordnance Works
IB1536 Solvay Process, Baton Rouge LA
IB1537 Texas A&M
IB1538 Triad Chemical Co., Donaldsonville LA
IB1539 Celotex Corp.
IB1540 Tremont Lumber
IB1541 Coastal Sand & Gravel, Lacombe LA
IB1542 Judice Armature, New Orleans LA
IB1543 Port of New Orleans Public Grain Elevator
IB1544 Louisiana Arsenal, Shreveport LA
IB1545 Riverwood International
IB1546 Woodward Walker Lumber, Taylor LA
IB1547 Edward Levy Metals, Westwego LA
IB1548 Gilbert & Barker Mfg Co., Springfield MA
IB1549 Watertown Arsenal, Watertown MA
IB1550 Edgewood Arsenal, Edgewood MD
IB1551 Maryland Rail Car, Elk Mill MD
IB1552 Uvalde Rock Asphalt
IB1553 North Carolina Shipbuilding
IB1554 Delta Chemicals, Kidders ME
IB1555 Dragon Products
IB1556 Wallace Stone Co., Bay Port MI
IB1557 Boke Trading
IB1558 Evans Products
IB1559 Keywell Corp., Detroit MI
IB1560 Louis Pandos Iron & Metal, Holland MI
IB1561 Ishpeming Steel Co.
IB1562 Negaunee Mine Co., Ishpeming MI
IB1563 Summit Steel, Lansing MI
IB1564 Manistique Pulp & Paper, Manistique MI
IB1565 American Bean & Grain, Sunfield MI
IB1566 Penn Mining Co., Vulcan MI
IB1567 White Pine Copper Co., White Pine MI
IB1568 Northern Pump Co., Minneapolis MN
IB1569 USS Argi Chem, Crystal City MO
IB1570 City Utilities of Springfield MO
IB1571 Hanson Material Service
IB1572 Weldon Springs Ordnanace Works
IB1573 Naval Ammunition Depot, Fallbrook CA
IB1574 Metro Track
IB1575 Sunflower Ordnance Works
IB1576 Jenkins Bros.
IB1577 Fiber Industries
IB1578 Mechanical Piping
IB1579 Horton Iron & Metal, Wilmington NC
IB1580 National Sun Industries, Enderlin ND
IB1581 U.S. Metals & Refining, Careret NJ
IB1582 Mississippi Test Site
IB1583 Kerr Glass, Millville NJ (--> National Glass)
IB1584 National Glass, Millville NJ (--> Foster Forbes)
IB1585 Foster Forbes Glass, Millville NJ
IB1586 Jersey Central Power & Light, Phillipsburg NJ
IB1587 NL Industries, Phoenix NJ
IB1588 Public Service Electric & Gas
IB1589 South Jersey Port Corp., South Camden NJ
IB1590 Kansas City Board of Public Utilities
IB1591 Fibreboard Products, Sparks NV
IB1592 Trans-Northern Inc., Algoma WI
IB1593 International Milling, Buffalo NY
IB1594 Standard Milling Co., Buffalo NY
IB1595 Fort Orange Paper Co., Castleton-on-Hudson NY
IB1596 Wickwire Brothers Inc., Cortland NY
IB1597 Allied Chemical & Dye Corp.
IB1598 Independent Cement, Hudson NY
IB1599 Dresser Industries, Olean NY
IB1600 Atlantic Cement Co., Port Ivory NY
IB1601 Briggs Manufacturing Co
IB1602 Revenna Ordnance Plant, Akron OH
IB1603 Iroquis Gas
IB1604 BF Goodrich Chemical, Avon Lake OH
IB1605 Fredrick Steel Co., Cathrage OH
IB1606 Federal Steel & Wire, Cleveland OH
IB1607 Ralston Steel, Columbus OH
IB1608 National Cash Register, Dayton OH
IB1609 Scioto Ordinance Plant, Marion OH
IB1610 Magnolia Petroleum, Beaumont TX
IB1611 Cravatt Coal Co.
IB1612 Sturm & Dillard Co., Siding OH
IB1613 Steetley Resources Co, Woodville OH
IB1614 McDonald Steel Corp., Youngstown OH
IB1615 Dolese Brothers Co., Richards Spur OK
IB1616 Gregory Timber Co., Glendale OR
IB1617 Smurfit Newsprint, Newburg OR (--> SP Newsprint)
IB1618 CK Spaulding Pulp & Paper, Newburg OR
IB1619 Newburg Paper, Newburg OR
IB1620 Publishers Paper, Newburg OR
IB1621 Inter City Materials
IB1622 Oregon-Washington Plywood
IB1623 Carmeuse Lime & Stone, Inc.
IB1624 Panther Valley Coal, Landsford PA
IB1625 Teledyne Columbia Summerhill, Carnegie PA
IB1626 Centralia Mining Co, Centralia PA
IB1627 Bostonia Tipple
IB1628 Pittsburgh Plate Glass (--> PPG Industries)
IB1629 Garrett Railroad Car Parts, Darlington PA
IB1630 South Union Coal Co., Greensburg PA
IB1631 Morrisville Scrap Metals, Morrisville PA
IB1632 Vulcan Detinning, Neville PA
IB1633 NJ Sales, Palmer PA
IB1634 Northern Metals Co., Philadelphia PA
IB1635 Philadelphia Gas Works Co., Philadelphia PA
IB1636 U.S. Navy Yard
IB1637 Phoenix-Apollo Steel Co., Phoenix PA
IB1638 Damien Heintz, Pittsburgh PA
IB1639 Quality Coal Co., Sayre PA
IB1640 Vesta Coal Co., Vestaburg PA
IB1641 South Dakota Wheat Growers
IB1641.1 South Dakota Wheat Growers, Wolsey SD
IB1642 Bombardier, Barre VT
IB1643 Winnsboro Granite Co
IB1644 Central Electric Power Corp., Conway SC
IB1645 Lavion
IB1646 Carolina Giant Cement, Harleyville SC
IB1647 JM Huber Co., Jackson SC
IB1648 Courteney Mills, Newry SC
IB1649 Hamburg Industries, North Augusta SC
IB1650 Hoechst Celanese Corp., Rock Hill SC
IB1651 Montague Steel Co., Sumpter SC
IB1652 Palmetto Brick Co., Sumpter SC
IB1653 Todco, Alcoa TN
IB1654 Southern Iron & Equipment, Ashland City TN
IB1655 Beech Grove Processing, Beech Grove TN
IB1656 Velsicol Chemical, Chattanooga TN
IB1657 Cities Service Co., Copperhill TN
IB1658 WT Bush Brick, Nashville TN
IB1659 U.S. Engineers Department
IB1660 Thorstenberg Materials Co., Altair TX
IB1661 Carborundum Co
IB1662 Day & Zimmerman
IB1663 Hunkin-Conkey Construction
IB1664 FredSnareCoro
IB1665 Bethlehem Limestone
IB1666 Howe Sound, Holden WA
IB1666.1 Howe Sound, Chelan WA
IB1667 Virginia Electric Power
IB1668 SchenTurbDiv, Schenectady NY
IB1669 Iowa Ordnance Plant
IB1670 ArmyAirBase, Orlando FL
IB1671 DelOrdDep, Pedricktown NJ
IB1672 KyOrdWrks, Kevil KY
IB1673 Lone Star Defense Corp, Hooks TX
IB1674 ColGenStl
IB1675 FranSugar
IB1676 Warner Co.
IB1677 LaSalleCokeWrks
IB1678 Tank Lining & Rail Car Repair, Fort Worth TX
IB1679 Bauer Dredging, Port Lavaca TX
IB1680 Houston Compressed Steel
IB1681 Bauer Barge Co., Houston TX
IB1682 Southern Pacific Tie Plant, Houston TX
IB1683 Texas Utilities Co-Op, Jasper TX
IB1684 Longhorn Ordinance Works, Karnack TX
IB1685 Mississippi Delta Equipment, Knoxville TX
IB1686 R.G. LeTourneau Co.
IB1687 Franklin Lime Co., Nolanville TX
IB1688 El Paso Products Co., Odessa TX
IB1689 Harvest Queen Elevator, Plainview TX
IB1690 The Texas Co., Port Arthur TX
IB1691 Quality Service Railcar Repair, Ranger TX
IB1692 Anderson Clayton Foods, Sherman TX
IB1693 Union Oil Co., Smiths Bluff TX
IB1694 Safety Railway Service, Victoria TX (SRSV)
IB1695 Lion Coal Corp., Wattis UT
IB1696 Olavarrie & Co
IB1697 United Coal Co., Big Rock VA
IB1698 Blue Ridge Talc Co., Henry VA
IB1699 Rangaire Corp
IB1700 Clover Power Station, Clover VA
IB1701 USAR Quartermasters Corp
IB1702 Mason Lumber
IB1703 Buncher Rail Car Service, Lynchburg VA
IB1704 Roane Electric Steel, Rockwood TN
IB1705 Pier IX Coal Terminal Co
IB1706 Norfolk Steel, Norfolk VA
IB1707 Atlantic Wood Industries
IB1708 Richmond Marine Terminal, Richmond VA
IB1709 Illinois-Wisconsin Sand & Gravel
IB1710 Conserv Phosphates
IB1711 Norris Co
IB1712 Curtis Marine Supply
IB1713 Electro-Metallurgical
IB1714 Trego Stone Co., Skippers VA
IB1715 Lamson Equipment Co., Kennewick WA
IB1716 General Metals, Tacoma WA
IB1717 Hines
IB1718 Crane Manufacturing & Service Corp, Cudahy WI
IB1719 George J Meyer Manufacturing Co., Cudahy WI
IB1720 Busch Agriculutral Resources Inc., Manitowoc WI
IB1721 Bucyrus Erie Co.
IB1722 Milwaukee Metropolotan Sewerage District, Milwaukee WI
IB1723 Wisconsin Public Service, Milwaukee WI
IB1724 Mosinee Paper Mills, Wausau WI
IB1725 Spring Ridge Coal, Boldair WV
IB1726 Anus Mining Co., Fayette WV
IB1727 Cedar Coal Co., Orgas WV
IB1728 Island Coal, Pine Creek WV
IB1729 Beckley Lick Run Coal, Ricard WV
IB1730 Mae West Prep Plant, Uneeda WV
IB1731 Rawhide Tipple Co., Volga WV
IB1732 Western Railroad Builders, Casper WY
IB1733 Casper Iron & Steel, Casper WY
IB1734 Exxon Oil, Casper WY
IB1735 Pacific Power & Light
IB1736 Union Pacific Coal Co.
IB1737 Irving F Genson
IB1738 Commercial Distribution Center, Independence MO
IB1739 Power Fluid & Metals
IB1740 Ingles Stone Co.
IB1741 Bunker Hill Mine
IB1742 Victory Salvage
IB1743 Pittsburg-Des Moines Steel Co.
IB1744 Hughes Tool Co.
IB1745 Boeing Aircraft
IB1746 Ortner Freight Car
IB1747 Norton Co.
IB1748 Export & Importing
IB1749 General Steel Castings
IB1750 Hagerstown & Frederick (IB oder RR ????)
IB1751 Potomic Edison
IB1752 Superior Steel Co.
IB1753 Monongahela Iron & Metal
IB1754 Butler Bros.
IB1755 Worth Steel Co.
IB1756 Vanadium Corp.
IB1757 Industrial Electric Co.
IB1758 Tonawanda Iron Co.
IB1759 Ralph Baggley Jr.
IB1760 City of St. Louis
IB1761 Cincinnati Gas & Electric
IB1762 Deuth & Sons
IB1763 Blake Bros.
IB1764 Stephens-Jackson Co.
IB1765 North Bangor Slate Co.
IB1766 Spanish Creek Lumber Co.
IB1767 United Commercial Co.
IB1768 Cleveland Frog & Crossing
IB1769 Pettibone Ohio Inc.
IB1770 Sherwin-Williams Co.
IB1771 Coleman Disposal Co.
IB1772 T.J. Forschner Construction Co.
IB1773 L.E. Meyer Construction Co.
IB1774 Hoerner-Waldorf Paper Products
IB1775 Schuykill Metals Corp.
IB1776 Hyman-Michaels
IB1777 Franco Railroad Construction
IB1778 Atlas Mine & Mill Supply
IB1779 Pacific Fur & Hide Co.
IB1780 R.R. Allen
IB1781 Cape Fear Car Service
IB1782 Triump Explosives
IB1783 Black Hills Power & Light
IB1784 Southern Precision
IB1785 Menominee Enterprises
IB1786 Ravenna Ordnance Depot
IB1787 Nebraska Defense Corp.
IB1788 Southern Illinois Power Co-Op
IB1789 Cameo Plastics
IB1790 Spang Ghalfant Steel Co.
IB1791 City of New York
IB1792 Moorehead Electric
IB1793 Southwest Forest Industries
IB1794 U.S. Navy Yard Brooklyn
IB1795 Hempt Bros. Sand & Gravel
IB1796 Fellsmere Sugar
IB1797 Port Townsend Railroad
IB1798 Southeastern Shipbuilding
IB1799 Hingman Industrial Center
IB1800 SME Limestone
IB1801 Sumner County Grain
IB1802 Hudson Iron & Metal
IB1803 Illinois Coal Corp.
IB1804 Chicago Fly Ash Co.
IB1805 Railway & Industrial Services
IB1806 Buchans Mining Co.
IB1807 Orlando Coals
IB1808 Procor Sulphur
IB1809 Tamco
IB1810 Santa Fe Tie & Lumber Preserving (1950 --> ATSF)
IB1811 Toyo Ameron Mitsui Steel, Etiwanda CA
IB1812 Willamette Industries
IB1813 Lakeshore Energy
IB1814 B.P. Oil
IB1815 Attebury Grain
IB1816 Quad Cities Rocket
IB1817 Uniserv, Petroleum OH
IB1818 Maywood Coop Association, North Platte NE
IB1819 Cohen Brothers , Rockport IN
IB1820 Solutia Inc.
IB1821 Spartan Steel Coatings, Monroe MI
IB1822 Ortonville Stone
IB1823 Cherokee Rail Systems, Brentwood TN
IB1824 Marcus Corp., Denver CO
IB1825 Simmons Foods
IB1826 North American Fly Ash, Pegs NM
IB1827 Frascatti Shops Inc., Mobile AL
IB1828 Vista Chemicals
IB1829 West Bend Elevator Co., Algona IA
IB1830 Ed Futch of Savannah
IB1831 Stirrat Coal, Stirrat WV
IB1832 Asphalt Materials
IB1833 3M Corp.
IB1834 Midwest Farmers Coop, Alton IA
IB1835 Caddo/Bossier Port, Shreveport LA
IB1836 John A. Roebling's Sons
IB1837 Phillips West Coal
IB1838 Willchemco
IB1839 ABC Coke
IB1840 Bates & Rogers Construction
IB1841 Alstom Canada - Hornell NY
IB1842 Wilson-Cramer Locomotive Co.
IB1843 Scranton Equity Grain, Scranton ND
IB1844 Packaging Corp. of America
IB1845 Western Rail Dismantlers
IB1846 Pro Rail
IB1847 Allen Grain
IB1848 New Ridge Mining
IB1849 Sidney Coal
IB1850 Standbridge Color, Social Circle GA
IB1851 Thompson Service, Nashville TN
IB1852 Clara City Farmer's Elevator, Clara City MN
IB1853 Dyno Nobels, Louisiana MO
IB1854 AgRail LLC, Bloomington IL
IB1855 Thomas Carver Rail Leasing
IB1856 Port of Indiana
IB1857 Hanson Aggregates
IB1858 Westvaco, Wickliffe KY
IB1859 Mon Valley Works
IB1860 Chino Mines
IB1861 Celanese Corp.
IB1862 Arch of Kentucky Coal
IB1863 Trinity Rail Service, Mile City MT
IB1864 C.F. Industries
IB1864.1 C.F. Industries - Mapleton IL
IB1865 Deer Park Rail Services
IB1866 West Central Co-Op, Jefferson IA
IB1867 Wind River Grain
IB1868 State Line Co-Op, Burt IA
IB1869 Circle Four Farms, Milford UT
IB1870 El Paso Iron & Metal
IB1871 Farmers Elevator Co. Alvarado (FECA)
IB1872 IC Rail Marine [IC]
IB1873 Laser Materials Services, Lordstown OH
IB1874 Pennsylvania Transformer Technology
IB1875 Wallace Co. CO-OP, Sharon Springs KS
IB1876 Chesapeake Auto Terminal, Chesapeake VA
IB1877 Gopher State Scrap & Metal, Mankato MN
IB1878 Ag Partners - Alta IA
IB1879 Tillamook County Naval Airport Commission
IB1880 Morris Stone Division/Morris Leasing
IB1881 Milano Metals, Mt. Vernon IL
IB1882 Eastern Farmers Co-Op, Jasper MN
IB1882.1 Eastern Farmers Co-Op, Corson SD
IB1883 Riverwood Paper, West Monroe LA
IB1884 Dakota Plains Ag Center
IB1885 ISG Resources
IB1886 Dodd Quarries
IB1887 Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co
IB1888 I M Svc Corp
IB1889 Checker Motor Corp., Kalamazoo
IB1890 Erman Corp., Kansas City KS
IB1891 Indiana Univ.
IB1892 Mountain Cement
IB1893 Prairie Land
IB1894 Wright Coop Association, Wright KS
IB1895 Dodge City Co-Op, Ensign KS
IB1896 La Porte County Farm Bureau Co-Op, Malden IN
IB1897 Indiana Grain Co-Op
IB1898 Lattimore Materials
IB1898.1 Lattimore Materials, Strington OK
IB1898.2 Lattimore Materials, Royse City TX
IB1898.3 Lattimore Materials, Plano TX
IB1899 Chattanooga Rail Car, Lordstown OH
IB1900 Geon Plastics, Carson CA
IB1901 Kalama Export, Kalama WA
IB1902 Hoffmann Transportation
IB1903 Michigan Alkali Co.
IB1904 Columbia Falls Aluminum, Columbia Falls MT
IB1905 Doe Run Co., Glover MO
IB1906 Great Western Dock & Terminal
IB1907 Ophir Mining & Minerals
IB1908 Alliance Grain, Gibson City IL
IB1909 Kentlant Elevator
IB1910 New Boston Rail Services
IB1911 Penny Newman Grain, Guernsey CA
IB1912 Plantation Foods
IB1913 Smith-Miller Construction
IB1914 National Mines
IB1914.1 National Mines, Beartown WV
IB1914.2 National Mines, Vail KY
IB1915 AvonColl
IB1916 DavConCoalCoke, Pt Marion PA
IB1917 NewportMine, Ironwood MI
IB1918 VeronaMining, Caspian MI
IB1919 Auglaize Farms
IB1920 Blanchard Valley Grain Farmners
IB1921 Curtis Bay Co.
IB1922 Dixon Marquette Cement
IB1923 Shepard Grain
IB1924 Hochstetlers Grain
IB1925 Coast Rail Services, Anaheim CA
IB1926 Williams Alaska Petroleum, Anchorage AK
IB1927 Continental Grain & Barge
IB1928 Stringtown Materials, Stringtown OK
IB1929 Southwest Grain, Lemmon SD
IB1930 Penn-Ohio Logostics of McDonald OH
IB1931 Turner Locomotive & Components (D), Des Moines IA
IB1932 Railco, Portland OR
IB1933 Atlanta Rail Car
IB1934 Fasco Mills, Seward IL
IB1935 IFE Leasing, Saugus CA
IB1936 Seaboard Allied Milling, Minot ND
IB1937 AIMCOR Marine Terminal, Galveston
IB1938 W.B. Johnston Grain, Enid OK
IB1939 Swanson Milling, Hughson CA
IB1940 H&N International Terminal, Marion AR
IB1941 Southern Ohio Coal
IB1941.1 Southern Ohio Coal - Martinka Mine Colfax VA
IB1942 Martinka Mine, Colfax VA
IB1943 Champaign Landmark Inc., Mechanicsburg OH
IB1944 Northern Plains Cooperative, Shelby SD
IB1945 EKA Chemical, Columbus MS
IB1946 GST Steel, Kansas City
IB1947 Galamet Auto Shredders, Kansas City
IB1948 United Farmers Cooperative
IB1948.1 United Farmers Cooperative - Tamora NE
IB1948.2 United Farmers Cooperative - Shelby NE
IB1949 Shennopin Coal
IB1950 Watseka Farmers Grain (--> Watseka Interstate)
IB1951 Milner Milling
IB1953 W.B. Johnson Grain, Shattuck OK
IB1954 Universal Trans Corp, Valdosta GA
IB1955 Reames Concrete, Valdosta GA
IB1956 Farmway Co-Op, Glen Elder KS
IB1957 Northern States Paper
IB1958 Royster Clark
IB1959 Clark Landmark Grain, S Charleston OH (-->SW Landmark Grain)
IB1960 Southwest Landmark Grain, S Charleston OH
IB1961 McCarthy Impovement Co.
IB1962 Cemex California Cement, Victorville CA
IB1963 Floyd Valley Grain, Hinton IA
IB1964 Starke County Farm Bureau Coop, Hamlet IN
IB1966 BPB Gypsum, Nashville AR
IB1967 SP Newsprint, Newburg OR
IB1968 Elmhurst Chicago Stone
IB1969 Gernatt Asphalt of Great Valley NY
IB1970 W.F. Hall Printing, Chicago IL
IB1971 Oliver Coal Co.
IB1972 Hayden Coal
IB1973 Boone County Coal
IB1974 Consolidated Sand & Gravel
IB1975 PCS Nitrogen, Geismar LA
IB1976 Northwest Grain, Warren MN
IB1977 Nevada Electric Investment Corp.
IB1978 Bendix
IB1979 Tampa Bulk Services
IB1980 Met. Edison
IB1981 Schnitzer Leasing
IB1982 Burdick Grain
IB1983 North American Salt, Trona CA
IB1984 Fischer, Ross, McDonald & Kahn, Azusa CA
IB1985 Kaiser Paving, Livermore CA
IB1986 Alpert&Alpert
IB1987 Central Valley Ag, St. Edward NE
IB1988 Badger Mining, WI
IB1989 Associated Electric Power
IB1990 Sherwood-Templeton Coal
IB1991 Navajo Ordnance Depot
IB1992 East St Louis Stone
IB1993 South Dakota Cement Plant, Rapid City SD
IB1994 Northern Railcar Leasing
IB1995 Rabanco, Seattle WA
IB1996 Salina Grain Terminal, Wolcott KS
IB1997 Smoot Grain, Wolcott KS
IB1998 Far-Mar Co, Kansas City KS
IB1999 Gilchrist-Fordney, Laurel MS
IB2000 Gilchrist Timber, Gilchrist OR
IB2001 Crown Pacific, Gilchrist OR
IB2002 International Forest Products, Gilchrist OR
IB2003 Evans Railcar
IB2004 Gunderson Rail Car Services, Springfield OR
IB2005 Neptune Bulk Terminals
IB2006 US Bureau of Reclimation (Owyhee Dam, OR)
IB2007 General Construction Co.
IB2008 Eldon C. Stutsman Trucking Co., Hills IA
IB2009 Nathon Harper, Gig Harbor WA
IB2010 Yakima Interurban Lines, Yakima WA
IB2011 Modoc Technical School, Stockton CA
IB2012 George Lavacot
IB2013 City of Tacoma, Tacoma WA
IB2014 Skagit Steel & Iron Works, Sedro Woolley WA
IB2015 Carl Weissman & Sons, Great Falls MT
IB2016 Alaska Junk Co. (D), Portland OR
IB2017 J. V. Markey (D9, Seattle WA
IB2018 Hanford Engineering Works, Hanford WA
IB2019 Tauber-Arons Auctioneers (D)
IB2020 Farmers Co-Operative
IB2020.1 Farmers Co-Op - Ida Grove IA
IB2020.2 Farmers Co-Op - Bayard IA
IB2020.3 Farmers Co-Op - Hanska MN
IB2020.4 Farmers Co-Op - Dows IA
IB2020.5 Farmers Co-Op - Rake IA
IB2021 Horsehead Corporation, Monaca PA
IB2022 Malcom Black Enterprises
IB2023 Chisholm Coal, Jamboree KY
IB2024 ISG Sparrows Point, Inc.
IB2025 Simon and Sons
IB2026 Colona Terminal, Monaca PA
IB2027 Lifeline Foods, St. Joseph MO
IB2028 Saturday Loco Services
IB2029 W.T. Smith Lumber, Chapman AL
IB2030 Iluka Corp., Green Cove Springs FL
IB2031 Shelly Materials, Kent OH
IB2032 Peerless Eagle Coal
IB2033 New Ulm Quartzite Quarries, New Ulm MN
IB2034 AGS Steel
IB2035 Cornerstone
IB2036 Glenrock Coal, Glenrock WY
IB2037 Kaufman Grain Co.
IB2038 Modoc Railroad Academy, Pleasant Grove CA
IB2039 Nidera Grain
IB2040 Liberty Railway Serives, Pueblo CO
IB2041 Farmers Commission, Kenton OH
IB2042 J. Robinson Reclaiming
IB2043 Mainline Rock and Ballast, Pedernal NM
IB2044 Four Star Truck Sales, Oakes ND
IB2045 Jersey Contracting
IB2046 William J. McCormack Sand Co., South Amboy NJ
IB2047 Lithcote, Evanston WY
IB2048 Industrial Salvage & Metals Company, Salt Lake City UT
IB2049 Polson Logging Co., Hoquiam WA
IB2050 Farmland Service Cooperative
IB2051 Multiserve
IB2052 NEW Co-opeartive Inc. (Northeast Webster)
IB2053 Northern Ag Services
IB2054 Port of Tucson
IB2055 Standard Sand and Silica
IB2056 Seattle City Light
IB2057 Illinois Slag & Ballast, Chicago IL
IB2058 Gunderson Northwest, Finley WA
IB2059 Feather River Pine Mills, Feather Falls CA
IB2060 Mississippi Valley Equipment
IB2061 Port of Olympia, WA
IB2062 Richfield Oil Company
IB2063 Mitchell Company
IB2064 Dixie Portland Flour Mills, Chicago IL
IB2065 Appalachian Fuels, Ashland KY
IB2066 Williams Bulk Transfer, Williams IA [Alliant Energy]
IB2067 Coastal Transportation, Seattle WA
IB2068 Conoco Oil
IB2069 GTA - Superior Terminal, Superior WI
IB2070 City of Yuma, Yuma AZ
IB2071 Junction City Mining Co., Junction City GA
IB2072 Gadsden Switching Service
IB2073 Adams-Warnock, Savannah GA
IB2074 Impact Co-Operative, Circleville IN
IB2075 Red Cloud Grain
IB2076 LGE Sand & Gravel
IB2077 Dalles Portage Railroad, The Dalles OR
IB2078 Swayne Lumber Co., Oroville CA
IB2079 Cleveland & Pittsburgh Docks
IB2080 Kensal Farmers Elevator, Kensal ND
IB2081 N.F. Lampson, Pasco WA
IB2082 NWSC Crane
IB2083 Toonerville Trolley
IB2084 Prairie States Warehouse, Danville IL
IB2085 Columbia-Geneva Steel Co., Geneva UT (--> USX)
IB2086 BP Products, Cherry Point WA
IB2087 Ellwood Engineered Castings, Hubbord OH
IB2088 Valley Mould, Hubbard OH
IB2089 Prairie States Grain
IB2090 Dakota Quality Grain
IB2091 Salt Lake Rail Services, Salt Lake City UT
IB2092 Kodiak Mining, Helena AL
IB2093 Arizona Grain Inc., Casa Grande AZ
IB2094 Qualitech Steel Corp.
IB2095 H&K Group
IB2096 Ogden Business Depot, siehe DLA
IB2097 South Hopkins Coal Company
IB2098 W.M. Ritter Lumber Company
IB2099 Elk River Mill and Lumber Company
IB2100 Bear Harbor Lumber Company
IB2101 Southern Humboldt Lumber Company
IB2102 Cortez Mines Limited
IB2103 O.F. Jordan Co., Chicago IL
IB2104 R. R. Donnelley Co., Chicago IL
IB2105 Stolthaven Terminals Inc., Chicago IL
IB2106 National Castings, Cicero IL
IB2107 ABC Nako Inc., Cicero IL
IB2108 Johnstown America, Danville IL
IB2109 Limestone Quarries Ltd.
IB2110 Lauhoff Grain Co., Danville IL
IB2111 Upjohn Co.
IB2112 Pharmacia & Upjohn, Portage MI
IB2113 General Railroad Services
IB2114 Fisher Farmers Grain & Co-Op, Dewey IL
IB2115 Marta Transportation Contractors of Chicago
IB2116 Agri Grain Marketing, East Dubuque IL
IB2117 IEI Barge Services, East Dubuque IL
IB2118 St. Paul Ammonia
IB2119 N-Ren Nitrogen Corp.
IB2120 Phoenix Nitrogen
IB2121 IMC Nitrogen
IB2122 Royster-Clark Nitrogen Inc., East Dubuque IL
IB2123 Interrail Transport, East St. Louis
IB2124 Pillsbury Grain, East St. Louis
IB2125 Charlotte Pipe & Foundry, Ewardsville IL
IB2126 Roblin Steel
IB2127 Victoria Soya Mills
IB2128 Consol Energy Inc.
IB2129 Austeel Steel Corp.
IB2130 Central Riverfront
IB2131 Garvey International, Ottawa IL
IB2132 Ludlow Cooperative Elevator, Paxton IL
IB2133 Alter Recycling (formerly Luria Brothers)
IB2134 IBS Scrap Iron & Metals, Peoria IL
IB2135 Komatsu-Dresser
IB2136 Watseka Interstate (ex Watseka Farmers Grain)
IB2137 Illinois Brick Co., Blue Island IL
IB2138 National Portland Cement, Bethlehem PA
IB2139 Andersons Inc., Rising IL
IB2140 Hicks Gas, Roberts IL
IB2141 Interpace Inc., South Beloit IL
IB2142 Eastern Illinois Clay, St. Anne IL
IB2143 Rock River Lumber & Grain Co., Sterling IL
IB2144 Utah Copper (--> KCCX)
IB2145 Rio Tinto Minerals (formerly U. S. Borax), Boron CA
IB2146 Elk Run Coal Company, Sylvester WV
IB2147 Sidney Coal Co., Sidney KY
IB2148 Transoceanic Terminal
IB2149 Imperial Chemical Industries
IB2150 Northwest Pulp & Timber Company
IB2151 Honeywell, Hopewell VA
IB2152 Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
IB2153 Apache Nitrogen, Benson AZ
IB2154 Chattahoochee Railcar Services
IB2155 Kaysen Railcar Services
IB2156 Heron Lake Bio Energy, Heron Lake MN
IB2157 Dunn Roadbuilders, Laurel MS
IB2158 Patriot Renewable Fuels, Annawan IL
IB2159 Lincoln Energy, Nevada IA
IB2160 Pilgrims Pride Corp.
IB2161 Advantage Metals
IB2163 New England Wood Preserving
IB2164 Leetsdale Industrial Park, Leetsdale PA
IB2165 Sun Prarie Grain, Mohall ND
IB2166 USA Waste, Sealston VA
IB2167 Tri-State Quarry
IB2168 Montgomery Gravel
IB2169 Byers Terminal, Houston TX
IB2170 Delaware VM Corp
IB2171 JW Murphy Co
IB2172 Blue Earth Farmer Elevator
IB2173 H&S International
IB2174 Inman Corporation
IB2175 Wheelstar Corp Railcar Repair Div
IB2176 Morse & Ory Gravel
IB2177 Rexene Products
IB2179 Beard Industries
IB2180 Jordan Foster Scrap
IB2181 XStratra Copper
IB2182 Amaizing Energy, Dennison IA
IB2183 Calco Chemical Co.
IB2184 Hanson, Davis OK
IB2185 Northstar Transloading
IB2186 Ohio Steel & Plate
IB2187 Tenaha Railport
IB2188 Tru Horizons
IB2189 Hockley Railcar, Hockley TX
IB2190 Koch Industries
IB2191 Rosebud Mining
IB2192 Bakken Transload
IB2193 Gulf South Railcar, Georgetown LA
IB2194 Luminent
IB2195 Carolina Aluminum Co.
IB2196 Kaiser Permanente Corp.
IB2197 New York & Pennsylvania Co.
IB2198 Servtex Materials Co.
IB2199 Union Electric Co.
IB2200 Big Spring Railservice, Big Spring TX
IB2201 Whitin Machine Works
IB2202 Worchester County Electric Co.
IB2203 B.V. Hedrick Sand & Gravel Co.
IB2204 Ager Sullivan Lumber Co.
IB2205 Alabama Grain Elevator Co.
IB2206 American Potash & Chemical Corp.
IB2207 Ashland Lime & Portland Cement
IB2208 Ballard & Ballard
IB2209 Baugh Chemical Co.
IB2210 Bigelow Sanford Carpet Co.
IB2211 Birdsboro Slag Products
IB2212 Cadillac Soo Lumber Co.
IB2213 Carthage Paper
IB2214 Central Illinois Electric & Gas
IB2215 Central Texas Gravel Co.
IB2216 Chapman Valve Manufacturing Co.
IB2217 Cleveland Municipal Light
IB2218 Columbia River Contractors
IB2219 Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric
IB2220 Consolidated Steel Corp.
IB2221 Crosby Naval Stores
IB2222 Curtis-Wright Corp.
IB2223 Deepwater Operating Co.
IB2224 Diamond Alkali
IB2225 Elliot Co.
IB2226 Elmira Foundry Co.
IB2227 General Public Utilities Nuclear Corp
IB2228 Gulf Wood Preserving Corp.
IB2229 H. J. Kaiser Shipyard
IB2230 Harlan Construction
IB2231 Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co.
IB2232 Hazel Brook Coal Co.
IB2233 Henry Bickel Co.
IB2234 Higgins Aircraft Industries
IB2235 Ideal Basic
IB2236 Illinois Electric & Gas
IB2237 J. A. Jones Construction Co.
IB2238 J. H. Williams Co.
IB2239 Jefferson Boat & Machine
IB2240 Kalamazoo Parchment Co.
IB2241 Kosmos Portland Cement
IB2242 Landis Tool Co.
IB2243 Lee Tidewater Cypress Co.
IB2244 Louisville Neoprene Works
IB2245 Ludlow Manufacturing & Sales Co.
IB2246 Lynn Sand & Stone Co.
IB2247 Magma Copper
IB2248 Marion Power Shovel Co.
IB2249 Metal & Thurmit Corp.
IB2250 New Orleans Public Grain Elevators
IB2251 Ohio Valley Electric
IB2252 Oregon Portland Cement
IB2253 Oswego Falls Corp.
IB2254 Pacific Coast Aggregates
IB2255 Pennsylvania Power Co.
IB2256 Petoskey Portland Cement
IB2257 Polasott Lumber & Manufacturing Co.
IB2258 R. L. White - White Mines
IB2259 Roebling Steel
IB2260 Southwest Construction Materials
IB2261 Spencer Chemical Co.
IB2262 T. A. D. Jones & Co.
IB2263 T. J. Moss Tie Co.
IB2264 Tennessee Products Corp.
IB2265 Turner Construction Co.
IB2266 U.S. Maritime Commission
IB2267 U.S. Maritime Corp - Martinship Division
IB2268 Utah-Stearns Construction
IB2269 Blackfoot Coal & Land Corp.
IB2270 Columbia Quarry Co.
IB2271 Western Massachusetts Electric
IB2272 Cooper Besemer Corp.
IB2273 Delaware Power & Light
IB2274 Millstone Nuclear Power Plant
IB2275 EVRAZ Steel
IB2276 Novacor == Nova Chemicals Incorporated, siehe dort
IB2277 Ardent Mills
IB2278 Russell Birdsell & Ward
IB2279 West Tacoma Newsprint Co.
IB2280 Anderons Rail Car
IB2281 Arcelor Mittal
IB2282 Behr Iron & Metal, Rockford IL
IB2283 CHS Drayton
IB2284 Highway Paving Inc.
IB2285 francon (??)
IB2286 Hecla Mining
IB2287 Star Mine, Burke ID
IB2288 Whitehall Cement Mfg. Co.
IB2289 Santee Copper
IB2290 Kaiseer Sand & Gravel
IB2291 Utah-Pomroy-Morrison
IB2292 Rio Grande Cement, Minnequa CO
IB2293 Allied Erecting & Dismantling, Youngstown OH
IB2294 Niles Iron & Metal, Niles OH
IB2295 Kinder Morgan
IB2296 Osnabrock Farmers Co-Op Elevator, Nekoma ND
IB2297 Coffeyville Resources
IB2298 J.E. Meuret Grain Co.
IB2299 Ameristeel, Inc
IB2300 Boral Material Technologies, LLC
IB2301 Alpenglow Rail
IB2302 Morgan Engineering, Alliance OH
IB2303 Clow Valve
IB2304 Muscatatuck Urban Warfare Training Center
IB2305 Oklahoma City Producers Coop
IB2306 CHS Coop
IB2307 Andersons, Walton IN
IB2308 FM Div. Colt Inds, Beloit WI
IB2309 Greenville Port Terminal, MS
IB2310 Imperial Sugar, Renvillee MN
IB2311 Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Corp., Renville MN
IB2312 KTN Gulfcoast
IB2313 Dietzler Construction Co., Yoder WY
IB2314 Koch Farms LLC.
IB2315 Consolidated Edison
IB2316 Exelon Power
IB2317 Salt City Energy
IB2318 Trigen Energy
IB2319 Blue Ridge Paper, Canton NC
IB2320 Evergreen Packaging, Canton NC
IB2321 Plainsman Switching Co.
IB2322 Empire Detroit Steel
IB2323 Domtar Paper Mill
IB2324 Greenbrier Rail Services, Dothan AL
IB2325 Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold
IB2326 Valley Grain
IB2327 Minnell Milling, Fostoria OH
IB2328 Purina Nestle Plymouth
IB2329 Millville Quarry
IB2330 Pearl Brewery, San Antonio TX
IB2331 New Century Air Center, Gardner KS
IB2332 Northwest Railroad Institute Trade School, Vancouver WA
IB2333 Ft. Worth Railcar
IB2334 Cresson Steel, Cresson PA
IB2335 Port of Shreveport
IB2336 Blue Circle Cement
IB2337 Dakota Gasification
IB2338 Cargill Malt, Spritwood ND
IB2339 Frutchey Bean Co., Oakley MI
IB2340 Terminal Switching Service
IB2341 Mountain States Construction
IB2342 Chesapeake Coal Pier
IB2343 Hoffmann Grain Coop
IB2344 Bro-Tex International Metals LLC
IB2345 Lewis Metal
IB2346 JBC Switching Service
IB2347 Hillard Enterprises
IB2348 Bethlehem Engineering
IB2349 Alan Ritchey
IB2350 Scrap Corporation of America
IB2351 Verso Paper, Quinnesec WI
IB2352 GE Railcar Services Corp., Texarkana TX
IB2353 Portage Limestone Inc., Kent OH
IB2354 free
IB2355 free
IB2356 free
IBCX Indiana Boxcar Corporation
IC Illinois Central Railroad
IC1 Illinois Central Railroad (1972 mit GMO --> ICG)
ICCX Inspiration Consolidated Copper Co
ICE Iowa, Chicago & Eastern [DME]
ICG Illinois Central Gulf Railroad ( 2.88 --> IC)
ICMX Illinois Cereal Mills
ICRK Indian Creek Railroad Co.
ICRX Island Creek Coal
ICRX.1 Island Creek Coal, Red Jacket WV
IDTX Illinois Department of Transportation
IESX Iowa Electric Light & Power Co.
IGN International-Great Northern Railroad
IHB Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad
IHRC Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation (1994 --> WOHO, WAER)
ILNO Illinois Northern Railroad
ILRN Illinois Railnet [American Railnet]
ILSX Independent Locomotive Service
IMCX International Minerals & Chemical Global Operations Inc.
IMID Indiana Midland Railway
IMRL I&M Rail Link (2.2002 --> ICE)
IMRR Illinois & Midland Railroad [GNWR]
IMS Industrial Maintenance Service
IMSX International Mill Services
IMW Intermountain Western
IN Indiana Northeastern Railroad Co., Inc.
INCO International Nickel
INER Indiana Eastern Railroad [RRC]
INLX Incoal Inc.
INNO Indiana Northern Railway
INOH Indiana & Ohio Rail Corporation
INPR Idaho Northern & Pacific [Rio Grande Pacific Corp.]
INPX Inland Pacific Railroad
INRD Indiana Railroad
INS Inland Steel
INT Interstate Railroad Co.
INTS Interlake Steel Corp.
IOCR Indiana & Ohio Central Railroad (--> INOH)
IOER Indiana & Ohio Eastern Railroad (--> INOH)
IOPX Midwest Power Systems
IORY Indiana & Ohio Railway [RailTex]
IOSR Indiana & Ohio Scenic Railway
IPLX Illinois Power Co.
IPPX Intermountain Power Agency, UT
IPWX Interstate Power Co,. IO
IR Illinois Railnet
IRLX Western Railroad Supply, Fontana CA
IRMX Illinois State Railway Museum, Union IL
IRN --> CR
IRR Ironton Railroad
IRRC Iowa Railroad
IRSX Inter-Rail Transportation, Mira Loma CA
IRTX Inter-Rail Transport, Inc.
ISCX Inman Services [WATCO]
ISGX International Steel Group
ISLX xxxxI
ISR Iowa Southern Railroad (1988 )
ISRC Idaho & Sedalia Transportation
ISRR Indiana Southern Railroad [RailTex]
ISRY Iowa Southern Railway
ISSR ISS Rail, New Castle PA (2002 --> NCIR)
IT Iowa Terminal Railroad (--> IATR)
ITAX Illinois Transit Assembly
ITC Illinois Terminal Railroad (1981--> NW)
ITEC Industrial Transportation Equipment
ITIX Intermodal Technologies Inc.
ITLX General Electric Railcar Services Corporation
ITS Illinois Terminal Railroad System Company [RRC]
ITSX ITS Technologies & Logistics, LLC
IU Indianapolis Union Railway
IW Illinois Western
JBHU J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.
JCTR Jersey Central Terminal Railway
JDHX J.D. Heiskell Grain Co., Tulare CA
JDNX J&M Locomotive Inc., Cleveland OH
JE Joppa & Eastern Railroad Company
JECX Western Resources Inc., KS
JEFW Jefferson Warrior Railroad Co.
JFCX xxxxJ
JFDX John F. Daines [FURX]
JGDR Jackson, Gordonville Delta Railroad
JJRD J & J Railroad, Inc. [Hardin Grain]
JKL JK Lines, Inc.
JLCX J&L Consulting
JLSX Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation
JMA~ JMA Railroad, Connersville IN
JNSX JNS Marketing - Coastline Rail Service Div. (D)
JPAX Jacksonville Port Authority
JPEX John Pratt
JPR Joplin - Pittsburg Railway
JRSX J.R. Simplot Company
JRWX Johnson Railway Service (D)
JSC Johnstown & Stony Creek Railroad
JSCR Jay Street Connecting Railroad
JSRC Jackson & Southern Railroad Co. [CTML]
JSRW Jersey Southern Railway
JSRY Janesville & Southeastern
JT Jacksonville Terminal
JTFS Juniata Terminal Co.
JTPX David J.Joseph Co.
JTRX David J.Joseph Co.
JVRR Juniata Valley Railroad
JWRX Jim Walter Industries, Birmingham AL
JXPT Jaxport Terminal Railway Co.
KBSR Kankakee, Beaverville & Southern Railroad Co.
KCBX Koch Coal Rail & Water Terminal (ex RWTC)
KCCX Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation
KCCX.1 KCC - Nevada Mines Div., Ely and McGill NV
KCCX.2 KCC - Utah Copper Bingham Mine
KCCX.3 KCC - Chino Mines Div., Santa Rita and Hurley NM
KCCX.4 KCC - Ray Mines Div., Ray AZ
KCCX.5 KCC - Utah Smelter
KCCX.6 KCC - Ore Haulage
KCCX.7 KCC - Utah Copper Division
KCDX Eastman Kodak Co.
KCEX Kazco Enterprises
KCLX Kansas City Power & Light Co.
KCMO Kansas City Mexico & Orient
KCNW Kelly's Creek & Northwestern Railroad Co.
KCPS Kansas City Public Service Freight Operation
KCRR Keewenaw Central Railroad
KCS Kansas City Southern Railroad
KCSU siehe KCS
KCSZ siehe KCS
KCT Kansas City Terminal Railway Co.
KCWB Kansas City & Westport Belt
KENN Kennecott Company Railroad
KEWH Kewash Railroad Inc.
KFR Kettle Falls International Railway
KFRX Kirby Farms Park, Williston FL
KGBW Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western Railroad
KITRR Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Railroad (1981 -> SOU)
KJR Kiski Junction Railway
KJRY Keokuk Junction Railway
KKRR Knox & Kane Railroad Co.
KLIX Klarr Locomotive Industries LLC
KLSC Kalamazoo, Lake Shore & Chicago Railway Co.
KLWX Knoxville Locomotive Works
KM --> KCS
KMC Kennecott Minerals Corporation
KMCX Kerr-McGee Coal Corp
KMMX Keith Marchand Machinery Maintenance
KMWX xxxxK
KNOR Klamath Northern Railway Co.
KO Kansas & Oklahoma [Watco]
KOG Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf Railway
KORR Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad
KOSW Kosciusko & Southwestern
KPCX Koppers Industries Incorporated
KPLX Kansas City Power & Light Co.
KPLX.1 Kansas City Power & Light Co. - Lawrence Energy Center
KRLX xxxxK
KRPD Kaskaskia Regional Port District
KRR Kiamichi Railroad
KRT Kanawha River Terminal
KSCX Kaiser Steel Corporation
KSE Kosciusko & Southeastern Railroad
KSW Kansas Southwestern
KT Kentucky and Tennessee Railway
KTER Kingston Terminal Railroad
KUCX Kentucky Utilities Co.
KURX xxxxK
KWRR Keota-Washington Railroad
KWT Kentucky West Tennessee Railway Co. [6.2005 --> GW]
KWUX Siemens Power Corporation
KXHR Knoxville & Holston River [G&O]
KYLE Kyle Railroad
LA Louisiana & Arkansas (93 --> KCS)
LACTC Los Angeles County Transportation Commission
LAE Louisiana Eastern Railroad
LAFX LaFarge Cement
LAJ Los Angeles Junction Railway Co. [ATSF]
LAKX City of Lakeland, FL
LAL Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Railroad Co.
LAMTA Los Angeles Metro. Trans. Authority
LAPT Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal
LASB Lackawaxen & Stourbridge Railroad Corp. (1989++)
LBCR Lewisburg & Buffalo Creek Railroad
LBP Louisiana & Pine Bluff
LBR Lowville & Beaver River Railroad Co. [GVT]
LC Lancaster & Chester Railway Co.
LCCRR Lee County Central Railroad
LCEX Lone Star Industries, Inc.
LCEX.1 Lone Star Industries, Inc., Limedale, IN
LCR Lake County Railroad
LCRR Lenawee County Railroad (1990 ++)
LCRX Lower Colorado River Authority, TX
LCS Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad
LCY Lake County Railway
LDCX Louis Dreyfus Corp., Burlington IO
LDRR Louisiana & Delta Railroad Co.
LDRX Locodocks, Inc.
LDSX Lambton Diesel Services
LEF Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion Railroad Co.
LEFW Lake Erie & Fort Wayne Railroad
LEHX Lehigh Portland Cement
LEHX.1 Lehigh Portland Cement - Leeds AL
LEHX.2 Lehigh Portland Cement - Metaline Falls, WA
LEM Logansport & Eel River Railroad Museum Inc. (s. auch LER)
LER Logansport & Eel River Short Line Co., Inc. (s. auch LEM)
LETX LeTourneau Drive Systems Inc.
LFRR Langford Railroad
LGEX LG Everist Inc.
LGEXxxx LG Everist Inc.
LH Lima-Hamilton Corp.
LHR Lehigh & Hudson River Railway ( 1976 --> CR)
LHRY Longhorn Railway
LI Long Island Rail Road
LINC Lewis & Clark Railway Co.
LIRC Louisville & Indiana Railroad Co. [Anacostia & Pacific]
LJB Louisville & Jefferson Bridge & Railroad
LKP Lahaina Kaanapali & Pacific Railroad
LKRR Little Kanawha Railway Co.
LLPX Locomotive Leasing Partners [GATX+EMD] (12.2004 --> GMTX)
LLX Luria Brothers
LM Litchfield & Madison Railroad
LMI Lake Michigan & Indiana
LMID Louisiana Midland Railway (1967 --> IC)
LMIR Lake Michigan Industrial Railroad, Burns Harbor IN
LMLX Livingston Mountain Locomotive Works Inc.
LMM Lebanon, Mason & Monroe Railroad
LMV --> CR
LMX Locomotive Management Services [CR+GE]
LN Louisville & Nashville Railroad (1983 --> SBD)
LNAC Louisville, New Albany & Corydon Railroad (--> HS)
LNAX Lhoist North America of Tennessee
LNE Lehigh & New England Railway
LNER Lehigh & New England Railroad
LNOR Lancaster & Northern
LNR Laona & Northern Railway [Museum]
LNW Louisiana & North West Railroad Co.
LO Lorton & Occoquan
LOAM Louisiana Midland Railway Co. (1974 - 1985)
LOCX Mobile Locomotive Services, Inc.
LOPG Live Oak, Perry & Gulf (1971 --> SOU)
LOS Lancaster, Oxford & Southern
LOSX Locomotive Specialist (D), Waycross GA
LPB Louisiana & Pine Bluff Railway (1979 )
LPN Longview, Portland & Northern Railway Co.
LPRC Louisiana & Pacific Railway Co.
LPSG Live Oak, Perry & South Georgia Railway Co.
LR Landisville Railroad Inc. (siehe AMHR)
LRCX Livingston Rebuild Center, Inc.
LRPA Little Rock Port Railroad
LRS Laurinburg & Southern Railroad Co. [G&O]
LRSX LRS Companies Inc.
LRWN Little Rock & Western Railway Corp. [6.2005 --> GW]
LRWY Lehigh Railway LLC.
LRWY1 Lackawanna Railway, Inc.
LRY Lake Railway
LS Luzerne & Susquehanna Railway
LSBC La Salle & Bureau County Railroad Co.
LSCO Lehigh Stone co.
LSCX Locomotive Sales & Leasing Corp.
LSI Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad Co.
LSIX Locomotive Specialists Inc., Morris IL
LSLX Lone Star Locomotive Leasing Co.
LSMH Lakeside & Marblehead
LSO Louisiana Southern Railway Co.
LSOX Locomotive Solutions
LSR Lake Shore Chapter NRHS
LSRC Lake State Railway
LSRR Lone Star Railroad [Ironhorse Resources]
LSRX Lake Superior Museum of Transportation, Duluth
LSSX Lone Star Steel, Lone Star TX (siehe auch TN)
LSTT Lake Superior Terminal & Transfer Railway
LT Lake Terminal Railroad Co.
LTEX Larry's Truck Electric
LTR xxxxL
LTVX LTV Steel Mining Co.
LUBX Luria Bros. Division of Connell Limited Partnership
LUN Ludington and Northern Railway
LV Lehigh Valley Railroad ( 1976 --> CR)
LVAL Lackawanna Valley Railroad
LVR Luxapalila Valley Railroad
LVRC Lamoille Valley Railroad Co.
LVRM Lehigh Valley Rail Management
LVRR Lycoming Valley Railroad
LW Louisville & Wadley Railway Co.
LXOH Lexington & Ohio Railroad
LZRX Lubrizol Corp.
MAA Magma Arizona Railroad Co.
MACO McCormick, Ashland City & Nashville Railroad Co., Inc.
MADOT Maryland Department of Transportation
MALX Mid America Car
MARC Maryland Area Rail Commuter
MARTA Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
MATT Mattagami Railroad
MAX Metropolitan Area eXpress
MB Marianna & Blountstown Railroad
MB0000 Denkmal- und Museumsfahrzeuge in USA
MB0001 Port Huron & Detroit Historical Society
MB0002 Reader Railroad
MB0003 Illinois Southern, nur für Filmzwecke 1993
MB0004 Niles Canyon Railway
MB0005 Bluegrass Railroad Museum, Versailles KY
MB0006x frei 23.12.21
MB0007 Southern Oregon Chapter NRHS
MB0008 Ogden Rail Depot Museum, Ogden UT
MB0009 Golden Age Railroad Museum
MB0010 Dinner Train Ltd
MB0011 Joe Eck Railroad
MB0012 Age of Steam Railroad Museum, Dallas TX
MB0013 Ski Train
MB0014 Elgin County Railway Museum
MB0015 National Railway Museum, Green Bay WI
MB0016 Galveston Railroad Museum
MB0017 Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, Jamestown
MB0018 Nevada State Railroad Museum
MB0019 Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum, Industry NY
MB0020 Heart of Dixie Railroad Club, Birmingham AL
MB0021 Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden CO
MB0022 Saginaw Valley Railroad Historical Society, MI
MB0023 Gopher State Railway Museum
MB0024 Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society
MB0025 Muskegon Railroad Historical Society
MB0026 California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento
MB0027 Don Mace
MB0028 Railroad and Pioneer Museum, Temple TX
MB0029 Midland Railway Historical Society, Baldwin KS
MB0030 Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum, MD
MB0031 Railroad Museum of Oklahoma
MB0032 Wichita Falls Museum
MB0033 Iron Horse Historical Society, Parson KS
MB0034 Manly Junction Railroad Museum, Manly IA
MB0035 Red River Museum, Denison TX
MB0036 Utah State Railroad Museum
MB0037 Stone Mountain Scenic Railway
MB0038x free 22.9.22
MB0039 Monticello Railway Museum, Monticello IL
MB0040 Reading Company Technical & Historical Society
MB0041 United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey
MB0042 Abilene & Smokey Valley Railroad
MB0043 Northeast Kansas Railroad Museum, Atchison KS
MB0044 Moody Foundation
MB0045 Rails for Ohio == Werbelackierung (X22105 (16))
MB0046 West Kentucky Rail Preservationists
MB0047 Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum, Parrish FL
MB0048 Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum, Bellevue OH
MB0049 Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton PA
MB0050 Blue Ridge Scenic Railway
MB0051 Western Railway Museum, Rio Vista Jct. CA
MB0052 Pacific Locomotive Association, Niles CA (MB0004)
MB0053 Kentucky Railway Museum, New Haven KY
MB0054 Cass Scenic Railroad
MB0055 Cole Transportation Museum, Bangor ME
MB0056 Newport Dinner Train, Newport RI
MB0057 Railroad Museum of New England, Essex CT
MB0058 Western Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society
MB0059 Kansas City Railway Museum
MB0060 South Carolina Railroad Museum
MB0061 Broadway Dinner Train, Nashville TN
MB0062 Leelaneau Scenic Railroad
MB0063 Indiana Transportation Museum, Nobelsville IN
MB0064 Waynoka Historical Society, Waynoka OK
MB0066 Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad
MB0067 Railroaders Memorial Museum
MB0068 Branford Electric Railway Association
MB0069 Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
MB0070 Connecticut Valley Railroad Museum ==> MB0057
MB0071 Edaville Railroad
MB0072 Westmoreland Scenic
MB0073 Winnipesaukee & Pemigewassett Valley Railroad
MB0074 Fort Madison, Farmington & Western Railroad
MB0075 Western America Railroad Museum, Barstow CA
MB0076 Travel Town Museum, L.A.
MB0077 Hub City Heritage Museum, Oelwein IO
MB0078 Big South Fork Scenic Railway, Stearns KY
MB0079 Indiana Railway Museum
MB0080 Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Historical Society
MB0081 Michigan Transportation Museum, Mt.Clemens MI
MB0082 Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway
MB0083 Boone & Scenic Valley, Iowa
MB0084 Moriah Railroad and Mining Museum, Moriah NY
MB0085 High Country Railroad
MB0086 Huckleberry Railroad
MB0087 Hawaiian Railway Society [Museum]
MB0088 Hocking Valley [Museum]
MB0089 Hobo/Winnipesauke Scenic Railroad
MB0090 Little Traverse Scenic Railroad
MB0091 Industrial Museum of York County, PA
MB0092 Shore Line Trolley Museum, East Haven CT
MB0093 St.Louis Museum of Transportation
MB0095 The Grand Traverse
MB0096 Transisco Tours
MB0097 Rochester Chapter NRHS
MB0098 Northwest Rail Museum, Portland OR
MB0099 Silver Throttle Engine Association and Museum, Canton OH
MB0101 Buckscahuda & Western (2' Tourist Line)
MB0102 West Chester Railroad
MB0103 Grand Traverse Dinner Train
MB0104 Western Heritage Museum, Omaha Union Station
MB0105 Danbury Railroad Museum
MB0106 Washington Dinner Train
MB0107 Glen Monhart
MB0108 Oroville Railroad Heritage Commission
MB0109 Alaska Museum of Transport, Palmer AK
MB0111 Inland Empire Railroad Museum, Spokane WA
MB0112 Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth GA
MB0113 Carrollton-Oneida-Minerva Railroad
MB0114 Mad River & Lake Erie Railroad Museum
MB0115 Historic Huntsville Depot, Huntsville AL
MB0116 Louisiana Railway Heritage Trust
MB0117 United Railway Historical Society
MB0118 Anthracite RR Historical Society
MB0119 Midland Rwy Museum,Kansas City KS
MB0120 NRHS Wichita KS Chapter
MB0121 Great Western Railroad Museum
MB0122 New Jersey RR and Transp Museum
MB0123 Hamlet Railroad Museum
MB0124 Yuma Valley Chapter NRHS
MB0125 Michigan Star Clipper
MB0126 NRHS Philadelphia Chapter
MB0127 NRHS Promontory Chapter
MB0128 Puget Sound Rwy Hist Soc
MB0129 Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum
MB0130 Kettle Moraine Scenic Railway
MB0131 Mid-Continent Railroad Museum, North Freedom WI
MB0132 Fantasia Rail
MB0133 Bellefonte Historical RR Society
MB0134 Roanoke Transportation Museum
MB0135 Pennsylvania State RR Museum, Strasburg PA
MB0136 Great Plains Transportation Museum, Wichita KS
MB0137 Corydon Scenic Railway
MB0138 Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, Calera AL
MB0139 St.Louis Car Company
MB0140 North Alabama Railroad Museum, Huntsville AL
MB0141 Connecticut Trolley Museum, Warehouse Point CT
MB0142 Northern Central Railroad
MB0143 Western New York Railway Historical Society
MB0144 Mercury & Chase [N. Alabama Rd. Museum]
MB0145 Museum of Transportation and Industry, Wasilla AK
MB0146 Appalachia Railway Museum, Blair TN
MB0148 Indian Head Central Railway, Indian Head MD
MB0149 Mohawk & Hudson Chapter NRHS
MB0150 Pennsylvania Trolley Museum
MB0151 Timber Heritage Association Logging Museum
MB0152 White River Scenic Railroad
MB0153x free 12.5.21
MB0154 Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum, Willimantic CT
MB0155 Soo Line Historical & Technical Society
MB0156 Old Colony and Fall River Railroad Museum
MB0157 Gulf Coast Railway Museum, FL
MB0158 Tennessee BiCentennial Train
MB0159 Rio Grande Preservation Society
MB0160 Orangedale Railway Museum, Orangedale NS
MB0161 Discovery Bay Railroad Park
MB0162 Boulder County Railway Historical Society
MB0163 Railroad Museum of New England, Thomaston CT
MB0164 Providence & Worcester Railfan Club and Museum, Webster MA
MB0165 American Orient Express
MB0166 Valley Forge Scenic
MB0167 Gold Coast Railroad Museum
MB0168 Washington State Historical Society
MB0169 NRHS Syracuse
MB0170 SamTrak Excursion Train [Dick Samuels]
MB0171 Spirit of Oregon Dinner Train
MB0172 Railroad Museum of Long Island
MB0173 Western Forest Industries Museum, Tacoma WA
MB0174 Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association
MB0175 Ghost Town & Calico Railroad, Buena Park CA
MB0176 Marion Country Railroad, Columbia MS
MB0177 Maine Eastern Railroad [M&E]
MB0178 Engines Preservation Inc., Bridgeton NJ
MB0179 Touristiques des Chaudieres Appalaches
MB0180 Arkansas Railroad Museum, Little Rock AR
MB0181 Northern Pacific Railway Museum, Toppenish WA
MB0182 Oregon Coast Historical Railway (Oregon Coast NRHS Chapter)
MB0183 Whippany Railway Museum
MB0184 Golden Pacific Railroad
MB0185 Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, Alamosa CO
MB0186 Iowa Star Clipper
MB0187 Calumet Industrial Heritage Project
MB0188 Oaks Amusement Park, Portland OR
MB0189 Pacific Railroad Preservation Association
MB0190 Carroll Park & Western Railroad
MB0191 Gold Strike Casino, Boulder City NV
MB0192 Northern Counties Logging Museum, Eureka CA
MB0193 Tioga Scenic
MB0194 Coastal Heritage Society, Savannah GA
MB0195 Golden Spike National Historic Site
MB0196 Tri-State Railway Historical Society
MB0197 C&O Railway Hertitage Center, Clifton Forge VA
MB0198 SP Railroad Historical Center, Rocklin CA
MB0199 Wheels Museum of Albuquerque
MB0200 Colebrookdale Railroad
MB0201 Eldon, IA Depot Museum
MB0202 Texas Transportation Museum
MB0203 Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation
MB0204 Youngstown Steel Heritage Foundation
MB0205 Age of Steam Roundhouse, Sugarcreek OH
MB0206 Nevada, California & Oregon
MB0207 Northwest Railway Museum, Snoqualmie WA
MB0208 Lake Whatcom Railway
MB0209 Museum of the American Railroad, Frisco TX
MB0210x free 3.11.20
MB0211 Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum, North Judson IN
MB0212 Raymond New Hampshire Historical Society
MB0213 Peninsular Railway & Lumberman Museum, Shelton WA
MB0214 Rosenberg Railroad Museum, Rosenberg TX
MB0215 Railroad Depot Museum, Tuscumbia AL
MB0216 Amarillo Railway Museum
MB0217 Dynamic Rail Preservations
MB0218 Southern California Chapter, Ry. & Locomotive Hist. Society
MB0219 RailGiants Train Museum, Pomona CA
MB0220 Lehigh & New England Historical Society
MB0221 Inland Lakes Railway, Eustis FL
MB0222 Whetstone Valley Railroad
MB0223 free
MB0224 free
MB0225 free
MBCR Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad (siehe MBTA)
MBCX Material Brokerage Corp.
MBR Montpelier & Barre Railroad
MBRR Meridian & Bigbee Railroad Co. [6.2005 --> GW]
MBRX Milford-Bennington Railroad Co.
MBTA Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
MC Massachusetts Coastal Railroad
MC1 Maine Coast Railroad Corporation
MCC Morris County Central (--> NYSW)
MCCX Mt.Vernon Coal Transfer Co., IN
MCER Massachusetts Central Railroad Corp.
MCHX Transcisco Leasing Co.
MCLR McLaughlin Line Railroad
MCR McCloud Railway Company
MCRR Monongahela Connecting Railroad Co.
MCSA Moscow, Camden & San Augustine Railroad
MCTA Minnesota Central [PRC]
MCVX Massachusetts Call Volunteer Firefighters Association
MDDE Maryland & Delaware Railroad Co.
MDLE Mt.Dora & Lake Eustis Railway
MDLR Midland Terminal Co. [LTV]
MDLX xxxxM
MDOT Maine Department of Transportation
MDR Mid-Louisiana Rail Corporation
MDS Macon, Dublin & Savannah (1958 --> SAL)
MDT Merchants Despatch Transportation Corp
MDW Minnesota, Dakota & Western Railway Co.
MDWR Midwest Rail
MDXX Mark David Canada Inc.
ME Morristown & Erie Railway, Inc.
MEC Maine Central [Pan Am Railways]
MECX Midland Electric Coal
MERR Maine Eastern Railroad
MERW xxxxM
MET Modesto & Empire Traction Co.
METR xxxxM
METW Municipality of East Troy, Wisconsin
METX Metropolitan Rail, Itasca
MFRR Middle Fork Railroad
MGA Monongahela Railway (1993 --> CR)
MGRI MG Rail, Inc. [Cons. Grain & Barge]
MH Mount Hood Railroad Co. (1968 --> UP)(1987 neu gegründet)
MHHR Mahony and Hazleton Railway Inc.
MHSF Morehead & South Fork Railroad
MHWA Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern [GVT]
MIBB Missouri & Illinois Bridge & Belt Railroad
MICO Midland Continental (1970++)
MIDH Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad Co
MIGN Michigan Northern Railway Co.
MILW Milwaukee Road (--> SOO [CP Rail])
MIRR Michigan Railroad
MISS Mississippian Railway
MITX Mirant Energy Trading
MJ Manufacturers' Junction Railway
MJRX Railway Service Contractors, Inc. (Mike & Jill Roberts) (D)
MKC McKeesport Connecting Railroad Co.
MKCX Morrison-Knudsen
MKT Missouri, Kansas, Texas Railroad Company (88 --> UP)
MKTT == MKT (--> UP)
ML Metrolink, Los Angeles
MLS Manistique & Lake Superior Railroad
MMA Montreal Maine & Atlantic [Railworld]
MMAX Martin-Marietta Corporation
MMF Morehead & Morgan Fork Railroad
MMID Maryland Midland Railway, Inc. [G&W]
MMRR Mid-Michigan Railroad, Inc. [RailTex]
MMT Mission Mountain Railroad
MN Mojave Northern Railroad
MNA Missouri & Northern Arkansas [RailTex]
MNBR M and B Railroad LLC
MNC Missouri North Central Railroad [MRIX]
MNCR Metro-North Commuter Railroad Company
MNCX Minnesota Corn Processors
MNE Manistee & Northeastern Railway
MNF Morehead & North Fork Railroad
MNJ Middletown & New Jersey Railway Co., Inc. [PICK]
MNL Mountain Laurel Railroad Company (4.96 --> GNWR)
MNN Minnesota Northern
MNNR Minnesota Commercial Railway Co.
MNRR Modoc Northern Railroad [UC]
MNRR1 Mohave Northern Railroad [SWPX]
MNRX Minnesota NorthStar
MNS Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern Railway (1982 --> SOO)
MNTX Minnesota Transportation Museum
MNVA Minnesota Valley Transportation Co. Inc. (1995 --> MCTA)
MNZX Minnesota Zephyr Dinner Train
MOBX Mobil Oil Corp.
MOC Missouri Central
MOCX Mosaic Company
MOIL Missouri Illinois (--> UP)
MON The Monon (7.71 --> LN)
MonWes Montana Western (1970+)
MoPac == MP (83 --> UP)
MOV Moshassuck Valley (1981 --> PW)
MOXV Moxahala Valley Railway Co.
MP Missouri Pacific (MoPac) (83 --> UP)
MPA Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad [Emmons Ind.]
MPCX Michels Pipeline Construction
MPEX Motivepower Industries Incorporated
MPP Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway Co.
MPRX Motive Power & Equipment Solutions
MPSX Missouri Public Service
MPWX Muscatine Power & Water
MQT Marquette Rail
MR McCloud River Railroad Co. (93 --> MCR)
MRIX Motive Rail Industries
MRL Montana Rail Link
MRLX Mineral Range Inc.(D), Ishpeming MI
MRR Mid Atlantic Railroad
MRS Manufacturers Railway Company
MS Michigan Shore Division [RailTex]
MSCI Mississippi Central Railroad [PRC], umgezeichnet
MSDR Mississippi Delta Railroad
MSE Mississippi Export Railroad Co.
MSN Meeker Southern [Ballard Terminal Railroad]
MSO Michigan Southern Railroad Co., Inc.
MSPS Minneapolis, St Paul & Sault Ste Marie Rr (1961--> SOO)
MSR Missouri Southern Railroad
MSRA Maryland State Railroad Administration (--> MARC)
MSRC Midsouth Rail Corporation (94 --> KCS)
MSRR Meridian Southern
MSRW Mississippian Railway Cooperative Inc.
MSTL Minneapolis & St.Louis (60 --> CNW)
MSTR Massena Terminal Railroad Co.
MSTX Millstone Railroad
MSV Mississippi & Skuna Valley Railroad Co.
MSW Monessen Southwestern Railroad
MSWY Minnesota Southern Railway
MTA Metropolitan Transit Authority (83--> MNCR)
MTFR Minnesota Transfer Railway Co.
MTI Material Transfer Inc.
MTPX Montana Power Co.
MTR Mississippi Tennessee Railroad
MTR1 Montour Railroad (--> PLE)
MTRN Mississippi & Tennessee Railnet
MTRR Messena Terminal Railroad [2005 --> RA]
MTSX MAX Transportation Service
MTW Marinette, Tomahawk & Western (93 --> Tomahawk)
Muni San Francisco Municipal Railway
MUS Memphis Union Station Railroad
MV Midland Valley
MVP Missouri & Valley R.R. Corp.
MVPX Motive Power Resources Inc.
MVRY Mahoning Valley Railway Company
MVT Mount Vernon Terminal Railway, Inc.
MW Maumee & Western
MWAX Martin Marietta Materials Inc.
MWCL Midwest Coal Handling Co., Inc.
MWLX Midwest Locomotive Leasing
MWR Muncie & Western Railraod Co.
MWRC Mt. Washington Railway Co.
MWRL Molalla Western Railway [Dick Samuels]
MWRR Montana Western Railway Co., Inc.
MWRX Midwest Rail Holdings Incorporated
MWRY Mineral Wells & Eastern Railway (1993+)
NACR Nashville & Ashland City Railroad
NAP Narrangansett Pier Railroad Co.
NATX North American Car Corp.
NAUG Naugatuck Railroad
NB Northhampton & Bath (1979++)
NBER Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad Co.
NBNR Nicolet Badger Northern Railroad, Inc.
NBR Narrangansett Bay Railroad
NBW New Berlin & Winfield
NC Nashville, Chattanooga & St.Louis Railway (1957 --> LN)
NCBX New Century Rail Transport LLC
NCCC Nevada Consolidated Copper Company
NCCX Neosho Construction
NCIR New Castle Industrial Railroad
NCIX Nova Chemicals Incorporated
NCLX Nova Chemicals Incorporated
NCMX North Carolina Transportation Museum
NCMX1 Niklor Chemical
NCNG Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad
NCO North Central Oklahoma
NCPA North Carolina Ports Authority
NCPR North Carolina Ports Railway Commission
NCRA North Coast Railroad Authority
NCRC Nebraska Central Railroad Co. [Rio Grande Pacific Corp.]
NCRR North Coast Railroad
NCRR' North Carolina Railroad Co.
NCSL Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis (1957 --> LN)
NCTD North County Transit District (Coaster) (San Diego Northern)
NCTR North Central Texas
NCVA North Carolina & Virginia Railroad Co. [RailTex]
NCVB North Carolina & Virginia Rr., Virginia Southern Division
NCYR Nash County Railroad Corp. [G&O]
NDCR N.D.C. Railroad Co.
NDW Notre Dame & Western
NECR New England Central [RailTex]
NEFT New England Fuel & Transportation
NEGS New England Southern Railroad Co., Inc.
NEKM Northeast Kansas & Missouri Railway [RailTex]
NELX National Equipment Leasing
NENE Nebraska Northeastern Railway Co. [TXNW]
NEO Northeast Oklahoma Railway (1967 --> SLSF)
NERR Nashville & Eastern Railroad Corp.
NFD Norfolk, Franklin & Danville
NGA New Georgia Railroad
NH New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (1.1969 --> PC)
NHCR New Hampshire Central Railroad, Inc.
NHL National Helm Leasing
NHN New Hampshire Northcoast Corp.
NHRR New Hope & Ivyland Railroad Co.
NHV New Hope Valley Railway
NHVT New Hampsire & Vermont Railroad Co.
NIAX Niagara & Western New York (1.2003+)
NICTD Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District
NIM == IB0738
NIMX Naporano Iron & Metal
NIRC Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corp. (Metra)
NIS Nevada Industrial Switching [D. J. Joseph]
NITX Norfolk International Terminal
NIWX Northern Illinois & Wisconsin Railway
NJ Niagara Junction (1976 --> CR)
NJCT Napierville Jct
NJDOT New Jersey's Department of Transportation(1980 --> NJT)
NJII New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois Railroad
NJT New Jersey Transit
NJTT New Jersey Terminal & Transfer
NKCR Nebraska, Kansas & Colorado Railway
NKP Nickel Plate Road (--> NW)
NLA xxxxN
NLAX National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
NLG North Louisiana & Gulf Railroad Co. (--> MDR)
NLLX Northern Line Layers, Billings MT
NLR Northern Lines Railway
NLRX National Lime & Stone
NMOR Northern Missouri Railroad Co.
NMRX New Mexico Rail Runner
NMT National Museum of Transport, St.Louis
NN Northern Nevada Railroad
NN' Nevada Northern Railroad
NNRM Nevada Northern Railway Museum
NNSX Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock, VA
NNW Nebraska Northwestern
NOGC New Orleans & Gulf Coast [Rio Grande Pacific Corp.]
NOKL Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad Co.
NOLC New Orleans Lower Coast Railroad [1956 --> MP]
NOLR New Orleans Lower Coast Railroad Co., Inc. [RailTex]
NONE New Orleans & Northeastern (--> SOU)
NOPB New Orleans Public Belt Railroad
NORX Northern Indiana Public Service
NOT New Orleans Terminal (--> SOU)
NOUT New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal
NOWR Northern Ohio & Western [OmniTrax]
NP Northern Pacific Railway (1970 mit GN,CBQ und SPS --> BN)
NPBL Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad Co.
NPPX Nebraska Public Power District
NPR Northern Plains Railroad
NPRR Nezperce-Pomeroy
NPT Northern Pacific Terminal (1965 --> PTRC)
NREX National Railway Equipment Corp.
NRHS Baltimore Chapter NRHS
NRHX National Railway Historic Society
NRI Nebkota Railway Inc. [5.2017 --> NENE ]
NRLX.1 loeschen 22.03.15
NRLX.2 loeschen 22.03.15
NRR Nobles & Rock Railroad
NRTX Music City Star (Nashville Regional Transportation Agency)
NS Norfolk Southern Railway (seit 1990)
NS1 Norfolk Southern Railway Co. (1.1974 --> SOU)
NSAX National Steel Corporation
NSBT North Sunbury Bulk Transfer
NSHR North Shore Railroad Co.
NSL North Short Line
NSMX Northshore Mining
NSPX Northern States Power Company, MN
NSR Newburgh & South Shore Railroad
NSRC North Stratford Railroad Co.
NSRR North Shore Scenic Railroad
NSSX National Salvage and Service Corporation
NStL Norwood & St.Lawrence (1975+)
NTR Natchez Trace Railroad (umbenannt in MSC)
NTRY Nimishillen & Tuscarawas Railway Co.
NTZR Natchez Railway, Inc.
NUCX Nucor Steel, Crawfordsville
NUCX.1 Nucor Steel - Jewett Plant TX
NUCX.2 Nucor Steel - Darlington NC
NUCX.3 Nucor Steel - Flora MS
NUCX.4 Nucor Steel - Plymouth UT
NUCXx Nucor Steel, Crawfordsville
NVR Northern Vermont Railroad [2002-->Railworld]
NVRR Napa Valley Railroad Co.
NVTC Northern Virginia Transportation Commission (siehe VRE)
NW Norfolk & Western (6.1982 --> NS)
NWLX Nationwide Locomotive Service LLC
NWP Northwestern Pacific Railroad
NWRR Nashville & Western Railroad Corp.
NWSX Northwestern Steel & Wire Co
NYA New York & Atlantic
NYC New York Central (1968 mit PRR --> PC)
NYCH New York Cross Harbor Railroad Terminal Co.
NYCStL New York, Chicago & St. Louis == NKP
NYCTA New York City Transportation Authority
NYGL New York & Greenwood Lake Railroad
NYLE New York & Lake Erie Railroad [Trillium]
NYNJ New York New Jersey Rail
NYOG New York & Ogdensburg
NYOM New York & Oswego Midland Railroad (--> NYOW)
NYOW New York, Ontario & Western Railway (1957++)
NYSW New York, Susquehanna & Western Railway
NYSX New York State Electric & Gas
NZPR Nezperce Railroad
OAE Oakland, Antioch & Eastern
OAR Old Augusta Railroad
OBPA Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority
OCE Oregon, California & Eastern Railway Co. [Weyerhaeuser]
OCEX Oregon Coastline Express
OCR Oklahoma Central Railroad Company
OCRR Ottumwa Connecting Railroad
OCS Ohio Central System
OCSR Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad
OCT Orange County Transit
OCTL Oil Creek & Titusville Lines, Inc.
OCTR Octoraro Railway Inc.
OCW Ocean City Western (1977++)
ODRM Old Dominion Chapter NRHS
OE Oregon Eastern [WYCO]
OER Oregon Electric Railway (--> SPS)
OERM Orange Empire Railway Museum, Perris CA (--> SCRM)
OERR Oregon Eastern Railroad
OFOX Residco
OFSX Tucson Electric Power Co.
OGEE Ogeechee Railway Co. (2004 --> Georgia Midland)
OGEX Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co.
OGSX Iowa Southern Utilities Co.
OHCR Ohio Central Railroad Co. (1994 --> OCS)
OHFX Fluor Daniel Fernald
OHIC Ohi-Rail Corporation
OHIO Ohio Terminal Railway [Carload Express]
OHK O.H. Kruse Grain & Milling, Pixley CA
OHPA Ohio & Pennsylvania Railroad
OHPS Ohio Public Service Co.
OHRY Owego & Hartford Railway, Inc.
OIM Oliver Iron Mining Co.
OJGX Oscar J. Glover (Glover Group)
OKKT Oklahoma, Kansas & Texas (--> UP)
OKRX Oklahoma Railway Museum
OLB Omaha, Lincoln & Beatrice Railway Co.
OLCX Oakway Leasing Corporation
OLWX Ohio Locomotive Works L.L.C.
OLYR Olympic Railroad Co.
OMAX Omaha Public Power District
OMID Ontario Midland Railroad Corp.
OMLX OmniTrax Leasing
OMR Ozark Mountain Railroad
OMRR Ohio & Morenci
ON Okmulgee Northern (1964+)
ONCT Ontario Central Railroad Corp. (7.2007 --> FGLK)
ONRY Ogdensburg & Norwood Railway
ONW Oregon & Northwestern
ONWX Orlando & Northwestern Railway
OPE Oregon Pacific & Eastern Railway Co.
OPR Oregon Pacific (ex Molalla Western) [Dick Samuels]
OPSX Public Service Co. of Oklahoma
OPT Orange Port Terminal Railway
OPX Ohio Power Co.
OR Oshawa Railway
ORHS Orrville Railroad Heritage Society, Orrville OH
ORL Oahu Railway & Land Company
ORMX Ohio Railway Museum
ORR Osage Railroad Co. [WATCO]
ORRX Oregon Department of Transportation
ORT Ohio River Terminal, Huntington WV
OSRR Ohio Southern Railroad Co.. (1994 --> OCS)
OSSX OmniTRAX Switching Service
OTCO Owensville Terminal Company
OTR Oakland Terminal Railway
OTRX OmniTrax
OTSX On-Track Railway Services Ltd.
OTT Ottumwa Terminal Railroad Company
OTVR Otter Tail Valley Railroad Co.
OUCH Ouachita Railroad, El Dorado AR [DR]
OUCX Orlando Utilities Commission, FL
OURD Ogden Union Railway & Depot
OV Otter Valley Railroad Co.
OVRR Ozark Valley Railroad Inc.
OW Oneida & Western
OYLO Olympia and Belmore Railroad
P&RV Potosi & Rio Verde
PAA --> CR
PAAC Port Authority of Allegheny County
PACY Prairie Central Railway
PAE Peoria & Eastern (--> PC)
PAEC Pan American Engineering Company
PAL Paducah & Louisville Railway
PAM Pittsburgh, Allegheny & McKees Rock Railroad Co.
PARX Pan American Railway Co. (ex Guilford)
PATCO Port Authority Transit Corp. of Pennsylvania & New Jersey
PATH Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation
PBNE Philadelphia, Bethlehem & New England Railroad Co.
PBR Patapsco & Back Rivers Railroad Co.
PBSR Pinebelt Southern Railroad
PBVR Port Bienville Railroad
PC Penn Central ( 1976 --> CR)
PCC Palouse River & Coulee City Railroad Incorporated [WATCO]
PCCX Peabody Coal Co.
PCN Point Comfort & Northern Railway Co. [2005 --> RA]
PCR Pine Creek Railroad [Museum]
PCRC Panama Canal Railroad
PCY Pittsburgh, Chartiers & Youghiogheny Railway Co. (93 --> CR)
PDRR Pee Dee River Railway
PE Pacific Electric Railway (1965 --> SP)
PEB Port Everglades Belt
PECO Precision Engineering Corp. (3.1971 --> PNCX)
PEGX Pegnato Rail Services
PENK Port Edwards - Nekoosa Intermill Railroad [GP]
PEPX Potomac Electric Power Co.
PEX Potomac Eagle Scenic Railraod
PF Pioneer & Fayette Railroad Co.
PFE Pacific Fruit Express
PGR Progressive Rail Incorporated
PGRV Pigeon River Railroad Co.
PHD Port Huron & Detroit
PHDX Phelps Dodge
PHL Pacific Harbor Lines [Anacostia & Pacific]
PHRR Port Harbor Railroad Corp.
PICK Pickens Railroad Company [Chip Johnson]
PIR Pioneer Industrial Railroad
PIRR Pittsburgh Industrial Railroad [RailTex]
PJR Port Jersey Railroad
PJRL Penn Jersey Lines
PKHP Pickens Railroad Company - Honea Path Division
PKMN Perkiomen Transfer
PLCX General Electric Railcar Services Corporation
PLE Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Company (93 --> PLW )
PLLX Plymouth And Lincoln Railroad Corp.
PLMX PLM Leasing Co.
PLR Parrish Line Railway
PLWR Pittsburgh, Lisbon & Western Railroad
PM Pere Marquette Railway (1947 --> CO)
PMOX Phillip Morris
PMQC Pounding Mill Quarry Corporation
PMRR Port Manatee Railroad
PN Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad
PN1 Piedmont & Northern Railway (1969 --> SCL)
PNCX Precision National Corp.
PNER Pocono Northeast Railway, Inc.
PNR Panhandle Northern Railway [OmniTRAX]
PNRW Piedmont & Northern Railway
PNW Prescott & Northwestern Railroad Co.
PNWC Pacific Northwest Chapter NRHS, Inc.
PNWR Portland & Western Railroad
POBR Port of Greater Baton Rouge
POC Pittsburgh & Ohio Central [OC]
POHC Pittsburgh & Ohio Central
POR Poseyville & Owensville Railroad Co.
POT Portland Terminal Co. [Pan Am Railways]
POTA Port of Tacoma (Washington)
POTB Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad
POV Pittsburgh & Ohio Valley Railway Co. (1993 --> CSXT)
POVA Pend Oreille Valley Railroad
POWX Power Silicates, Inc.
PPBD Port of Palm Beach District Railway
PPCX American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners (AAPRCO)
PPGX PPG Industries Inc.
PPHW Peoria, Peoria Heights & Western Railroad
PPLX Pennsylvania Power & Light Co.
PPRR Pioche Pacific Railroad
PPU Peoria & Pekin Union Railway (--> TZPR)
PR Pacific Rail
PRAX Pacific Rail Leasing Corp.
PRC Pioneer Rail Corporation, siehe PREX
PREX Pioneer Railroad Equipment [PRC]
PRGX Progress Rail Service
PRI Port Railroads, Inc. [KYLE]
PRL Penn Eastern Rail Lines (2007 --> ESPN)
PRLX Progress Rail Service
PROX Procor Limited
PRR Pennsylvania Railroad (1968 mit NYC --> PC)
PRR2 Pennsylvania Railroad [NS]
PRSL Pennsylvania Reading Seashore ( 1976 --> CR)
PRSX Progress Rail Service
PRT Parr Terminal Railraod
PRTD Portland Traction Co.
PRV Pearl River Valley Railroad Co.
PRY Pioneer Industrial Railroad
PRYL Port Royal Railroad [SCPR]
PS Pittsburgh & Shawmut Railroad Co. (4.96 --> BPRR)
PSAP Puget Sound & Pacific
PSCC Pennsylvania & Southern Railway
PSCX Public Service Co. of Colorado
PSIX Public Service of Indiana
PSL Peabody Short Line (1961 --> IC)
PSLL Plymouth Short Line, Ltd.
PSNIX Public Service of Northern Illinois
PSOX Puget Sound Power & Light Co.
PSPX Phillips Petroleum Co.
PSR Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railroad
PSWR xxxxP
PT Peninsula Terminal Co.
PTDX ABB Power T & D Company, Inc.
PTR Port Terminal Railroad [SCPR], siehe SCPR
PTRA Port Terminal of Houston, TX
PTRC Portland Terminal Railroad Co. (Oregon)
PTRR PT Railroad Services Ltd (siehe PT)
PTRY Prairie Trunk Railway
PTS Pacific Transportation Service
PTSC Port Terminal Railroad [SCPR], siehe SCPR
PUCC Port Utilities Comission of Charleston [SCPR], siehe SCPR
PVAL Panther Valley Railroad Corp.
PVGX Peavey Grain
PVGXx loeschen
PVJR~ Portland Vancouver Junction Railroad
PVRR Pioneer Valley Railroad Co., Inc. [Pinsly Railroad Co.]
PVS Pecos Valley Southern Railway Co.
PW Providence & Worcester Railroad
PWRY Peoria & Western Railway [PRC]
PWSX Power Source Supply Inc.
PWTX Prairie West Terminal
PWV Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway (1964 --> NW)
QBT Quincy Bay Terminal
QOCX Quaker Oats Chemical Co.
QRR Quincy Railroad Co.
QSL Quapaw Short Line
QT Quaboag Transfer, Palmer MA (1998+)
QTL Quincy & Torch Lake
QTS Quality Terminal Switching [OmniTRAX]
R&L Rick and Larry == IB0609
RAFX Rose Acres Farmer, Parker AZ
RAHX Rohm & Haas, Louisville KY
RAMX xxxxR
RAR Raritan River Railroad
RARW RARUS Railway Co.
RAWX Platte River Power Authority
RA~ RailAmerica
RBBX Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus
RBKR Red Bank Railroad Co. (4.96 --> GNWR)
RBMN Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad Co.
RBOX Railbox Company
RCBT Roaring Camp & Big Trees [Museum]
RCER Raritan Central Railroad
RCIX Rail Connection
RCPD xxxxR
RCPE Rapid City, Pierre & Eastern
RDG Reading Company (--> CR)
RDGN Reading & Northern (== RBMN!!!)
RECX Central Louisiana Electric Co.
RELX Relco Tank Line Inc.
RETX Rail Equipment and Transportation Inc.
RFP Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac (1993 --> CSXT)
RFRX Rick Franklin Corp., Lebanon OR
RGEP Rio Grande & Eagle Pass Railroad
RGS Rio Grande Southern
RHSL Rawhide Shortline
RI == CRIP (Rock Island)
RIMX xxxxR
RJCC R.J. Corman Railroad Corp.
RJCL R.J. Corman Railroad, Clearfield PA
RJCM R.J. Corman Railroad, Memphis Line
RJCO R.J. Corman Rail Co. (Ohio Division)
RJCP R.J. Corman Rail Co. (Pennsylvania Division)
RJCR R.J. Corman Railroad Corp.
RL Republic Locomotive
RLCX Relco - Railway Equipment Leasing Co
RLDX R & L Development Company, New Alexandria PA
RLIX Rail Link
RLPX Rail Power Services LLC
RMDX American Refrigerator Transit Company
RMGX Railcar Limited
RMI xxxxR
RMPX Rail Management
RMRR Rocky Mountain Railcar & Railroad
RMSI Rail Management System, Inc.
RMSX Harsco Track Technologies
RN Rail Net
RNCX North Carolina Dept Of Transportation
RNRH Roanoke Chapter NRHS, Inc.
ROPX Rail Operators Inc.
RPCX Railroad Passenger Car Numbering Bureau
RPIX Rhone-Poulenc Incorporated
RPRC Richmond Pacific Railroad Co., Richmond CA
RRC Respondek Railroad Corp., Granite City IL
RRC1 Redmont Railway
RRG Red River & Gulf
RRPX RR Power Leasing
RRVW Red River Valley & Western Railroad
RRWX Rockton Rion & Western
RSCX Republic Steel (--> LTV)
RSCX.1 Republic Steel - Canton OH
RSCX.2 Republic Steel - Gadsden
RSM Railroad Switching Service of Missouri [Ironhorse Resources]
RSMX Reserve Mining (--> NSMX)
RSNR Red Springs & Northern Railroad Co.
RSOR Riceboro Southern Railway
RSP Roscoe, Snyder & Pacific Railway Co.
RSR Rochester & Southern Railroad
RSS Rockdale, Sandow & Southern Railroad Co. [2005 --> RA]
RSSX Rail Switching Service (RailServe)
RT River Terminal Railway Co. (2002 --> CWRO)
RTA Regional Transportation Authority == METRA
RTDX River Terminal Development Corp, Newark NJ
RTEX Rail Trust Equipment
RTRY Richmond Terminal Railway
RUSX USL Capital Railcar Services
RUT Rutland Railroad (1961+)
RV Rahway Valley Railroad Co.
RVPR Riverport Railroad
RVRR Rio Valley Railroad, Inc. [Ironhorse Resources]
RVSC Rio Valley Switching Company
RVT Rogue Valley Terminal Railroad
RWSX Scherer Electric Generating Facility, AL
RWTC Rail To Water Transfer Corporation (--> KCBX)
SA Savannah & Atlanta
SAL Seaboard Air Line (1967 --> SCL)
SAN Sandersville Railroad Co.
SAPT Savannah Port Terminal Railroad Inc
SARX Southern Appalachia Railway Museum, Oak Ridge TN
SATX City Public Service Board of San Antonio, TX
SAUG San Antonio, Uvalde & Gulf
SAV Sacramento Valley
SB South Buffalo Railway
SBCA State Belt of California
SBD Seaboard System (1986 --> CSXT)
SBG Savage Bingham & Garfield Railroad
SBK South Brooklyn Railway Co.
SBLN Sterling Belt Line Railroad
SBR Sunbelt Rail
SBRR Stourbridge Railroad Co.
SBSG South Bend Sand & Gravel
SBS~ Saginaw Bay Southern [LSRC]
SBVR South Branch Valley Railroad
SC Southern California Railroad
SCA South Central Arkansas Railroad
SCBG Santa Cruz, Big Trees & Pacific Railway Co.
SCC Southern Switching Company
SCCTA Santa Clara County Transportation Agency
SCFE South Central Florida Railroad Co.
SCFR Sioux City Falls Railway
SCIH South Chicago & Indiana Harbor [ISG]
SCL Seaboard Coast Line (1983 --> SBD)
SCM Strouds Creek & Muddlety Railroad
SCMB Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railway
SCOX Scoular Grain Company
SCPA South Carolina Ports Authority
SCPR Palmetto Railways (South Carolina Public Railways)
SCR Seaport Central
SCRF South Carolina Central Railroad Co. [RailTex]
SCRM Southern California Railway Museum, Perris CA
SCRR Sweetwater Central Railroad [ARCB]
SCRX Santa Clarita Railway - James Clark and Company
SCS Squaw Creek Southern Railroad [RRC]
SCT Sioux City Terminal
SCTR South Central Tennessee Railroad Co., Inc.
SCWX South Carolina Public Service
SCXF South Central Florida Express
SCXY St Croix Valley Railroad [RailAmerica]
SDA San Diego & Arizona Railway (Museum)
SDAE San Diego & Arizona Eastern
SDIV San Diego & Imperial Valley Railroad Co. (1.2000--> SDIY) [RailTex]
SDIY San Diego & Imperial Valley Railroad Co. (ex SDIV) [RailAmerica]
SDNR San Diego Northern Railroad
SDRM San Diego Railway Museum
SDRX Sound Transit, Seattle
SECX Southeast Coal
SEKR Southeast Kansas Railroad Co. [WATCO]
SEMTA Southeastern Michigan Transportation Authority
SEPTA Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
SEPX Southwestern Electric Power Company
SERA Sierra Northern Railway [Sierra Railroad]
SERR Sanford & Eastern (1961+)
SFBR San Francisco Belt Railroad
SFGX private Grain Railroad in Kansas
SFIX System Fuels Inc.
SFLR Shore Fast Line, Inc. (--> SRNJ)
SFNV San Francisco & Napa Valley
SFR Sunflour Railroad
SFRTA South Florida Regional Transportation Authority
SFS Santa Fe Southern Railway
SFSA San Francisco-Sacramento Railroad
SG South Georgia (1971 --> SOU)
SGLR Seminol Gulf Railway
SGVY Saginaw Valley Railway Company, Inc.
SH Steelton & Highspire Railroad Co.
SHG Shreveport, Houston & Gulf
SHRX Smokey Hill Railroad Museum
SI Spokane International (1958 --> UP)
SIGX Southern Indiana Gas & Electric
SILX S & I Locomotive Services
SIND Southern Indiana Railway, Inc.
SIRC Staten Island Railway Corp.
SIRTOA Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority
SIRX Southern Illinois Railcar Incorporated
SIXX 636 Leasing LLC
SJLC St.Johnsbury & Lamoille County
SJRRC San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission
SJRT St Johns River Terminal
SJVR San Joaquin Valley Railroad [KYLE]
SKAN Skaneateles Short Line
SKO South Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad, Inc. [WATCO]
SLAL South Plains Lamesa Railroad, Ltd.
SLAW St.Lawrence Railroad
SLBE St.Louis & Belleville Electric Railway (1956 --> PSL)
SLC San Luis Central Railroad Co.
SLCC St.Louis Car Company
SLCR St.Louis & Chain of Rocks
SLCS Salt Lake City Southern Railroad Co., Inc. [RailTex]
SLE Short Line Enterprises
SLGG Sydney & Lowe Railroad, Inc.
SLGW Salt Lake, Garfield & Western Railway Co.
SLH Sugar Loaf & Hazleton Railroad
SLRG San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad
SLRR St.Lawrence & Raquette River Railroad
SLRS SMS Rail Service Inc.
SLSF St.Louis - San Francisco (1980 --> BN)
SLWC Stillwater Central
SM St.Marys Railroad
SMA San Manuel Arizona Railroad Co.
SMEX South Mississippi Electric Power
SMR Southern Michigan Railroad [Museum]
SMRR Sisseton Milbank Railroad
SMS Switching Market Services, Bridgeport NJ (siehe SLRS)
SMTX Solvents and Metals, Inc
SMV Santa Maria Valley Railroad Co.
SN Sacramento Northern Railway (--> WP)
SNC Saratoga & North Creek Railway
SNCT Seattle & North Coast Railroad (1984+)
SO South Orient Railroad
SOEX Shell Oil Company
SOM Somerset Railroad
SOO Soo Line Railroad [CP Rail, Canada]
SOOZ == CP, Trailerfahrzeuge
SOT South Omaha Terminal (1976+)
SOU Southern Railway (6.1982 --> NS)
SP Southern Pacific Lines
SPCX Southern Pacific Construction Services
SPEG Spencerville & Elgin Railroad Co.
SPFE Southern Pacific Fruit Express
SPRR Semo Port Railroad
SPS Spokane, Portland & Seattle (1970 mit GN,NP und CBQ --> BN)
SPSF Southern Pacific - Santa Fe
SPSR San Pedro & Southwestern Railroad
SPSX Progress Rail Service
SPUD St Paul Union Depot Company
SQVR Sequatchie Valley Railroad Co.
SR Southrail Corporation
SRC Strasburg Rail Road Co.
SRD Scenic Rail Dining [Museum]
SRLC Sheridan Railway and Light Company
SRN Sabine River & Northern Railroad Co.
SRNJ Southern Railroad of New Jersey
SROX Savannah River Operations, US Dep. of Energy
SRRC Springfield Rail Road Co
SRRR Swan Ranch Railroad
SRS Sperry Rail Services
SRSR Savannah River Site
SRYC Sierra Railway Co. of California (1937 --> SERA)
SS Sand Springs Railway Co.
SSAM Sault Ste.Marie Bridge Co. (--> WC)
SSBR Springfield Suburban Railroad
SSC Southern Switching Company
SSDK Savannah State Docks Railroad Co.
SSE xxxxS
SSH South Shore Railway (Holloway Gravel)
SSL South Short Line (--> CSS)
SSLV Southern San Luis Valley Railroad Co.
SSOR Sisseton Southern Railway Co.
SSR Railway Service Contractors
SSRR Sacramento Southern Railroad [CSRM]
SSRR1 Saratoga & Schuylerville (1956 )
SSRX S&S Shortline Leasing LLC
SSS Surrey, Sussex & Southhampton
SStP Stillwater & St.Paul Railroad
SSW St.Louis - Southwestern Railroad Co. (Cotton Belt) [SP]
SSWN SPCSL Corporation
ST Springfield Terminal Railway Co. [Pan Am Railways]
STBX Sterling Bomba LLC
STE Stockton Terminal & Eastern Railroad
STJB St Joseph Belt Railway
STJT St Joseph Terminal Railroad
StLB St Louis and Belleville Railway
StLBM St Louis, Brownsville & Mexico Railroad
StLIMS St Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern
StLOF St Louis & O'Fallon
STMA St.Maries River Railroad Co.
STR Shawnee Terminal Railway Co.
STRT Stewartstown Railroad Co.
STVT Springfield Terminal Railway (Vermont)
SUAB Southern Alabama Railroad Co., Inc.
SUEX Rail Holdings Inc.
SUN Sunset Railway Co. (--> ATSF)
SUR State University Railroad Co.
SV Shenandoah Valley Railroad
SVGX Savage Inc.
SVIL Saltville Railroad Co.
SVR Sumpter Valley Railroad [jetzt Museum]
SVRR Shamokin Valley Railroad Co.
SVTX Seaview Transportation
SW Southwestern Railroad Co.
SWGR Seagraves, Whiteface & Lubbock Railroad Co.
SWKR San Pedro & Southwestern Railway [KYLE]
SWPR Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad Co. [Carload Express]
SWPX Southwest Portland Cement, Victorville CA (--> Cemex)
SWRX Southwind Shortline, Mt.Vernon IN [CGRX]
TAG Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway Co.
TANX Titan Rail, Inc.
TASD Terminal Ry. Alabama State Docks
TaTo Tama & Toledo Railroad
TAW Toledo, Angola & Western Railroad
TBCX The Boeing Company
TBER Terre Haute, Brazil & Eastern Railroad (2.1993+)
TBR Twin Branch Railroad
TBRT Taconic & Berkshire Rail Technologies
TBRX Taylor Rail Group Incorporated
TBRY Thermal Belt Railway
TC Temple & Central Texas
TC1 Tennessee Central
TCBL Texas Central Business Line
TCCA xxxxT
TCG Tucson, Cornelia and Gila Bend Railroad
TCI Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad
TCKR Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad, Inc.
TCRA TRI-RAIL (Tri-County Rail Authority) (2005 --> SFRTA)
TCRC Tri Cities Railroad Company (2002 --> TCRY)
TCRX Tennessee Central Railway Museum, Nashville TN
TCRY Tri Cities & Olympia Railroad
TCT Texas City Terminal Railway Co.
TCWR Twin Cities & Western
TDIX Transdynamics (dealer/leaser)
TE Tacoma Eastern
TECO Tennessee Eastman Co
TECX Tennessee Energy, Kingsport TN
TENN Tennessee Railway Co. [Southern Railway System]
TER Texas Electric Railway
TEXC Texas Central Railroad Co.
TF Tallulah Falls Railway (1961+)
TG Tremont & Gulf
TGRX Transglobal Rail
TGSX Texas Gulf Sulphur
THNR Three Notch Railroad [G&O]
TIBR Timber Rock Railroad
TILX Trinity Industries Leasing Co.
TIOC Tioga Central Railroad Co.
TIPP Tippecanoe Railroad Co.
TIR Toledo Industrial Railroad
TIRL Tonawanda Island Railroad, Inc.
TISH Tishomingo Railroad
TKEN Tennken Railroad Co., Inc.
TLEW Toledo Lake Erie & Western
TLKX Tuco, Inc.
TLLX Trinity Leasing
TLSX Texas Locomotive Solutions
TLTD Texas Limited
TM Texas-Mexican Railway [KCS]
TMBL Tacoma Municipal Belt Line Railway (7.1998 --> Tacoma Rail)
TMLX Temco Corp.
TMPX Texas Municipal Power Authority
TMSL Towanda - Monroeton Shippers Lifeline, Inc.
TN Texas & Northern Railway Co. [Lone Star Steel]
TNER Texas Northeastern Railroad [RailTex]
TNM Texas - New Mexico (--> UP)
TNMR Texas & New Mexico Railroad [RailTex]
TNO Texas & New Orleans (SP)
TNOR Texas North Orient [ARCB]
TNR TennRail [MSRC]
TOC --> CR
TOE Texas, Oklahoma & Eastern Railroad [Weyerhaeuser]
TOEN Toledo & Eastern Railroad
TORCO Toledo Ore Railroad
TOV Tooele Valley Railway
TP Texas & Pacific (10.1976 --> MP)
TPIU Tropicana Products Incorporated
TPIX Tropicana
TPMP Texas & Pacific/Missouri Pacific Terminal Railroad
TPRX Texas Power & Light Company
TPT --> CR
TPW Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway [RailAmerica]
TR Tomahawk Railway [6.2005 --> GW]
TRAX RailTex
TRC Trona Railway Co.
TRCX Trinity Railcar
TRE Trinity Railway Express
TRI Trinidad Railway Company
TRLX xxxxT
TRMW Tacoma Rail
TRR Tongue River Railroad
TRRA Terminal Railroad Association of St.Louis
TRSX Texas Railroad Switching
TS Tidewater Southern Railway (--> WP)
TSBY Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Railway (--> GLC)
TSCR Trilby, San Antonia & Cypress Railroad
TSE Texas South-Eastern Railroad Co.
TSNR Tyson Railroad, Inc.
TSR Texas State Railroad
TSRD Twin State Railroad
TSRHP Texas State Railroad Historical Park
TSRR Tennessee Southern Railroad
TSU Tulsa - Sapulpa Union Railway Co.
TSWR Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad
TT Toledo Terminal Railroad
TTC AAR Technical Center, Chicago
TTCI Transportation Test Center, Pueblo CO
TTIS Transkentucky Transportation Railroad
TTR Talleyrand Terminal Railroad [RLIX]
TTRX Trans Texas Railcar
TTX Trailer Train Company
TTZX Trailer Train Company
TUGX Texas Utilities Generating Co.
TUGX.1 Texas Utilities Generating Co. - Martin Lake TX
TVAX Tennessee Valley Authority
TVRM Tennessee Valley Railway Museum
TVRR Tulare Valley Railroad Company
TW Turlock Western
TWRY Tradewater Railway [Costain Coal]
TXGN Texas Gonzales & Northern Railway Company [TXNW]
TXIX Texas Industries Corp.
TXIX.1 Texas Industries - Midlothian TX
TXNW Texas North Western Railway Co.
TXOR Texas & Oklahoma Railroad Company
TXPF Texas Pacífico Transportation Ltd.
TXR Texas Rock Crusher Railway
TXSR Texas Southern Railroad [Museum]
TXTC Texas Transportation Co.
TXXX Texas International Terminals LLC
TYBR Tyburn Railroad Co.
TZPR Tazewell and Peoria Railroad [GW]
UB Union Belt Railway
UC Utah Central
UCFX Union Carbide Corporation
UCRY Utah Central Railway
UFC United Fruit Co.
UFIX Houston Lighting & Power Co.
UFRR Union Freight Railroad
UHRX Upper Hudson River R.R. Corp.
UIR Uintah Railroad
UMP Upper Merion & Plymouth Railroad Co.
UNI Unity Railways Co.
UNPX Procor Limited
UO Union Railroad of Oregon
UP Union Pacific Railroad
UPFE Union Pacific Fruit Express
UPS Union Pacific, Slugs
UPY Union Pacific, Yard Locomotive
UR United Railway
URGX UniCapital Railway Group
URHS United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey, Inc.
URR Union Railroad
URSC United Railway Supply Co.
URTN Union Railway of Tennessee
URY Union Railway of Memphis
USACE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USAEC U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
USAF U.S. Air Force
USAQC U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps
USAR U.S. Army
USAR.1 Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, Dayman IA
USAR.10 Fort Wingate Ordnance Depot, Gallup NM
USAR.11 Redstone Ordinance Depot, Huntsville AL
USAR.2 U.S. Army, McAllister OK
USAR.3 U.S. Army, Bayonne NJ
USAR.4 Clear Air Force Station, AK
USAR.5 U.S. Army - Sierra Army Depot, Herlong CA
USAR.6 Marietta Air Force Station, Marietta PA
USAR.7 Tooele Army Depot
USAR.8 U.S. Army, Concord CA
USAR.9 U.S. Army - Benicia Arsenal, Benicia CA
USGX Holly Sugar Co.
USL U.S. Leasing
USMC United States Marine Corps
USN U.S. Navy
USN.1 Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
USN.2 U.S. Navy - Mare Island
USN.3 U.S. Navy - North Island CA
USN.4 Puget Soung Naval Shipyard
USN.5 U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot, Burns City IA
USRC Utah Southern Railroad (E2011 --> )
USRP U.S. Rail Corporation
USSC U.S. Sugar Corp.
USSX U.S. Steel
USSX.1 U.S. Steel/Kobe Steel - Lorain OH
USSX.10 U.S. Steel - Maple Creek Mine
USSX.11 U.S. Steel - Wellington Coal Wash Plant, Wellington UT
USSX.12 U.S. Steel - Gary Works
USSX.13 U.S. Steel - Geneva Division UT
USSX.14 U.S. Steel - South Works
USSX.15 U.S. Steel - Lorain Works
USSX.16 U.S. Steel - Edgar Thompson Works
USSX.2 U.S. Steel - Oliver Iron Mining
USSX.3 U.S. Steel - Agri-Chemical Division (--> LaRoche Industries)
USSX.4 U.S. Steel Leasing
USSX.5 U.S. Steel - Homestead Works
USSX.6 U.S. Steel - Fairless Works
USSX.7 U.S. Steel - Pittsburg CA
USSX.8 U.S. Steel - Baytown
USSX.9 U.S. Steel - Great Lakes Works
USTC xxxxU
USWD U.S. War Department
USWX Waste Management
UTAH Utah Railway Co.
UTAX Utah Transit Authority
UTCX Union Tank Car Co.
UTCX.1 Union Tank Car Co. - Marion, OH
UTCX.2 Union Tank Car Co. - Valdosta, GA
UTCX.3 Union Tank Car Co. - Evansto, WY
UTRY Union Terminal Railway
UV Unadilla Valley Railway (1960+)
VALX Sierra Pacific Power Co. / Idaho Power Co.
VAMD Virginia & Maryland Railroad (1981 --> ESHR)
VAPX Virginia Power & Light
VBR Virginia Blue Ridge Railway
VC Virginia Central
VCRR Verde Canyon Railroad
VCY Ventura County Railway Co.
VE Visalia Electric Railroad Co. (93 --> SP)
VECX Verasun Energy
VGN Virginian Railway (--> NW)
VLIX Vintage Locomotive Inc. (D)
VMHX Valient Management & Holdings LLC
VMSX Valero Marketing & Supply Co.
VMTX Virginia Museum of Transportation
VMVX VMV Enterprises, Inc.
VR Valdosta Railroad [6.2005 --> GW]
VRE Virginia Railway Express
VRR Valley Railroad
VRRC Vandalia Railroad Co. [Pioneer RR]
VRS Virginia Railway Services
VS Valley & Siletz (1985+)
VSO Valdosta Southern Railroad Co. (93 --> VR)
VSR Victoria & Southern Railway
VSRR Virginia Southern Railroad [RailTex]
VT Virginia & Truckee Railroad (1950++ , heute Museum)
VTGU Vereinigte Tanklager und Transportmittel GmbH
VTR Vermont Railway
VULX Vulcan Materials Co.
VULX.1 Vulcan Materials Co. - Wichita KS
VULX.2 Vulcan Materials Co. - Calera AL
VULX.3 Vulcan Materials Co. - Enka VA
VVR Vermillion Valley Railroad
WA Western Railroad of Alabama (--> CSXT)
WAB Wabash Railway (3.1970 --> NW)
WABCO Westinghouse Air Brake
WABV Wabash Valley Railroad
WACR Washington County Railroad Corp.
WAER Wabash & Erie
WAG Wellsville, Addison & Galeton Railroad (1979+)
WAMX Webb Asset Management [WATCO]
WATX Watco
WAWE Washington-Western Railway
WBCR Wabash Central
WBH Wilkes-Barre & Hazelton Railway
WBR Wolfboro Railroad
WBSR West Baden & Southern
WC Wisconsin Central Limited
WC1 Wisconsin Central (1961 --> SOO)
WCCH Will County Coal Handling [CWEX]
WCIX WCI Steel (Warren Consolidated Industries)
WCLC Waccamaw Coast Line Railroad Co., Inc. - Clinton Division
WCLR Waccamaw Coast Line Railroad Co., Inc.
WCLX WC Oxford Leasing
WCOR Wellsboro & Corning Railroad
WCOX WC Oxford Leasing
WCRC Washington Central Railroad Co., Inc. (12.96 --> BNSF)
WCRL West Chester Railroad Company
WCTR White City Terminal & Utility Railway
WDBS Wildwood & Delaware Bay Shortline
WDTX Washington State Department of Transportation
WE Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company
WECX Westinghouse Electric Corporation
WEMCO Westinghouse Electric & Manufactoring Company
WEMX Western Milling
WEPX Wisconsin Electric & Power Co.
WEYU Weyerhaeuser Co.
WFAX Western Fuels Assoc. Inc., CO
WFS Wichita Falls & Southern
WGCR Wiregrass Central Railroad Co. [G&O]
WGNR Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad
WGR Willamina & Grand Ronde
WGRY Wabash & Grand River Railway Co. [PRC], umgezeichnet
WHBX xxxxW
WHEP Wheeling & Pittsburgh Railway
WHN Wharton & Northern Railroad
WHOE Walking Horse & Eastern Railroad Co., Inc.
WIC Western Iowa Co-Op
WICT Wisconsin & Calumet Railroad (93 --> WSOR)
WIM Washington Idaho & Montana (1981 -> BN)
WIMX Wimpey Minerals
WIR Washington & Idaho Railway
WISX Wisconsin Power & Light Co.
WIWR Wisconsin Western
WJ West Jersey Railroad Corp. [PRC], umgezeichnet
WJSL West Jersey Short Line Inc.
WKRL Western Kentucky Railway [6.2005 --> GW]
WKS Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Railroad [Museum]
WM Western Maryland (1986 --> CSXT)
WMATA Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
WMCR White Mountain Centrail Railroad
WMI West Michigan
WMR Wisconsin & Michigan Railroad (1995+)
WMSR Western Maryland Scenic Railroad
WMWN Weatherford, Mineral Wells & Northwestern Railway Co.
WN Wisconsin & Northern Railroad
WNFR Winifrede Railroad Co.
WNOH xxxxW
WNYP Western New York & Pennsylvania [LAL]
WOD Washington & Old Dominion Railway (1968+)
WOHO Wabash & Ohio
WORR Western Ohio Railroad
WOVR Warren & Ouachita Valley
WP Western Pacific (82 --> UP)
WPEX Wabash Power Equipment Co.
WPIX Wholesale Power, Inc.
WPRR Willamette & Pacific Railroad Company (--> 12.2000 PNWR)
WPS Western Plant Services
WPSX Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Company
WR Winona Railroad
WRDX Iowa-Illinois Gas & Electric
WRIX Western Rail Inc.
WRR Warrenton Railroad
WRRC Western Rail Road
WRRX Waldens Ridge Railroad
WRT Warrior River Terminal
WRWK Warwick Railway (1984 --> PW)
WRY Waterloo Railway Co.
WS Walkersville Southern Railroad
WSCO Weirton Steel Company
WSL West Side Lumber Co.
WSOR Wisconsin & Southern Railroad
WSR Warren & Saline River Railroad Corp.
WSRC West Shore Railroad, Milton PA
WSRY Winamac Southern Railway Company
WSS Winston-Salem Southbound Railway Co. [CSXT]
WSTL Wheeling Steel Corporation (--> WPSX)
WSTX Whitestone Supply Company
WSYP White Sulphur Springs & Yellowstone Park Railway
WT Washington Terminal
WTA Wichita Terminal Association
WTCX Weyerhaeuser Timber Co.
WTIS WATCO Transload & Intermodal Services
WTJR Wichita, Tillman & Jackson Railway Co.
WTL West Texas & Lubbock Railroad
WTNN West Tennessee Railroad Corp.
WTRM Warren & Trumbull Railroad Company
WTRR Wyandotte Terminal Railroad
WTRY Wilmington Terminal Railroad, Inc. [6.2005 --> GW]
WTSE West Shore Railroad Corp.
WURR Wallowa Union Railroad
WUT Wichita Union Terminal
WVC~ West Virginia Central
WVN West Virginia Northern Railroad Co. (+ 11.1999)
WVR Willamette Valley Railway
WVRD Willamette Valley Railroad Co.
WVRR Whitewater Valley Railroad
WVS West Virginia Southern
WVSR Willamette Valley Southern Railway
WW Winchester & Western
WWR Western Washington Railroad LLC.
WWRC Wilmington & Western Railway Corp.
WWV Walla Walla Valley Railroad
WYCO Wyoming Colorado Railroad, Inc.
WYEC Wye Transportation Corp.
WYS Wyandotte Southern (1986+)
XTRA xxxxX
XXX unbekannter Eigentümer
YARR Youngstown & Austintown Railroad Co.. (1994 --> OCS)
YCR Yakima Central Railroad
YDC Yankeetown Dock [2007 --> SCS]
YKR Yorkrail, Inc. [Emmons Ind.][2.2002 --> GNWR as YRC]
YMSP Yosemite Mountain - Sugar Pine Railroad [Museum]
YN Youngstown & Northern (1981+)
YRC York Railway Company (ex YKR)
YRR Yancey Railroad
YS Youngstown & Southern Railway Co. [PLW] (--> CCPA)
YSLR Yolo Shortline Railroad Co. [11.2003 --> SERA]
YSRR Youngstown and Southeastern Railroad
YSTX Youngstown Sheet & Tube
YVRR Yadkin Valley Railroad Co. [G&O]
YVRY Yuma Valley Railway
YVT Yakima Valley Transportation
YW Yreka Western Railroad Co. [KYLE]

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